MXXXCore changes

Here you can find list of changes for the product MXXXCore Note that we use kernel version numbers, hence most product do not start with version 1.00 and all effects have always the same version number, similarly both MDrummer Small and Large have the same version number.

11.09 changes

  • The online preset exchange is now completely free without the need to submit your own presets. Please note that it is a community tool, hence it would be good to submit some for the other users.
  • Piano editor octaves are now marked C-1, C0, C1... to show the exact position of key C.
  • Added symbols to virtual keyboard: [];"
  • Added Logarithmic averaging switch to all analyzer scientific settings (by default enabled).
  • Loading a preset without any easy screen editors switched to edit screen even if the preset was supposed to show easy screen, which wouldn't make sense however.
  • Fix: Improved support for Akai VIP when presets in VIP are being changed.
  • Fix: Randomizing multiparameter banks could lead to a crash.
  • Fix: Disabling freeze on a tap of MDelayMB (including MXXX) would disable the freeze of the other tap as well.
  • Fix: Editing a graph using finetuning could end up freezing in some cases.

11.08 changes

  • Released MSpectralPan, completely free.
  • Analyzer settings now let you specify colors for both the left/right or input/output combinations. The defaults have also been updated for better workflow with various styles.
  • Fix: Online preset exchange didn't work.

11.07 changes

  • Band editors in multiband plugins are now taller to make sure the units will fit even on non-HDPI displays.
  • Fix: MReverb, MStereoSpread and potentially other plugins (others are not known) could cause a mono output.

11.06 changes

  • Added Detector input parameter to MSpectralDynamics (including MXXX), which provides various ways to process the input signal based on both the input and side-chain at the same time.
  • Various optimizations and performance enhancements.
  • Horizontal bar graph units are now aligned to the right for better clarity.
  • Changing one graph point's smoothing / curvature now applies that to all points in the selection.
  • Added Enable MIDI program change switch to MIDI settings useful to disable program change processing completely.
  • Buttons are now slightly colorized too.
  • Added Offline subscription update feature, which lets you update the subscription status in the plugins even for computers disconnected from the internet.
  • Fix: Cancelling Custom shape edit in any oscillator would revert to the initial state when opening the plugin instead of the previous state.
  • Fix: Updating subscription licence while not connected disabled the subscription even if there was still time.
  • Fix: Scrollbars could do page up/down on both mouse press and release.

11.05 changes

  • Released MAutoStereoFix plugin, a unique stereo signal fixing solution, free for MMixingFXBundle, MTotalFXBundle and MCompleteBundle.
  • Added 2 different 6dB/oct crossovers to all multiband plugins, MBassador, MRotary and Crossover module in MXXX.
  • Holding Shift while pressing the Paste button under A-H now allows you to replace all A-H slots with settings from the clipboard.
  • Added Note index (on & off) MIDI virtual controllers which react to note number being pressed/released and can be used as controllers, to switch presets etc.
  • Added Post-processing section to Signal generator / Advanced, which contains additional scale, offset and wrap transformations.
  • Online preset exchange no longer creates subfolders to make things cleaner.
  • Improved super-resolution feature in analyzers, which now avoids modifying the analysis slope.
  • Fix: MultiParameter/Modulator menu / Reset did reset the entire subsystem, but didn't update the actual editor.
  • Fix: MultiParameters on the edit screen didn't have additional text editors (e.g. piano for frequency values) on the edit screen.
  • Fix: Adding a parameter to a modulator/multiparameter/midi/learn would initially show no parameters in the root folder and you'd need to click a different folder and back.
  • Fix: Parameter lock when randomizing didn't work in VST3.
  • Fix: Waveform display could fill some of the waves despite there was no reason to.
  • Fix: Changing latency didn't update latency compensation for channel modes, smart bypass and other advanced subsystems.
  • Fix: Time graph settings presets didn't update resolution after loading.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash if style resize factor became 0 somehow (it is unclear how that happened).
  • Fix: Multiband plugins didn't have presets for individual bands.
  • Fix: Trying to display help for a menu didn't work and caused problems, so it is now disabled.
  • Fix: A/B button didn't work if the initial slot was B until a different one was clicked.

11.04 changes

  • Highly improved installation speed.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash in certain situations when displaying graphs with time smart units.
  • Fix: Knobs were moving 1 pixel up/down along with rotation.
  • Fix: MTurboReverb could have Edit screen inaccessible with MCompleteBundle licence.

11.03 changes

  • Introduced smart-axis system, which provides "nice" values for various axes different zoom levels.
  • Default settings improved to a new more efficient and reliable method.
  • Batch processing WAV files now keeps all custom metadata.
  • Equalizers do not display analyzer peaks for both input & output anymore (when Track peaks is enabled), since they are the same and cause blurring.
  • Improved unofficial support for Linux via Wine.
  • Fix: Loudness range meters didn't show a correct text value.

11.02 changes

NOTE: A more efficient preset encoding is now used. Backwards compatibility is certainly maintained, but new presets won't be readable by older versions.

  • Released MFreeformPhase, a powerful utility which lets you shift phase of individual frequencies, which is completely free.
  • Released MTurboCompMB, a multiband version of MTurboComp (without the access to edit screen of individual subcomps). It comes free with MTurboComp.
  • Released MWobblerMB, a multiband version of MWobbler (without the access to edit screen of individual wobblers). It comes free with MWobbler.
  • MAutoAlign highly improved. It now features a unique spectral phase compensation, which can actually adjust phase of individual frequencies to minimize cancellations. Detection engine highly improved, it is now searching for all possible combinations of input tracks and selects the best one with minimum cancellations. Cancellation analyser has been removed due to low reliability.
  • Introduced subscription licencing for the new MCompleteBundle, which includes every plugin we release and will release.
  • Algorithm for delays with modulation (via modulator) has been highly optimized in MDelayMB, MBitFun, MBitFunMB, MGranularMB, MReverb, MReverbMB (includinng MXXX). Note that change of sound for quick modulations is expected.
  • Band Dry parameter in MDelayMB now defaults to silence, which is compliant with version 10 and makes more sense due to the global Dry parameter.
  • Colors for individual timegraphs for each band in multiband plugins can no longer be adjusted to make sure they match the color of the band.
  • Added Input and Dynamics by fundamental switches to dynamic equalizer bands.
  • Scale is now directly automatable in MAutoPitch and shape in MWaveShaper even without automation compatibility mode.
  • Keyboard input is now automatically disabled for Reason, where there are various problems. The hack will be removed as soon as Reason gets fixed.
  • Adding parameters to modulators, multiparameters and parameter lock now features multiselection.
  • Spacer on easy screen with a different group now disables showing the group in a dedicated panel.
  • Switcher controls now set default value via right click.
  • Band colors for multiband plugins have been changed to make them easier to recognize.
  • Ctrl + click on the copy button under the A-H presets now stores the settings in a file, which is sometimes more practical than clipboard and avoids problems with limited clipboard size on some operating systems. To load the settings use ctrl + Paste or drag & drop the settings onto the plugin.
  • Fix: Any connection to the internet didn't work on OSX Sierra due to a bug regarding resolving local names in OSX.
  • Fix: Some multiband plugins initially opened in size bigger than necessary.
  • Fix: Opening a preset not created using an active preset would leave the currently selected active preset selected, which could lead to a confusion later.
  • Fix: Having multiple tab-sets on easy screen would make some of them unnecessary high.
  • Fix: Changing presets in PT could cause multiparameters to "process" the associated parameters, which is generally fine, but in older presets it could cause probles.
  • Fix: AU plugins didn't compensate for latency when bypass was enabled.
  • Fix: Loading FLAC files without length metatag didn't work.

11.01 changes

  • Added Visible switch to multiparameters, which controls if it will be displayed on the Easy screen.
  • Added Lazy sync option to MRhythmizer and MRhythmizerMB (enabled by default), which solves synchronization issues for buggy hosts (known are Logic and ProTools 10), which do not report accurate position information to plugins.
  • Fix: Spectral plugins could crash when inserting a new instance in some cases when default settings have been defined.
  • Fix: Opening a plugin with Easy screen but no active preset selected (via presets or previous projects) and clicking Reload would lead to a crash.

11.00 changes

Version 11 may not be fully backwards compatible with version 10. The problems should be negligible and here is the list.

Plugin renaming

There should be no problems with most hosts, but some of the plugins have been renamed, and it's the host's responsibility to switch to the new plugin names. If your host fails to do that, try letting it rescan the plugins and restart it. If that won't help and your older projects won't load properly, please inform both us and your host developer. In these cases you can also keep version 10 installed along with version 11. Following name changes have been made:

  • MLimiter -> MSaturator
  • MDynamicsLimiter -> MLimiterX
  • MEqualizerLinearPhase -> MEqualizerLP
  • MAutoEqualizerLinearPhase -> MAutoEqualizerLP
  • MMultiBand*** -> M***MB (for example, MMultiBandAutopan -> MAutopanMB)

Bundles have been renamed as well, to make the name reflect that the bundles contain effect only:

  • MTotalBundle -> MTotalFXBundle
  • MCreativeBundle -> MCreativeFXBundle
  • MMasteringBundle -> MMasteringFXBundle
  • MMixingBundler -> MMixingFXBundle
  • MFreeEffectsBundle -> MFreeFXBundle

All licences have been upgraded in your accounts of course.


Version 11 comes up with fully restructuralized automation parameter system, which should improve performance and compatibility with problematic hosts. If you have been using automation in your older projects, please go to Settings in any of the plugins and enable Automation compatibility mode for V10. Then restart your host and your projects should load without problems. For future's sake it is recommended to have this option disabled however.

Parameter ranges

We also decided to extend range of a few parameters. The settings will load without problems, but if you have been modulating/automating them, you will need to readjust the range. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • MSaturatorMB had a Ceiling parameter ranging from -24dB to 0dB, which was replaced by Output gain ranging from -24dB to +24dB.
  • MDelayMB maximum delay has been extended from 500ms to 10 seconds.

List of changes

  • Released MTurboReverb.
  • Upgraded styles and added several new ones, plus many GUI improvements.
  • Upgraded/added active presets on most plugins with easy screens.
  • Added 2 powerful crossover modes - Spectrum and Tonal/Transient - to all multiband plugins and MXXX Crossover module.
  • Added multiparameter editor mode "Button (label next to it)"
  • Added multiselection to all parametric equalizers and comb filters. Use Shift + Click on a point to manage the selected points.
  • Maximum number of multiparameter banks increased to 128.
  • Changes to active preset GUI are now applied immediately when multiparameter settings are changed, which makes GUI design considerable easier.
  • Gain reduction meters now do not go under -40dB, so they are more responsive for gates.
  • Added title logo.
  • Added Enable crossfading option to all signal generators.
  • Added Bars start horizontal GUI mode to multiparameters, plus both bars now show units, follow colors & enabled and show label option.
  • Changed looks of all meters.
  • Plugins now retain multiparameter values when browsing active presets (not stored with the project however).
  • Value in meters now shows temporary default for most meters (which corresponds to the peak value) and provide a switch via context menu to show global maximum (default for peak meters).
  • Global meters can now be partially collapsed, so that only relevant meters can be displayed.
  • Added "Allow default colors by plugin type" option to global settings, that disables default color configuration by plugin type.
  • Added "Allow style changes if too big" option to global settings, which disables the default adaptive styling capabilities engaged if a plugin doesn't fit the screen, trying to make it small enough.
  • Double-clicking title of the plugin window (and any other nonmaximizable windows) makes the window as small as possible.
  • Added number buttons to band settings of all parametric equalizers, which lets you switch between bands quickly.
  • Ctrl+Alt+click on a control on the easy screen shows the multiparameter settings.
  • Added Quick learn to popup menu for multiparameters, which lets you quickly attach it to a single parameter, including copying its name.
  • Synchronization switch in modulators can now be automated/modulated.
  • Stepped/continuous switch on active presets now defaults to stepped in all plugins.
  • Edit menu / Cut now copies the selected text to the clipboard before deleting it.
  • Order in band settings in parametric equalizers renamed to Slope.
  • Changing HDPI resolution now keeps the editor size visually intact.
  • Time graph buttons in meters are displayed only in time graph mode now.
  • Crossover mode is now available via multiparameters/modulators for all multiband plugins.
  • Added Backup presets feature, available from all Preset windows.
  • Time graphs now show line under the cursor, which could help reading units.
  • When Areas in parametric equalizers were thin enough, the text was wrapped to multiple lines making it not readable well.
  • Showing the easy screen meters in popup now brings the plugin window size to minimum to save space.
  • Modulator editor slightly optimized for knobs mode.
  • Map is now accessible from multiparameter, modulator and MIDI settings windows.
  • Double-clicking a tab with enable button toggles the enable state.
  • Multiparameters, Modulators, MIDI and Lock now all resolve multiparameter names in their editors.
  • Plugins now store the splitter state between the left and right parts of the GUI.
  • Added Resizable Y switch to all multiparameters, which lets you build active presets with groups equally high even if the contents of them are not.
  • Added "Set names by values" feature to multiparameters in banks mode.
  • Holding Ctrl while dragging a bar in any bargraph (e.g. oscillator harmonics or step sequencers) provides fine-tuning locked to the single bar.
  • Shift + click on a bar graph on an easy screen now provides a text input.
  • Easy screen, which doesn't have any controls, no longer contains info text about multiparameters and all space is reserved for meters instead.
  • Time graph guides are now stored with time graph setting presets.
  • MIDI note controller Shift can now be modulated and automated (via a multiparameter).
  • Labels, checkboxes and title buttons are now not displayed upper-case even if the upper-case switch for current style is enabled, to provide more clarity.
  • Band mute & bypass are now available for modulation in multiband plugins.
  • Plugins now automatically lower the style size on HDPI/Retina displays when opened for the first time.
  • Selectors, switchers and checkboxes in active presets can now show a simplified HTML as bank names when the name starts with '~'.
  • Fix: Randomizing graph from the popup menu could place points outside of the vertical range.
  • Fix: Custom meters on the easy screen could have incorrect order.
  • Fix: Bar graphs on easy screen were not correctly detecting size.
  • Fix: Plugins could change when rendering with specific offline settings and some further circumstances occured.
  • Fix: When changing styles the colors might have not been loaded properly.
  • Fix: Multiband plugins could crash in rare situations when changing crossovers.
  • Fix: Changing bank mode data for multiparameters often didn't update the easy screen.
  • Fix: Help windows might have been incorrectly sized on HDPI screens.
  • Fix: Low output gain in MSaturator in Side mode and higher upsampling could cause clipping of the Mid channel.
  • Fix: Randomizing multiparameter banks could sometimes mess up contents of modulator windows if displayed.
  • Fix: Diff feature wasn't working properly in some channel modes.
  • Fix: Using VST with another interface at the same time would cause VST to report surround capabilities even if the surround hasn't been activated, which caused problems with some hosts (FL Studio).
  • Fix: Text input for modulators/multiparameters controlling other multiparameters might have not worked.

10.07 changes

  • EQ, Threshold, Attack and Release shapes are now automatable (first 5 points) in MSpectralDynamics, plus added a De-esser active preset.
  • Added PLR (peak to loudness ratio) meter to MLoudnessAnalyzer and all limiters.
  • Slightly improved mapping log.
  • Locks on easy screen now automatically update the parameter lock window (if displayed) and vice versa.
  • Added Select all to menu in all text edit controls.
  • Selected tabs on active preset screens are stored with the settings now.
  • Upsampling selection window now displays target sampling rates.
  • Optimized MTurboComp active presets when saturation is 0%.
  • Added Slider multiparameter GUI type.
  • Added Note min and Note max parameters MIDI settings / Note controllers.
  • Added multiple multiparameter XY pad types and control type None.
  • Easy screen meter collapse state is no longer loaded from (active) presets.
  • Order in Band settings of all parametric EQs is now specified via a selector and the dB/oct has been removed as it varies between filters.
  • Improved support for ultralow sampling rates below 40kHz.
  • Added multiparameter editor mode Bars start/end, which let you create a bar graph from all parameter in the range.
  • Fix: ProTools cmd+opt+ctrl + click for automation shortcut didn't work with some editor types on easy screen.
  • Fix: Last parameter associated to parameter lock couldn't be deleted despite there isn't the limitation of "at least one parameter".
  • Fix: Selectors in active presets might have not updated selected item in response to atomation in certain situations.
  • Fix: XY pad on active presets could change the values incorrectly when switching between easy & edit screens.
  • Fix: Virtual keyboard couldn't display the panel with symbols.
  • Fix: Trying to deleting a preset for the second time after a permission error could cause a crash.
  • Fix: Changing multiparameter's Enable state didn't work for some GUI types.
  • Fix: Style preset images (colors) were unnaturally large on HDPI displays.

10.06 changes

  • Added Lockable switch to multiparameters (already added to MTurboComp and MTurboEQ), which adds a small lock button next to it on easy screen, which uses the global Lock system to prevent the parameter from changing when browsing presets.
  • Added ability to make tabs on easy screens by setting Group parameter of the first multiparameter in each group in this format: "tabname#groupname".
  • Batch processing via WAV button now allows selecting multiple files at once. Drag & drop onto the button is still provided of course.
  • Settings window is now more compact.
  • Added Map button, that shows all assignments of multiparameters, modulators and MIDI.
  • Active preset selector and easy screen metering section can now be collapsed in all plugins to save space and make the view less cluttered.
  • Text edit for active preset controls now also provides note piano for frequency controls and sync for lengths.
  • LP/HP filter tags in dynamic equalizers have been moved up to avoid clashes with analyzer.
  • Improved preset import dialog.
  • Increased difference between input & output colors for analyzer graphs in Input & Output mode.
  • Multiparameter groups now remember the collapse state. The switch has been removed from the multiparameter settings and instead you can edit it directly on the easy screen.
  • Fix: Moving a band completely to the left/right in any dynamic equalizer made it impossible to move it away due to the LP/HP filters occupying the same place.
  • Fix: MIDI learn was working even after the MIDI settings have been closed.
  • Fix: A crash could occur in relation with time graphs in some rare circumstances.
  • Fix: Text edit windows featuring a piano keyboard or some other extension could have been displayed partly out of the screen.
  • Fix: Parameter Lock feature did lock parameters even if they were disabled.
  • Fix: Oscillator's step sequencer editors didn't paint the "zero" at the same level as the oscillators themselves, which lead to a confusion.

10.05 changes

Note: Backward compatibility has not been fully maintained for MConvolutionMB - settings are remembered properly, but automation parameters have been removed and replaced with multiparameters (via which you can automate anything).

Note: While backward compatibility is strictly maintained, in order to provide higher multiparameter bank mode accuracy, the new format is different from the previous one, hence settings stored with the new versions won't be loaded properly with previous versions. The should be no need to roll back to older versions, but it is an important information anyways.

  • When searching through presets the total number of presets are displayed along with the number of matching presets.
  • All file browsers now provide Delete key to delete the selected file.
  • Added Enable parameter to multiparameters, which can be used to enable/disable the control on the easy screen.
  • Added "XY pad centered" editor mode to all multiparameters.
  • Clicking time graph settings while the settings are already open will close the window now.
  • VST parameter names are now reported smartly shortened instead of truncated.
  • Improved quality of all noise generators and algorithms based on them. Note that there may be a slight difference in sound, hardly noticeable though.
  • Auto-listening a band in low-pass/high-pass mode in all parametric equalizers auditions the opposite filter - hence you listen what is being cut.
  • Bands in all parametric equalizers/comb filters now also show a line up, for easier workflow when using analyzers. The lines are visible only if the band is enabled.
  • Added Switcher and Selector multiparameter editor modes.
  • System cursors are now used on Windows due to compatibility reasons on some HiDPI devices.
  • Style wizard has been discarded. Instead a Set current style as default button has been added.
  • Bank values for all multiparameters are now stored with extreme accuracy.
  • Added Tablet mode back, just in case it is needed.
  • Fix: Loading graph presets could lead to have some points in the middle unavailable to move in some places.
  • Fix: A multiparameter in Switch mode could cause a freeze in certain situations.
  • Fix: Multiparameters accessing ranges of secondary parameters of other multiparameters were not showing the target units.
  • Fix: Equalizer/comb points could jump a little when started dragging.
  • Fix: Reordering multiparameters sometimes didn't keep relations between different multiparameters controlling each other.
  • Fix: Analyzers could crash when changing Time resolution.
  • Fix: Left clicking a knob/button and some other controls, then right clicking it would lock the dragging state until another left click occurs.
  • Fix: Cursor in text edit controls could disappear.

10.04 changes

  • Released MTurboEQ plugin (including MXXX).
  • All multiband plugins now receive MIDI from all channels in the first band if there is only one band. If there are multiple bands, 1st band receives MIDI from channel 1, 2nd band receives MIDI from channel 2 etc.
  • MXXXCore can now load even presets without licenced modules, which will emit noise from time to time.
  • Added Step count feature and Step/Continous option to multiparameters, mainly useful for designing active presets.
  • No more "-0.00" in some units.
  • Changing bank values or transformation shape in mutliparameters immediately updates the associated values as well.
  • Removed Tablet mode switch as it is not useful anymore.
  • Increased times for "repeating buttons" to avoid unwanted repeats when clicking with slow devices such as touchpads.
  • AGC, Limiter and Diff buttons are now highlighted in green if enabled.
  • Parameter transformation in multiparameters is now available also in the banks mode.
  • MIDI learn now recognizes both the controllers you touch and the target parameters you touch.
  • Fix: Checkboxes in active presets could crash if one would save project/preset while on easy screen.
  • Fix: Some plugins (mainly MXXX) could theoretically crash when creating / destroying them.
  • Fix: Meters could not initially redraw themselves in some rare cases.
  • Fix: Deharmonization in analyzers could lead to incorrect results in some rare situations.
  • Fix: Changing oscillator smoothness from 0% by a little amount could cause a crash in some rare situations.
  • Fix: Band gain meters in dynamic equalizers didn't show a proper axis.
  • Fix: Some controls had a help button despite there was no help available.
  • Fix: Randomizing graphs in graph settings could lead to a crash after subsequential operations.
  • Fix: Edit screen changes for TurboComp in MXXX could be overwritten by the active preset's multiparameters.
  • Fix: MDynamics licence in MXXXCore might have not worked for some customers.

10.03 changes

  • Released MBassador plugin (including MXXX).
  • Performance improvements to saturation algorithm used in many plugins.
  • Added Delay parameter to Follower section of all modulators.
  • Added "Peak analog" filter to all equalizers. It simulates analog peak filter response in the high frequencies.
  • Added Spacer multiparameter type, useful for active preset design.
  • Highly improved upsampling and crossovers, for maximum sound quality in any sampling rate.
  • Added "By bank name interpolated" multiparameter value mode and "Show name" option.
  • Added "Check-boxes horiz & below" multiparameter editor modes.
  • Multiparameter names are now reported to the host if it supports it (VST & VST3).
  • Fix: Batch processing via WAV button didn't compensate the latency.
  • Fix: Crash could occur after changing the style on OSX.
  • Fix: Entering path in file dialogs didn't work if "\" was used instead if "/".
  • Fix: Behaviour panel in multiparameter info could not been collapsed.
  • Fix: Automation & MIDI events might not have been processed in sample-accurate way if upsampling was used.
  • Fix: Changing active presets with specific controls could lead to a crash.

10.02 changes

  • Reorder menu for multiparameters is now available as submenu for plugins with more than 16 multiparameters to save space.
  • When colorizing active preset meters, the engine now colorizes the main part keeping the top red.
  • Added Count to Sync in modulators, which lets you create odd synchronizations.
  • Text input windows are now displayed underneath the edited parameter.
  • Added Interpolate feature for multiparameter banks.
  • Fix: Entering an impossible value as text input with multiparameters with transformation shape could cause a freeze.
  • Fix: Meter maximums were not displayed.
  • Fix: Text edit window didn't display target parameter name when knobs have been used.
  • Fix: Pasting/loading plugin sections could not update display for some compound parameters (ADSR) in some cases.
  • Fix: Windows without maximize button could still be maximized via double-clicking the title, making them seemingly impossible to unmaximize.

10.01 changes

  • Multiparameter meters on easy screens can now have the extreme part colorized instead of fixed red.
  • Text edit for parameters now shows the parameter name.
  • Increased maximum number off banks for each multiparameter to 64.
  • MIDI note selectors now contain piano editor to select the note.
  • Added "Percents (-100% to 100%)" and "By bank number" multiparameter value modes.
  • Fix: Active preset meters could show a single pixel value even if there was no signal.
  • Fix: Creating a point from the graph menu would also start dragging it.
  • Fix: Modulator preset change didn't update certain follower/envelope parameters.
  • Fix: Analyzer in equalizers didn't show "mix l + r" if input & output was selected to display.
  • Fix: AU automation writing didn't work.

10.00 changes

Note: Automation of the dynamic gain in MAutoVolume has been removed. This feature is by definition degrading audio quality and causes numerous problems with different hosts and has been added just because the Waves' plugin has that. But in order to minimize problems and deliver the top audio quality we want, the feature has been removed. It's recommended to automate output gain instead for example.

  • Added free MAGC plugin, included in MXXX.
  • Added offline processing support for maximizing quality when rendering - the plugins can variate smart interpolation level and upsampling factor.
  • Added full touch-screen support on Windows for up to 16 fingers/devices.
  • Added Analog LP (approximating analog but linear-phase), Panorama, Mid/side crossovers to all multiband plugins and Crossover FX in MXXX.
  • Information panel in multiparameters is no longer collapsed by default.
  • Added support for all relevant audio formats on OSX (m4a, aac, aifc etc.) in all plugins loading files.
  • Added XY pad mode to multiparameters (effective on easy screen only).
  • Multiparameter colors are now reflected in the buttons on the edit screen.
  • Axes in time graphs cannot be configured anymore as it only lead to confusion.
  • Improved VST3 support.
  • Added gradients to several graphs (can be disabled in Settings).
  • Band peak meters in multiband plugins now collapse vertically to save space.
  • Averaging in all analyzers extended to 10 seconds.
  • Added Global normalization switch to all analyzers.
  • Added Lock feature to all zoomers.
  • Added Meter multiparameter mode, Resizable switch and several Meter editor modes, which lets multiparameters act like simple meters, useful mainly for active presets.
  • Added Simulate program change via controller feature to MIDI settings.
  • Changing multiparameter order now keeps associations for multiparameters associated to other multiparameters.
  • Peak meters now show "-inf" under -200dB.
  • Fix: Time sync in text edit might not have worked properly if there were plugins without sync instantiated.
  • Fix: Dragging an envelope point followed by another 2 points where one was locked could lead to all points locked.
  • Fix: Lock didn't work in multiband plugins when randomizing/loading separate bands.
  • Fix: Default focus was on multiparameters, which could cause immediate open of a multiparameter window after opening the plugin by enter in some hosts.
  • Fix: Enable colorize didn't save the state properly.
  • Fix: ADSR shape could be very weird in certain extreme settings.
  • Fix: Fixed rendering problems with hosts do not implementing the VST standard correctly (Live).
  • Fix: Randomizer no longer changes GUI size & collapse states.
  • Fix: Enabling/disabling HDPI mode could make the GUI unusable. The changes now take effect after the restart.
  • Fix: Changing editor mode on OSX could cause a crash.

9.22 changes

  • Added MPhatik plugin (including MXXX), free for MTotalFXBundle and MMixingFXBundle users.
  • Various GUI improvements via coloration and layout. Also buttons are now sometimes forced in knobs mode to save space and increase clarity.
  • Added Color and Group color parameters to multiparameters, which lets you change the color on the easy screen. Make sure you read the help before you use this feature.
  • Cursors now follow HiDPI/Retina.
  • Convolution IR library extended.
  • Fix: Sync wasn't available from a few more time parameters' text edit.

9.21 changes

Note: Backward compatibility hasn't been 100% followed for MXXX. All settings will load correctly, however host automation wouldn't be retained if you automated something else than multiparameters (probably modulators). This is very unlikely, so you shouldn't have any problems.

  • All parametric equalizers now feature L/R (or M/S) processing for all bands.
  • Added transformation enable button into modulator and multiparameter editors.
  • Fix: MMultiAnalyzer could crash when changing time graph settings after changing tabs.
  • Fix Randomizing MXXX on easy screen didn't work.
  • Fix: Band-graph editing wasn't too adapted to Retina/HiDPI displays.
  • Fix: Style wizard could crash Wavelab and VE on OSX.
  • Fix: Resizing using left & top corners of popup windows didn't work.

9.20 changes

  • Added new "Level crossover" to all multiband plugins (including Crossover FX in MXXX), providing endless creative possibilities. For starters you can attach a modulator in Follower mode to it and transform the plugin into a dynamics processor.
  • Global Settings menu removed and replaced by the Settings window, which now contains everything from style settings to advanced stuff.
  • Crossover settings for all multiband plugins has been redesigned for easier workflow.
  • Added Note on/off MIDI controller.
  • Added Sync to all time parameter's text edit windows.
  • Fix: Plugins could make Cubase crash on startup or exit in some random conditions.
  • Fix: Parametric equalizers could crash if there were no bands activated and one used Shift+click auto-listen feature.

9.19 changes

Note: 9.19 broke backward compatibility by slightly changing the sound of formant processor.

Note: MXXX automation parameters have changed order. It won't make any difference if you only automated the multiparameters, but could cause problems if you automated modulators.

  • Huge memory (and parly CPU) optimizations.
  • Added param lock feature to plugins that didn't have it already.
  • If multiparameter informations doesn't contain any simplified HTML tags, newlines get converted correctly.
  • Added Shift parameter to MIDI note settings, which lets you transpose the MIDI notes.
  • Added Single shot reset switch to Modulator / MIDI reset.
  • Improved shortening parameter names for ProTools external consoles.
  • Added Set frequency to sync feature to all modulators.
  • Various GUI improvements.
  • Changing parameter range in multiparameters will now take effect immediately, before one had to touch the multiparameter.
  • Added Buttons editor mode to multiparameters.
  • Active preset selector now always uses mixed case letters.
  • Fix: Automation in ProTools might not work in certain scenarios.
  • Fix: A few parameters could cause minor problems when accessed via multiparameters.
  • Fix: Eq band Q was showing way too many numbers in multiparameters.
  • Fix: ProTools causes redrawing problems on OSX, so the GPU acceleration is now always in "Compatibility mode" or disabled for this host.
  • Fix: ADSR editor time units were rounding too much for high lengths.

9.18 changes

  • Release MWaveFolder and MWaveFolderMB effects (including MXXX).
  • Style improvements regarding resizing and high DPI/retina.
  • Improved hi-DPI / retina support.
  • Preset windows are now closed after selecting next/previous/random from the main window.
  • Active preset meters can now be collapsed.
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility with OSX 10.6.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash in some hosts under some circumstances.
  • Fix: Plugins could cause lags after changing presets in some nonoptimal hosts (Live, Logic).
  • Fix: Some ADSR parameters in modulator didn't update immediately.

9.17 changes

  • Released free MOscilloscope plugin.
  • Added HP/LP markes to all dynamic equalizers and those which feature a dynamic eq, for easier understanding.
  • Improved layout imperfections on high DPI / retina displays.
  • Added position indicators to all ADSR graphs.
  • Improved automation processing and compatibility.
  • Multiparameters and modulators now have a dedicated folder in the parameter tree, so that it is easier to use for plugins with lots of parameters.
  • Signal generator position vertical line enable is now global for all plugins in the project.
  • Added Editor mode parameter to all multiparameters, replaces Big knob & Checkboxes option.
  • Crossover limits, gain and panorama can now be edited as text via shift + click.
  • Automation performance improvements.
  • Added color marks for each band to multiband plugins.
  • Added resizing button to bottom-right corner, for easier resizing.
  • All documentations have been updated.
  • Fix: Slight 1px graphical glitches could occur.
  • Fix: MXXX could set current preset name when changing active presets.
  • Fix: Peak time graphs displayed incorrect value (2x) in some plugins.
  • Fix: Plugins were reporting the host is DPI aware on Windows even if it wasn't.
  • Fix: ADSR tremolo didn't update in tremolo settings popup if changed from the main editor.

9.16 changes

  • Released MPolySaturator plugin.
  • Added support for HDPI on Windows and Retina on OSX.
  • Improved support for systems with mutliple displays.
  • Fix: Copy & paste A-H presets was using Lock, so that not all settings have been copied if lock was used.
  • Fix: Knobs were not resizing correctly for sizes <100%.

9.15 changes

  • Released MMorph plugin.
  • Added Limiter FX licence to MXXXCore for owners of MLimiterMB.
  • Added 4 guides to all time graphs, which you can use for visualisation purposes.
  • Removed "AAX (UI)" postfix from ProTools menu, it might be needed to clear PT's cache.
  • Added -100%..100% units to all time graphs.
  • Added LU meter option to make the green area -1..+1 LU as it was before.
  • Added "Change on MIDI note" to Random mode in all modulators.
  • Added Reset default settings feature to Settings/Settings.
  • Fix: Modulator / Envelope / RMS & Hold didn't update when automated / edited as text.
  • Fix: Modulating another modulator's rate or other sync parameter could make it hard to switch sync / nonsync in any of the modulators.
  • Fix: Improved support with El Capitan.
  • Fix: Automation recording could be problematic in some hosts such as Reaper or Bitwig.
  • Fix: MXXXCore doesn't open plugin's website if you try to load a processor without a licence anymore.

9.14 changes

  • Released MCharacter plugin (including MXXX).
  • Added single-shot option to MIDI reset in modulators.
  • Added "Set default settings" to all plugins which didn't have it before.
  • Using randomizer in MXXXCore doesn't show an error message when the generated settings contain unavailable FX anymore.
  • Added info to all bar graphs for harmonics etc. such as for harmonics in all oscillators.
  • Loudness meters redesigned - they now show green area "below" the target level, so that once it exceeds the target level, it is clearly marked red.
  • Improved VST3 compatibility with Reaper.
  • Improved MIDI settings workflow.
  • Fix: Fixed a few hypotetical problems.
  • Fix: Deactivate was showing incorrect lower-case names for some products.
  • Fix: Max note for MIDI reset was limited to 100 instead of 127.
  • Fix: Clearing points of a graph after a step sequencer delete all points even if there were mandatory 2.
  • Fix: LP/HP filters in dynamic equalizers (and plugins containing a dynamic eq) didn't reset correctly on panic/reset.
  • Fix: MIDI processing controllers could fail before the first note arrived.
  • Fix: Signal generator step sequencer automation/modulation didn't visually update unless the "show position" was enabled.

9.13 changes

  • Sonograms heavily optimized for CPU, GPU and memory.
  • Global Settings menu has been tidied up, less useful items have been moved to the Settings/Settings window, which has been improved as well.
  • Style wizard is now smaller.
  • Added tempo/time-tap feature to all controls of tempo or frequency - hold alt and left click and release to set the value.
  • Fix: Transformer dry/wet section is now placed after the feedback & smearing.
  • Fix: Plugins could hypotetically crash on removal in certain situations.
  • Fix: Text input for some value via multiparameter could end up with values out of range.
  • Fix: Analyzer settings were too big in knobs mode.
  • Fix: Text edit popups could sometimes have useless space above them.
  • Fix: Lock disabled itself when learning.
  • Fix: Sonograms caused serious memory leaks.
  • Fix: When changing number of slots in MCompare using arrow buttons, the plugin could end up with maximum slots.
  • Fix: Fixed hypotetical possibility of calculation errors in some plugins.

9.12 changes

  • Text input now accepts ',' as decimal mark.
  • Fix: Type button in band list of parametric equalizers didn't work.