Get the most powerful mastering audio processors!

MMasteringFXBundle is a suite of revolutionary technology plugins (currently 23 effects) which will give you the power to master your recordings more quickly, more easily and with astonishing results. And they are equally suitable for use before the mastering stage too.

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Ultimate audio quality

High speed, simplicity, crystal clear sound and minimal noise level is the standard output from every MeldaProduction plugin. Most of the plugins are so fast that you can use them for general purposes too.

Unique super-modern technologies

Here at MeldaProduction we specialize in hi-tech super-modern technologies available nowhere else. Our MMasteringFXBundle does not contain simulations of vintage analogue devices or mere clones. Rather our plugins move audio production technology forward! Our price is also more than affordable. The question now, is only: "Do you want to join this advancing, new world of audio processing"?

23 effects
included in MMasteringFXBundle

The ultimate phase cancellation solution. A must-have for every mixing engineer!

Drums, Mixing

The most powerful dynamic equalizer with unbelievable sound, features and workflow.

Vocals, Drums, Equalizer, Mixing, Mastering

An extremely powerful linear-phase equalizer with automatic equalization feature.

Equalizer, Mixing, Mastering

A unique bass enhancer and sub-bass generator. A must for modern tight mixes!

Drums, Mixing

The ultimate A/B tool for mixing and mastering. Don't ever be fooled by your own ears again!

Analysis, Mixing, Mastering

Realistic reverbs, microphone and box simulations and more; all with ultimate audio quality!

Vocals, Creative, Mixing, Mastering, Reverb

The 2nd most powerful (dynamic) equalizer available, right after MAutoDynamicEq ;).

Equalizer, Mixing, Mastering

Compressors, expanders, gate... Amazing sound, easy-to-use interface and ultimate versatility.

Vocals, Guitar, Dynamics, Mixing, Mastering

Compressors, expanders, gate... 6 bands, amazing sound, easy-to-use interface and versatility.

Dynamics, Mixing, Mastering

A linear-phase equalizer that sounds as good as you have always dreamt!

Equalizer, Mastering

Just draw what you want and make it happen with the audio quality of parametric analog filters!

Equalizer, Mixing, Mastering

Add this to a track, turn up the drive and make your music sound better!

Limiter, Mastering

A powerful brickwall limiter with transparent sound, but character if you want it!

Limiter, Mixing, Mastering

An astonishing sound with all those features needed by a versatile compressor.

Dynamics, Mixing, Mastering

A revolution in audio processing. Flattens the spectrum, prevents collisions, removes noise...

Drums, Vocals, Mastering

An advanced mastering multiband stereo analyzer and enhancer plugin.

Stereo, Mixing, Mastering

Bring some attack and punch to any rhythmic track!


A powerful transient shaper which brings the vital attack and punch to otherwise sterile drums!

Drums, Mixing

The ultimate (not-only) compressor simulating most of the vintage analog compressors.

Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Dynamics, Mixing, Mastering

The ultimate (not-only) compressor simulating most of the vintage analog compressors.

Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Dynamics, Mixing, Mastering

A unique vintage-style equalizer inspired by most of the well-known classic hardware.

Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Equalizer, Mixing, Mastering

The most powerful algorithmic reverb ever made. 100 reverbs in one and more...

Reverb, Mixing, Mastering

A powerful yet affordable solution for the loudness war!

Limiter, Mastering

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