MCabinet changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

13.05 changes

Backwards compatibility change for MXXX: Number of multiparameters per row is no longer limited to 4 in MXXX. Therefore if you exploited this in your devices, they may stop displaying properly (and have too many items on single row). Please fix these devices by properly disabling "Same row" option. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Performance improvements for modular stuff.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Improved modulator editors for banks mode.
  • Added support for VST2 getProgramName used for example by Akai VIP to browse through plugin's presets.
  • Selector and other multiparameter editor modes also support secondary bank names on the easy sceen now.
  • Added Insert and Delete features to multiparameter manager.
  • MPs in Delimiter editor mode can display a name now.
  • Fix: Easy screens containing Button (label aligned) MPs could not set minimum size correctly if multiple have been used on the same row.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash with AU interface when being destroyed.
  • Fix: File dialogs could crash when deleting folders.
  • Fix: Double click to open multiparameter editor in MP manager didn't work with the first item.
  • Fix: MultiBand modules in MXXX might have the band editor inaccessible.

13.04 changes

  • Added "By bank names with percents" multiparameter value mode.
  • MCabinet Export IR now includes widening.
  • Improved knob visual quality.
  • Added confirmation for Reset all multiparameters action.
  • Reordering multiparameters now properly reassociates MIDI controllers.
  • Removed optimization from flangers, which caused a click when changing Depth from 0% to something else.
  • Improved MFreeformEqualizer automatic EQ curve, which now minimizes level difference.
  • Order MP editor can have colors specified.
  • Analyzers now provide also Input & Side-chain and Output & Side-chain options (if applicable).
  • MDrumLeveler MIDI output latency compensation is now optional, since some DAWs do compensate the latency themselves.
  • Parameter selection (for mods, mps etc.) improved, so that the root items always have the global subsystems such as modulators and MIDI at the end.
  • Number of MXXX feedback channels increased to 16.
  • Added Detected note and Detected cents automation parameters to MTuner, which can be used to use the detected tuning somehow. It is enabled only if MIDI out is enabled as well for sake of optimization.
  • Fix: Batch processing via WAV button in the plugin toolbar didn't allow selecting multiple files.
  • Fix: MCabinet storage could malfunction and create dips in the profile.
  • Fix: Insert empty multiparameter might have failed if the last multiparameter was used.
  • Fix: Maps didn't update properly after changes or switching presets.
  • Fix: Opening a plugin by pressing Enter in Reaper could display Upsampling settings in some plugins.
  • Fix: ConvolutionBank in MXXX didn't like IRs with levels exceeding 0dBFS.
  • Fix: AU plugins could crash in some rare circumstances.
  • Fix: Order editor on the easy screen was creating an unnecessary space above.
  • Fix: Knobs were rendering slightly incorrectly.