MCabinet changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

14.10 changes

  • Improved font engine for nicer and more readable GUIs.
  • Minor GUI and performance enhancements.
  • Random preset feature makes sure the next preset is different from the previous (if possible).
  • Fix: Displaying a tab as popup didn't properly store it's position and size.
  • Fix: Multiparameter units could sometimes go wrong with "By bank name interpolated" mode.
  • Fix: Global "Set" button may have produced incorrect results.

14.09 changes

  • Added support for Ambisonics multichannel for all orders up to 7 (64 channels). Available in all effects, which are not stereo-specific.
  • Input meters in multiband plugins now follow the global Input gain.
  • Added Toggle and Trigger options to MIDI controllers.
  • MIDI controllers now follow high precision 14-bit MIDI specification.
  • Various optimizations and GUI improvements.
  • Fix: Some graphics aliasing was occuring on some computers.

14.08 changes

  • Added "IR" button to toolbar (exports impulse response of current plugin settings) for MCabinet(MB), all equalizers and all reverbs.
  • Added back all upsampling ratios to 8x (then powers of 2 up to 1024x).
  • Graph presets now convert ranges, so it doesn't matter from which plugin/subsystem it is stored to or loaded from.
  • Minor GUI and performance improvements.
  • Fix: Panorama MIDI controller lead to slightly inaccurate values.
  • Fix: Some algorithms could hypotetically crash when processing data bigger than 2GB.
  • Fix: Arpeggiator could sometimes play multiple notes if the DAW sends notes in incorrect times. ARP now shifts everything in a time back a few samples to avoid that.
  • Fix: Hacked a bug in new Bitwig closing some windows before they even get displayed.
  • Fix: Plugins crashed using some styles on some rare computers.
  • Fix: Vertical sliders had invisible units in some styles.
  • Fix: "Help / Show in web browser" feature was crashing on OSX.
  • Fix: Randomizer could cause problems with plugins featuring modulators.

14.07 changes

    14.06 changes

    • Added "Short-term max" meter to MLoudnessAnalyzer, the option is there in other plugins as well.
    • Preset buttons now have limited size, so that they don't obstruct the entire title for large windows.
    • Multiparameter's in "By bank name interpolated" units mode now recognizes units after the number even without a delimiting space.
    • Added "Current values > Defaults" and "Defaults > Current values" features to multiparameter manager.
    • Fix: Enabling bypass with upsampling enabled could lead to an incorrect latency compensation.
    • Fix: Resizing a file selector in a folder with no files could lead to the directory tree to be inaccessible.
    • Fix: Some scrolled views were not responding to mousewheel unless the mouse cursor was directly on the scrollbar.
    • Fix: Plugins could crash when showing popups on macOS when GPU acceleration was disabled.
    • Fix: Slightly changed MIDI CC mapping so that the middle value becomes 50%.

    14.05 changes

    • Released MSuperLooper.
    • Upsampling can now only be a power of 2 and the range has been extended to 1024x in most plugins.
    • Added "Functional outside note range" switch to MIDI note controllers.
    • Small improvements to the installer.
    • Added "Export mono IR" feature to MCabinet.
    • Fix: Plugins could potentially freeze on startup in some DAWs searching for updates.
    • Fix: Titles of collapsed panels could end up overlayed with title buttons.
    • Fix: Invert button in MFreeformEqualizer might have not update the audio processing in some rare situations.
    • Fix: Changing preset colors via randomization could cause crashes.

    14.04 changes

    • Added MCharmVerb free plugin (reverb based on the MTurboReverb's "R" algorithm), including a module to MXXX.
    • Added preset & copy/paste features to arpeggiator preset matrix useful to copy banks for example.
    • Exporting IR from MFreeformEqualizer and MCabinet now includes the gain adjustment and the output is always 24-bit for better compatibility with hardware the IRs may be used in.
    • Added "Fine control" switch to multiparameters.
    • XY pad editor mode for multiparameters now provides 4 different size and follows parameter origins automatically.
    • Stereo scopes now provide a normalization switch.
    • File lists now provide multiple columns if the size allows it.
    • Minor GUI and performance improvements.
    • Fix: Multiparameters in cyclic banks mode could not display the name of the first bank at the end.
    • Fix: Uninstaller could delete itself even if it has been cancelled.

    14.03 changes

    Backwards compatibility breach: So far MSpectralDynamics used a constant buffer size no matter what sampling rate you used. To maximize audio quality and compatibility, the plugin now adjusts the buffer size depending on the audio settings. This means that for sampling rates over 48kHz the sound may have changed slightly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Added "Octave down" and "Octave up" buttons to all frequency text edit popups.
    • Learn can no be accessed both from menu and multiparameter/lfo/paramlock editors.
    • Various optimizations and stability improvements.
    • Fix: Frequency text edit displayed a piano, but didn't scroll to current frequency note.
    • Fix: Setting group color could also affect MPs without name, even if these didn't belong to the group.
    • Fix: Scrollbar locators could become extremely small when zoomed in too much.
    • Fix: Changing a device of various VST3 plugins might have cause problems when automating MPs for which the number of possible values has changed (e.g. on/off -> dB).
    • Fix: Multiparameters in discrete editor modes (e.g. Selector) and Bank mode could display incorrect bank value as current value.
    • Fix: Stepped / Continuous switch didn't update the number of automation values.

    14.02 changes

    • DynamicEq Low-pass type and High-pass type can now be modulated.
    • Fix: When moving graph points across each other, additional automated subsystems such as oscillator custom shape may not have been actually moved.
    • Fix: Lock for a device Enable title button was not available when the enable button was disabled.
    • Fix: Expression evaluator didn't update the graph in some cases.
    • Fix: Prevented setup crashing after the installation on some macOS computers.

    14.01 changes

    • Added "Latency reporting" sdwitch global settings, which lets youdisbale
    • Added "Locate" button to all file dialogs, which shows the selected path in system Explorer/Finder.
    • Improved multi-monitor support for macOS.
    • Fix: Looper module could crash in some cases.
    • Fix: Plugins could be invisible or cause red blinking on macOS.

    14.00 changes

    Backwards compatibility change: Switch time for multiparameters now defaults to 0ms, before it was 1000ms, so if you used exactly 1000ms, it will now default to 0ms.

    • Released free plugins MMetronome and MCCGenerator.
    • Added MCabinetMB plugin, included in MCabinet licence.
    • Minor GUI and performance improvements.
    • Attach MIDI controller scrolled too low making it confusing.
    • Changing module bank count in MXXX was destroying the settings of the removed banks making it way too easy to loose settings.
    • Added "Analyse audio" feature to all graph editors.
    • Improved compatibility with macOS Catalina. Only 64-bit plugins are supported from V14 on macOS. GPU acceleration settings are not available on macOS anymore, compatibility mode is always selected.
    • Envelope editors in custom mode now display both Attack & Release and potentially Preview at once for better workflow.
    • Improved MLoudnessAnalyzer batch processing by providing a log to save and asking before saving.
    • Added "Trigger" feature to envelopes of all global modulators.
    • Improved pitch detection for high pitched sounds.
    • Added "Functional when disabled" switch to multiparameters.
    • Improved stability for filters too close to Nyquist, especially in ModalFilter.
    • Added "Double 2" curve to all graphs, which has much higher curvature.
    • Added CSV export to all graphs.
    • Fix: Multiparameters in Switch mode with nonzero switch time could stop working in some cases.
    • Fix: Multiparameters mentioned in map/MIDI were displaying Group even if none was set and channel All (which is redundant).
    • Fix: Pasting modulator settings in different mode could lead to a crash.
    • Fix: Stepped multiparameters could default to slightly incorrect values in some cases.
    • Fix: Sending program change MIDI messages could cause problems in some circumstances.

    13.06 changes

    Backwards compatibility change: MIDI note controllers and MCharacter were mapping notes to frequencies one octave above the MIDI standard. As a part of the standardization we fixed this. To fix your projects, please move all notes down one octave if using this feature. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Added 16 "Main controllers" to MIDI settings, which users can map to any MIDI controller to simplify access and switching between MIDI controllers.
    • Added Banks to all modules in modular environments such as MSoundFactory or MXXX. This lets you store multiple settings for that module and switch between them using a multiparameter for example.
    • Added MIDI controller reordering and reset features to MIDI settings.
    • MIDI octave numbers have been standardized across the plugins for the MIDI standard defining A4 = 440Hz.
    • Added Panel no title, Control no title, Display no title and Edit no title multiparameter panel types.
    • Minor GUI improvements.
    • VST2 plugins now exclude preset path when sending preset name to the host to mitigate VST2 limitations.
    • Default editor size setting has been removed, please use default settings instead.
    • Added Normalize switch to MMultiAnalyzer's Oscilloscope tab.
    • Frequency axes in equalizers and various graphs changed to more standard logarithmic scale. It can be reverted to the previous view at any time if customer base would like to.
    • Analyzers can now export current analysis to CSV by Ctrl + clicking the Copy button.
    • Plugins no longer show error message that a folder is inaccessible when opening a file dialog and previous folder no longer exists.
    • Multiparameters in the parameter list also display group now both in the DAW for automation and internally.
    • Fix: Delimiter multiparameters with name displayed the name even if the Show name was disabled.
    • Fix: MultiParameter Clear & Learn didn't store undo point.
    • Fix: Double clicking a button and leaving with mouse before releasing the button could leave the button in pressed state.
    • Fix: AU cache (mainly Logic) should be now updated after installation to avoid need to restart on macOS High sierra and newer.
    • Fix: Win/Cmd + right click (or ctrl click on macOS) was defaulting parameters, which was a collision with ProTools automation management.
    • Fix: LimiterMB in MXXX didn't correctly provide band saturation parameter.
    • Fix: MIDI (note) controller related parameters were not sorted properly in the parameter tree.
    • Fix: Switching logarithmic averaging option in analysis could cause incorrect results for infinite maximum analysis.
    • Fix: Expired subscription didn't explicitly warn the user about that.

    13.05 changes

    Backwards compatibility change for MXXX: Number of multiparameters per row is no longer limited to 4 in MXXX. Therefore if you exploited this in your devices, they may stop displaying properly (and have too many items on single row). Please fix these devices by properly disabling "Same row" option. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Performance improvements for modular stuff.
    • Minor GUI improvements.
    • Improved modulator editors for banks mode.
    • Added support for VST2 getProgramName used for example by Akai VIP to browse through plugin's presets.
    • Selector and other multiparameter editor modes also support secondary bank names on the easy sceen now.
    • Added Insert and Delete features to multiparameter manager.
    • MPs in Delimiter editor mode can display a name now.
    • Fix: Easy screens containing Button (label aligned) MPs could not set minimum size correctly if multiple have been used on the same row.
    • Fix: Plugins could crash with AU interface when being destroyed.
    • Fix: File dialogs could crash when deleting folders.
    • Fix: Double click to open multiparameter editor in MP manager didn't work with the first item.
    • Fix: MultiBand modules in MXXX might have the band editor inaccessible.

    13.04 changes

    • Added "By bank names with percents" multiparameter value mode.
    • MCabinet Export IR now includes widening.
    • Improved knob visual quality.
    • Added confirmation for Reset all multiparameters action.
    • Reordering multiparameters now properly reassociates MIDI controllers.
    • Removed optimization from flangers, which caused a click when changing Depth from 0% to something else.
    • Improved MFreeformEqualizer automatic EQ curve, which now minimizes level difference.
    • Order MP editor can have colors specified.
    • Analyzers now provide also Input & Side-chain and Output & Side-chain options (if applicable).
    • MDrumLeveler MIDI output latency compensation is now optional, since some DAWs do compensate the latency themselves.
    • Parameter selection (for mods, mps etc.) improved, so that the root items always have the global subsystems such as modulators and MIDI at the end.
    • Number of MXXX feedback channels increased to 16.
    • Added Detected note and Detected cents automation parameters to MTuner, which can be used to use the detected tuning somehow. It is enabled only if MIDI out is enabled as well for sake of optimization.
    • Fix: Batch processing via WAV button in the plugin toolbar didn't allow selecting multiple files.
    • Fix: MCabinet storage could malfunction and create dips in the profile.
    • Fix: Insert empty multiparameter might have failed if the last multiparameter was used.
    • Fix: Maps didn't update properly after changes or switching presets.
    • Fix: Opening a plugin by pressing Enter in Reaper could display Upsampling settings in some plugins.
    • Fix: ConvolutionBank in MXXX didn't like IRs with levels exceeding 0dBFS.
    • Fix: AU plugins could crash in some rare circumstances.
    • Fix: Order editor on the easy screen was creating an unnecessary space above.
    • Fix: Knobs were rendering slightly incorrectly.

    9.22 changes

    • Added MPhatik plugin (including MXXX), free for MTotalFXBundle and MMixingFXBundle users.
    • Various GUI improvements via coloration and layout. Also buttons are now sometimes forced in knobs mode to save space and increase clarity.
    • Added Color and Group color parameters to multiparameters, which lets you change the color on the easy screen. Make sure you read the help before you use this feature.
    • Cursors now follow HiDPI/Retina.
    • Convolution IR library extended.
    • Fix: Sync wasn't available from a few more time parameters' text edit.

    9.21 changes

    Note: Backward compatibility hasn't been 100% followed for MXXX. All settings will load correctly, however host automation wouldn't be retained if you automated something else than multiparameters (probably modulators). This is very unlikely, so you shouldn't have any problems.

    • All parametric equalizers now feature L/R (or M/S) processing for all bands.
    • Added transformation enable button into modulator and multiparameter editors.
    • Fix: MMultiAnalyzer could crash when changing time graph settings after changing tabs.
    • Fix Randomizing MXXX on easy screen didn't work.
    • Fix: Band-graph editing wasn't too adapted to Retina/HiDPI displays.
    • Fix: Style wizard could crash Wavelab and VE on macOS.
    • Fix: Resizing using left & top corners of popup windows didn't work.

    9.20 changes

    • Added new "Level crossover" to all multiband plugins (including Crossover FX in MXXX), providing endless creative possibilities. For starters you can attach a modulator in Follower mode to it and transform the plugin into a dynamics processor.
    • Global Settings menu removed and replaced by the Settings window, which now contains everything from style settings to advanced stuff.
    • Crossover settings for all multiband plugins has been redesigned for easier workflow.
    • Added Note on/off MIDI controller.
    • Added Sync to all time parameter's text edit windows.
    • Fix: Plugins could make Cubase crash on startup or exit in some random conditions.
    • Fix: Parametric equalizers could crash if there were no bands activated and one used Shift+click auto-listen feature.

    9.19 changes

    Note: 9.19 broke backward compatibility by slightly changing the sound of formant processor.

    Note: MXXX automation parameters have changed order. It won't make any difference if you only automated the multiparameters, but could cause problems if you automated modulators.

    • Huge memory (and parly CPU) optimizations.
    • Added param lock feature to plugins that didn't have it already.
    • If multiparameter informations doesn't contain any simplified HTML tags, newlines get converted correctly.
    • Added Shift parameter to MIDI note settings, which lets you transpose the MIDI notes.
    • Added Single shot reset switch to Modulator / MIDI reset.
    • Improved shortening parameter names for ProTools external consoles.
    • Added Set frequency to sync feature to all modulators.
    • Various GUI improvements.
    • Changing parameter range in multiparameters will now take effect immediately, before one had to touch the multiparameter.
    • Added Buttons editor mode to multiparameters.
    • Active preset selector now always uses mixed case letters.
    • Fix: Automation in ProTools might not work in certain scenarios.
    • Fix: A few parameters could cause minor problems when accessed via multiparameters.
    • Fix: Eq band Q was showing way too many numbers in multiparameters.
    • Fix: ProTools causes redrawing problems on macOS, so the GPU acceleration is now always in "Compatibility mode" or disabled for this host.
    • Fix: ADSR editor time units were rounding too much for high lengths.

    9.18 changes

    • Release MWaveFolder and MWaveFolderMB effects (including MXXX).
    • Style improvements regarding resizing and high DPI/retina.
    • Improved hi-DPI / retina support.
    • Preset windows are now closed after selecting next/previous/random from the main window.
    • Active preset meters can now be collapsed.
    • Fix: Fixed compatibility with macOS 10.6.
    • Fix: Plugins could crash in some hosts under some circumstances.
    • Fix: Plugins could cause lags after changing presets in some nonoptimal hosts (Live, Logic).
    • Fix: Some ADSR parameters in modulator didn't update immediately.

    9.17 changes

    • Released free MOscilloscope plugin.
    • Added HP/LP markes to all dynamic equalizers and those which feature a dynamic eq, for easier understanding.
    • Improved layout imperfections on high DPI / retina displays.
    • Added position indicators to all ADSR graphs.
    • Improved automation processing and compatibility.
    • Multiparameters and modulators now have a dedicated folder in the parameter tree, so that it is easier to use for plugins with lots of parameters.
    • Signal generator position vertical line enable is now global for all plugins in the project.
    • Added Editor mode parameter to all multiparameters, replaces Big knob & Checkboxes option.
    • Crossover limits, gain and panorama can now be edited as text via shift + click.
    • Automation performance improvements.
    • Added color marks for each band to multiband plugins.
    • Added resizing button to bottom-right corner, for easier resizing.
    • All documentations have been updated.
    • Fix: Slight 1px graphical glitches could occur.
    • Fix: MXXX could set current preset name when changing active presets.
    • Fix: Peak time graphs displayed incorrect value (2x) in some plugins.
    • Fix: Plugins were reporting the host is DPI aware on Windows even if it wasn't.
    • Fix: ADSR tremolo didn't update in tremolo settings popup if changed from the main editor.

    9.16 changes

    • Released MPolySaturator plugin.
    • Added support for HDPI on Windows and Retina on macOS.
    • Improved support for systems with mutliple displays.
    • Fix: Copy & paste A-H presets was using Lock, so that not all settings have been copied if lock was used.
    • Fix: Knobs were not resizing correctly for sizes <100%.

    9.15 changes

    • Released MMorph plugin.
    • Added 4 guides to all time graphs, which you can use for visualisation purposes.
    • Removed "AAX (UI)" postfix from ProTools menu, it might be needed to clear PT's cache.
    • Added -100%..100% units to all time graphs.
    • Added LU meter option to make the green area -1..+1 LU as it was before.
    • Added "Change on MIDI note" to Random mode in all modulators.
    • Added Reset default settings feature to Settings/Settings.
    • Fix: Modulator / Envelope / RMS & Hold didn't update when automated / edited as text.
    • Fix: Modulating another modulator's rate or other sync parameter could make it hard to switch sync / nonsync in any of the modulators.
    • Fix: Improved support with El Capitan.
    • Fix: Automation recording could be problematic in some hosts such as Reaper or Bitwig.

    9.14 changes

    • Released MCharacter plugin (including MXXX).
    • Added single-shot option to MIDI reset in modulators.
    • Added "Set default settings" to all plugins which didn't have it before.
    • Added info to all bar graphs for harmonics etc. such as for harmonics in all oscillators.
    • Loudness meters redesigned - they now show green area "below" the target level, so that once it exceeds the target level, it is clearly marked red.
    • Improved VST3 compatibility with Reaper.
    • Improved MIDI settings workflow.
    • Fix: Fixed a few hypotetical problems.
    • Fix: Deactivate was showing incorrect lower-case names for some products.
    • Fix: Max note for MIDI reset was limited to 100 instead of 127.
    • Fix: Clearing points of a graph after a step sequencer delete all points even if there were mandatory 2.
    • Fix: LP/HP filters in dynamic equalizers (and plugins containing a dynamic eq) didn't reset correctly on panic/reset.
    • Fix: MIDI processing controllers could fail before the first note arrived.
    • Fix: Signal generator step sequencer automation/modulation didn't visually update unless the "show position" was enabled.

    9.13 changes

    • Sonograms heavily optimized for CPU, GPU and memory.
    • Global Settings menu has been tidied up, less useful items have been moved to the Settings/Settings window, which has been improved as well.
    • Style wizard is now smaller.
    • Added tempo/time-tap feature to all controls of tempo or frequency - hold alt and left click and release to set the value.
    • Fix: Transformer dry/wet section is now placed after the feedback & smearing.
    • Fix: Plugins could hypotetically crash on removal in certain situations.
    • Fix: Text input for some value via multiparameter could end up with values out of range.
    • Fix: Analyzer settings were too big in knobs mode.
    • Fix: Text edit popups could sometimes have useless space above them.
    • Fix: Lock disabled itself when learning.
    • Fix: Sonograms caused serious memory leaks.
    • Fix: When changing number of slots in MCompare using arrow buttons, the plugin could end up with maximum slots.
    • Fix: Fixed hypotetical possibility of calculation errors in some plugins.

    9.12 changes

    • Text input now accepts ',' as decimal mark.
    • Fix: Type button in band list of parametric equalizers didn't work.

    9.11 changes

    • Released MTransformer plugin.
    • Added Lock feature to most plugins, which lets you lock values of associated parameters from being changed by randomizer and loading presets.
    • Analyzer in all equalizers and other processors allow displaying both input and output.
    • Added per-frequency Attack & Release curves to MSpectralDynamics (including MXXX).
    • Every 4th row & column in arp and other grid editors is now highlighted for easier orientation.
    • Added WAV button to MLoudnessAnalyzer.
    • All loudness meters now follow ITU 1770-3.
    • Added True random option to all modulators.
    • Added Auto-release modes to all modulators.
    • Added 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 ADSR sync modes, which choose the nearest higher multiply of the base note.
    • GPU acceleration settings now also contain FPS setting, which you can use to adjust the amount of CPU the drawing engine requires vs. visual response.
    • Added ProTools automation workflow support to all parametric equalizers.
    • Added "Integral curvature" switch to all envelopes.
    • Fix: Improved Max-Avg infinite analysis graph.
    • Fix: Stereo scope wasn't visible in some color combinations.
    • Fix: ADSR didn't update when the tempo has changed.
    • Fix: Sorting/reversing multiparameter banks didn't keep the bank names.
    • Fix: Improved VST3 support for Reaper.
    • Fix: Randomizing modulators offered crossover settings, which do not exist in single band plugins, and didn't "ungreen" modulators when disabled.

    9.10 changes

    • Position indicator in low frequency oscillators is now optional (can be disabled from the right-click menu).
    • Added "No reset" switch to MLoudnessAnalyzer.
    • Improved ADSR editor units including sync units.
    • Added Scroll automatable parameter to MNotepad, which you can use to automate/MIDI control the text scrollbar.
    • Moving an equalizer band now shows all basic parameters about the band.
    • Added "Maximum - Average" graph for all analyzers, which lets you investigate the dynamics of the material.
    • Normalize feature in all analyzers now performs at most +60dB gain increase, which is better when analyzing audio with silent segments.
    • Infinite averaging analyzer now ignores places with level below -80dB (spectrally).
    • Fix: Restarting playback could make some equalizers send automation.
    • Fix: Loading equalizer with more bands than before could cause some nonexistent bands left loaded.
    • Fix: Preset trigger control parameters didn't do anything.
    • Fix: Pasting a modulator didn't update the mod button visual state immediately.
    • Fix: Favourites in directory selectors didn't work if desktop or any other standard directory has been selected before.
    • Fix: Improved macOS support.

    9.09 changes

    • The collapsed state of panels is not loaded from presets anymore.
    • Holding alt+shift while moving an equalizer band now turns it into temporary auto-listen state and vertical movement changes Q instead of gain. Specially designed for finding and solving resonant peaks.
    • Cursors now resize with style, which is suitable for high-resolution displays.
    • Fix: Surround channel volumes didn't process the correct channel if after a disabled channel.
    • Fix: ADSR percentual units (such as tremolo) didn't accept text input correctly when accessed via multiparameters and other external devices.
    • Fix: Step sequencer editor / Cancel in signal generator editors didn't work if used multiple times.
    • Fix: Added support for lower case letters in Reaper in the main plugin interface.
    • Fix: MDrumEnhancer dynamic eq didn't react correctly.
    • Fix: Fixed compatibility with macOS El capitan.

    9.08 changes

    • Released MBitFun and MBitFunMB plugins, plus BitFun FX to MXXX.
    • Added Cyclic mode to Banks mode in multiparameters.
    • Added "Auto-set band limits" feature to all multiband plugins, which approximates the band limits to have similar energy in each band.
    • Added "keyboard" areas to all equalizers and MMultiAnalyzer.
    • Added Batch process files feature, which lets you process one or more files using each plugin.
    • Improved surround support - unaffected channels are now copied from the input or zeroed to improve compatibility with certain hosts.
    • Added tempo sync feature to all time graphs.
    • Added border-opacity control for areas in all equalizers and MMultiAnalyzer.
    • Fix: Plugins could crash if set to M or S or M/S channel mode while being fed with just one channel.
    • Fix: Moving a multiparameter bank (in banks mode) didn't move the bank's name.
    • Fix: ADSR tremolo in release stage might not work if the notes was too short for the tremolo to kick in.
    • Fix: Couldn't delete a preset when searching or if the preset wasn't directly in the selected folder (e.g. subfolder).
    • Fix: Randomizing modulators's might have not updated the visual state of the modulator buttons.
    • Fix: Options for modulator randomization to crossover were missing.
    • Fix: Installer / plugins could crash if there were no fonts on the operating system instead of showing an error message.

    9.07 changes

    • Enabled modulators are now marked green.
    • Added current position indicator to signal shape editor in modulators and relevant plugin LFOs.
    • Added bank name to multiparameters plus a new units mode "By bank name", which uses the names as units for the multiparameter.
    • Multiparameters in Banks mode can be displayed as check boxes on the easy screen.
    • Added global interpolate set button to multiparameter banks mode.
    • Multiparameter name is now visible in the title of the edit window.
    • Graph curvature points can now be fine-tuned using Ctrl.
    • Added Mirror X and Mirror Y features to all graphs.
    • Fix: Number of presets in each folder didn't match if search has been used.
    • Fix: Equalizer band copy & paste didn't update.
    • Fix: Multiparameters in Banks mode didn't update LFO's step sequencer immediately.
    • Fix: Multiparameter bank randomize could lead to unstable situations.
    • Fix: Plugin windows could be resized more than the screen size.
    • Fix: Cancel button in transformation shape editors didn't reverb the changes.
    • Fix: Preset window didn't select current preset when Sort has been enabled.

    9.06 changes

    • Any directory tree now hides system and hidden files.
    • "Semitones" word has been removed from all units to save space.
    • Note name and offset in cents is now displayed in all parametric equalizers when moving a band.
    • Active preset buttons are now slightly smaller to save space.
    • Fix: Modulator side-chain switch didn't update when modulated/automated.

    9.05 changes

    • Released MDrumEnhancer plugin (and DrumEnhancer FX to MXXX), free for MTotalFXBundle and MMixingFXBundle users.
    • Added new Denoiser 2 active preset to MSpectralDynamics.
    • Improved crossover menu for multiband plugins.
    • Parameter selection popups in modulators & multiparameters now auto-open subtrees.
    • Added output volume for each channel to surround settings.
    • Added 60% and 300% style size options, for those with extremely low or extremely high resolutions.
    • Presets can now be alphabetically sorted.
    • Fix: MXXX wasn't changing email when saving active presets until another field has been changed as well.
    • Fix: Double-clicking onto the gain axis in equalizers could lead to a crash.
    • Fix: Root preset folder was showing incorrect number of presets.

    9.04 changes

    • Added a fully functional analyzer & sonogram to crossover editors of all multiband plugins.
    • Preset search now detects keywords spread between the name and information (before all keywords would have to be in one of them).
    • Added "Clear" button to all preset search fields.
    • Added "Off" option for LP/HP orders.
    • Increased text resolution for frequency parameters.
    • "Enable when hidden" is now disabled for all analyzers by default to save CPU.
    • Fix: Changing oscillator / advanced / custom sample depth didn't take effect until another parameter has been changed.
    • Fix: MUltraMaximizer could malfunction and produce horrible distortion in some cases.

    9.03 changes

    • Added multikeyword search to presets.
    • Panels in Easy screens can now be aligned "at the same row" the same way as the multiparameters themselves.
    • Visual feedback to parameter changes (oscillator shapes, eq...) are now updated immediately even if the plugin is not processing (bypassed, host doesn't process...).
    • Improved inactive color overlay behaviour on macOS.
    • Default attack/release in stereo scopes lowered to 30%.
    • Increased the opacity for the inactive color.
    • Fix: Group sync in modulators did affect it even in sync mode, where the setting is not even visible.
    • Fix: Stereo scope graphics glitch fix from 9.02 often didn't work.
    • Fix: Modulator group sync didn't work.
    • Fix: Adjusting custom shape in modulator didn't take effect immediately.
    • Fix: Enabling an LFO via multiparameter / other LFO didn't update the enabling button.
    • Fix: Multiparameter information wasn't saving with settings nor presets.

    9.02 changes

    • Meters in most plugins including modulators now show absolute values as waveforms as it is usually much easier to use.
    • Equalizer band settings slightly smallered.
    • Default analyzer color in equalizer changed to black to make it more visible.
    • Added "Follow sustain level" feature to ADSR tremolo.
    • MultiParameters on Easy screen are no longer sorted by Group name.
    • Added Interpolated option to MIDI controllers (default on), which you may disable, if you want to apply the MIDI parameter immediately - e.g. changing ADSR based on note velocity.
    • Fix: Band list wasn't updating properly when multiple bands were automated at the same time.
    • Fix: Installer could fail when merging preset files if the local preset file was corrupt.
    • Fix: Super-resolution wasn't functional on some computers.
    • Fix: Destroying a plugin in Bidule could mess up drawing.
    • Fix: Minor graphics problems with style was resized.
    • Fix: Equalizers with vertical hp/lp filters didn't update the shape if processing was disabled.
    • Fix: Multiparameters in switch/button mode didn't open with correctly set switch state.
    • Fix: Crossover editors now show band panorama value when hovering.
    • Fix: Special characters in virtual keyboard were unavailable.
    • Fix: Axes in stereo scopes were off in some hosts.
    • Fix: An invalid licence to a subproduct could make a plugin unactivated even if a bundle licence was available. This often happened when migrating between computers.
    • Fix: When editing colors via virtual keyboard, the change didn't update until enter has been pressed.
    • Fix: Help for repeating items such as modulator or multiparameter buttons was repeating.
    • Fix: When loading presets for some sections using < > buttons the changes took place, but the GUI didn't fully update.
    • Fix: ADSR tremolo shape change via menu didn't update immediately.
    • Fix: VST3 version didn't support aftertouch correctly.

    9.01 changes

    • VST surround is now disabled by default again because of compatibility problems with FL studio and Studio One.
    • Limited impact of the 5th style color (inactive window overlay), which caused colored inactive windows.
    • Fix: Plugin didn't load param 2,3,4 range in modulators & multiparameters correctly in ProTools sometimes.
    • Fix: Equalizer areas text wasn't readable well in some color schemes.

    9.00 changes

    Attention! 100% backward compatibility is not guaranteed due to following changes:
    - Modulator envelope audio detector has been completely change and is not compatible with the previous one. Modulator follower RMS, Attack and Release ranges have been extended therefor you will experience compatibility issues if you modulated/automated these follower parameters. Stored settings shall be recalled correctly though.
    - Modulator frequency now ranges to 100Hz even for plugins previously not supporting this and having HiSpeed option instead. The plugins shall load the settings correctly, however if you used automation/modulation, resulting values will be different!
    - MAutoDynamicEq and MDynamicEq now has RMS and Hold features, both default to 2ms. The purpose is to minimize potential distortion. The differences should be negligible.

    All previous versions are available from our download archive.

    MeldaProduction Plugin Kernel technlogy, which means lower memory & CPU usage (often -50%), faster loading and much more. The more MeldaProduction plugins you use, the more they can share the resources and optimize your CPU usage. The plugins now communicate with each other, use advanced smart resource sharing algorithms, all of them (almost 80 plugins) fit in a 100MB installer (including all resources, both 32-bit and 64-bit), and for a complete installation they take just about 100MB for both 32-bit & 64-bit, VST & VST3 & AU & AAX.
    New smart interpolation kernel, which smoothes parameter changes via GUI/modulation/automation/MIDI to get near-perfect audio quality (if physically possible), sample accuracy and minimum CPU requirements.
    Added smart bypass cross-fading and full bypass latency handling, which ensures bypass will always be in time seemless operation for a perfect comparison workflow.
    Modulators heavily redesigned - added an extremely powerful metering system to follower & envelope modes, Envelope audio-detector mode has been completely redesigned to provide a great response and versatility, added pitch & transient detection mode for follower/envelope mode in modulators.
    Added global Undo/Redo features storing all automatable parameters, presets and randomizer. Note that certain "deep" non-automatable parameters are not available for undo.
    New Online Preset Exchange accessible directly from each preset window, which now submits one of your presets in exchange for the whole online database, to support community preset sharing. This replaces the previous preset exchange, which didn't work simply because most users didn't submit any presets. Now you have to submit a preset each time you want to download the preset database. The exchange is not monitored anymore, since we assume you will be submitting only reasonable presets. Only commercial users can use this feature. Please submit only reasonable presets or you will be banned.
    • Added free MRatio plugin.
    • Reoptimized for the newest processors.
    • Added ability to store presets in all time-graph settings.
    • Added Favourite paths feature to all file dialogs and selectors.
    • Multiband plugins now have "disabled crossover" option, which can be used to process all of the bands in parallel without crossover filtering.
    • Added ADSR tempo sync feature, which lets the delay/attack/hold/decay/release segments become length of a straight note/triplet according to current tempo.
    • Added +3dB (AES-17) option to all crest meters.
    • Added Diff feature to MSpectralDynamics, MEqualizerLP, MAutoEqualizerLinearPhase and MFreeformEqualizer.
    • Transformation and amplitude transformation of all oscillator shapes can now be automated/modulated.
    • Most popup windows are now displayed nonmodally, so you can have them all visible at once.
    • Multiband plugins now have switches to control which parameters global dry/wet affects - global input/output gains and band gain and panorama.
    • Set buttons in MCompare now don't change the target gain until the loudness estimate is accurate enough.
    • Added customisable graying for inactivate windows, which makes it easier to recognize active windows.
    • Improved multicolumn listbox behaviour (in presets for example).
    • Copy & paste (all of them) is now copied as text, so you can easily use this to send settings over email for example.
    • Automation commands in ProTools such as ctrl+alt+cmd+click are now supported for most parameters.
    • Editors with tabs now remember selected tab.
    • Surround support is now enabled by default for all interfaces except for VST2.
    • Added band selection arrows to all multiband plugins.
    • Fix: Some hosts could crash equalizers with analyzers when switched to Left & right mode.
    • Fix: Parametric equalizers could stop functioning correctly when a band got dragged beyond 20kHz.
    • Fix: MIDI note controller attached to certain parameters could cause a crash when played the lower MIDI notes.
    • Fix: Some windows were incorrectly decreasing their size when certain panels have been collapsed.
    • Fix: Width meter didn't work correctly when loudness prefiltering has been enabled.
    • Fix: Overriden the fatal bug in Bitwig, where this host send invalid data to VST plugins after a plugin with latency.
    • Fix: The plugins now override a bug present in a few hosts, which closes style settings after a style has been changed.
    • Fix: When learning/automating ADSR/oscillator parameters, not only the actually changed parameters have been sent/learned.

    Changes V9.00b2:

    • Increased FPS for graph redrawing to make it easier to look at certain analyzers.
    • Fix: Old MDynamics licences weren't accepted.
    • Fix: In some rare cases ADSR change wasn't updated after preset load.
    • Fix: Style didn't save when use Settings/Style.
    • Fix: MXXX FX phase sync grouping didn't work.
    • Fix: Modulator envelope didn't update properly for additional parameters such as tremolo.
    • Fix: Deharmonization feature could lead to a crash with certain signals under specific conditions.
    • Fix: MDynamics & MDynamicsMB didn't update the transform shape.
    • Fix: Installer didn't install color presets for the new styles.

    Changes V9.00b3:

    • Fix: Pitch ADSR didn't work.
    • Fix: Signal generator settings in harmonic mode haven't been recalled from presets correctly.
    • Fix: Response to automation could be inaccurate in certain specific cases involving MIDI input.
    • Fix: Stereo scopes were mirrored horizontally.
    • Fix: MIDI & multiparameter range for the associated parameter values didn't update immediately.
    • Fix: Custom envelope shape didn't update immediately in some cases.

    Changes V9.00 official release:

    • Transformation additionaly optimized.
    • StereoScope FX can now be resized.
    • Fix: MIDI settings parameter Value didn't update immediately.
    • Fix: Oscillator shape / Custom shape / Step sequencer could crash when changed the number of steps directly or via presets.
    • Fix: Style settings & Style wizard were closing unexpectedly in some hosts (Live mostly).
    • Fix: Online preset exchange was duplicating directories with the same name.
    • Fix: Equalizers & Ratio FX haven't been updating the GUI in hosts, which do not actually process audio at certain times, such as Wavelab or Audacity.
    • Fix: When changing style color schemes the listboxes tended to start drag & drop.
    • Fix: ADSR with attack=0 could sometimes cause clicks when used in filters.
    • Fix: Voice limit was malfunctioning.
    • Fix: Phaser FX feedback didn't maintain backward compatibility.
    • Fix: Some transformations were slightly misbehaving with maximum or minimum PWM value.
    • Fix: Styles resized to <100% sometimes didn't draw knobs.
    • Fix: ABCD morphing window was hiding immediately in Live.
    • Fix: Preset replace removed Favourite tag.

    8.10 changes

    Attention! Backward compatibility is not guaranteed due to following changes:
    1) Oscillator shape "saw" (between "rectangle" and "full saw") has been replaced by "rect-saw" as this makes more sense and avoids audio quality degradation due to eliminated DC offset.
    2) Improved response of MReverb and MReverbMB when predelay specified and source is highly on the right. Change has been made for the sake of better audio quality.

    All previous versions are available from our download archive.

    • MDrumLeveler has been released.
    • Added time graph control buttons to all meter views.
    • MOscillator now uses the MPowerSynth's super antialiasing engine to provide the best possible aliasing-free audio quality.
    • Added "Enable keyboard input" option, enabled by default, which lets you disable all keyboard input for main plugin editors (not popups) if collides with your host.
    • Added "Silence when playback is ON/OFF" features to MUtility.
    • Increased time-graph resolution to 0.000001 seconds per pixel and added resolution detection to all relevant timegraphs, which let you automatically detect the input pitch and effectively transform the time graphs to an oscilloscope.
    • Plugins are now bypassed during time consuming preparation operations (e.g. loading audio files).
    • Improved waveform time graphs.
    • Minor improvements to several styles.
    • Added "Tremolo continues in release stage" to all ADSR envelopes.
    • Fix: Time graphs could miss maximum.
    • Fix: MMultiAnalyzer could crash when changed loudness tab mode.
    • Fix: Parameters modulated via multiparameters didn't update immediately.
    • Fix: MEqualizerLP and MAutoEqualizerLinearPhase equalizers caused a short gap when parameters have been changed.
    • Fix: Cmd+C/V didn't work on macOS.
    • Fix: Preset manager sometimes did scrolled illogically in auto-open mode if there were lots of folders.
    • Fix: ADSR tremolo is no longer able to reach "below zero" via tremolo.

    8.09 changes

    Attention ProTools users: Last fix for ProTools caused some compatibility issues for MStereoProcessor, MStereoSpread, MStereoGenerator, MStereoScope and all surround versions of other plugins. It is imperative to immediately update to 8.09 if you were using these plugins and configurations in ProTools. If you used 8.08 in your projects, 8.09 (and any newer version) won't be opened by ProTools. So you have 2 options:
    A) Use the preset system to manually transfer your settings to 8.09.
    B) Keep using 8.08. In that case you won't be able to upgrade until Avid implements a smarter system for identifying plugins.
    We are very sorry for inconvenience.

    All previous versions are available from our download archive.

    • MCompare plugin has been released.
    • Added sample-accurate event processing for both MIDI and automation.
    • ADSR tremolo settings are now available even in custom shape mode.
    • Added Basic GPU acceleration mode, which provides basic acceleration even for older incompatible GPUs.
    • Fix: Equalizer auto-listen feature caused the filters to stay in "listen" mode until moved again or panicked.
    • Fix: AGC didn't work accurately for plugins with latency.
    • Fix: AAX versions didn't load up correctly in existing ProTools projects for some stereo plugins and surround configurations.
    • Fix: Linear-phase equalizers did delay channels 3-8 in surround mode in some hosts until the mode has been changed.

    8.08 changes

    Attention ProTools users: Because of the extremely bad workflow of ProTools we decided to remove the surround expansion configurations for AAX from version 8.08. Surround is still supported of course, but only configurations n->n (5.1->5.1, 7.0->7.0 etc.). Expansion configurations such as stereo->5.1 are no longer supported in AAX. If you need these, please install version 8.07 from our download archive.

    • Fix: Mono->Stereo expansion didn't work correctly in ProTools.
    • Fix: Some preset windows didn't show up.
    • Fix: Preset tree scrollbar sometimes didn't follow the actual range when opened using auto-open feature.
    • Fix: Fixed various problems with automation recording.

    8.07 changes

    • Added new Ozone style.
    • Added ability to mark favourite presets, Show favourite, Load next and Load previous features to preset window.
    • Improved file selection dialogs workflow.
    • Added upper-case switch to style settings.
    • Presets are now cached for faster access.
    • Added ability to drag & drop presets to a different folder.
    • Optimized signal generator harmonic mode custom sample analyzer, which now saves the analyzed harmonics, so that it is usable even if the target sample is not available.
    • MIDI controllers now have an organized menu.
    • Added Edit button to the preset information field.
    • Added ADSR tremolo fade-in parameter, custom tremolo shape and option to start tremolo in the decay stage already.
    • Modulators in Random mode can now be synchronized to the Normal mode (hence also to the host).
    • Added option to avoid loading MIDI controllers from presets.
    • Added preset management for modulator parameter list.
    • Added Start forced and Ignore actions for modulator envelope modes.
    • Custom sample is now stored only with a signal generator only if the custom sample rate is now 0 to smaller the settings size.
    • Confirmation dialogs for deleting/replacing presets and preset folders now contain name of the item.
    • Preset window is not closed when clicked outside of it anymore.
    • Added multiparameter lock feature, which avoids showing the multiparameter GUI.
    • Added ADSR tremolo sync and random initial phase features.
    • Added preset search feature.
    • Clicking on multiparameter/modulator/arp/midi now toggles the settins window.
    • Increased time-graph resolution to 1 second.
    • MRecorder was displaying path & filename in uppercase.
    • Added possibility to follow program-change MIDI messages by loading presets.
    • Fix: Improved compatibility with some ancient Windows XP versions, which do not contain some basic system folders.
    • Fix: MMultiAnalyzer was showing Y axis dB values under the cursor even in sonogram & collision modes, where there is no such axis.
    • Fix: Meter names have not been resized correctly when style size is not 100%.
    • Fix: Removing a parameter from the modulator list could change its value even if the modulator was disabled.
    • Fix: MIDI/Arp preset names haven't been stored with the settings.
    • Fix: Learning a modulator/multiparameter enables parameters previously disabled.
    • Fix: Some components didn't handle higher style sizes well.
    • Fix: MIDI controllers & Note controllers didn't save global enable state if there were no actual controllers enabled.
    • Fix: Numpad characters (except for numbers) couldn't be entered on Mac.
    • Fix: Certain preset modifications may have maked the smart randomizer work incorrectly until the plugin gets reinstalled.
    • Fix: Preset buttons < > didn't work if there were duplicities in the current preset folder, preset dialog now automatically resolves the duplicities.
    • Fix: Denormals could occur in several situations causing high CPU use.
    • Fix: Fonts couldn't be loaded on some rare macOS machines making the software unusable.
    • Fix: Some envelope editors were displaying incorrect units when dragging items.
    • Fix: Reordering multiparameters didn't close the multiparameter windows resulting in outdated data in the editors.

    8.06 changes

    NOTE: Multiparameter Speed of 200ms is now default to all multiparameters. This may cause backward compatibility issues, if you quickly modulated multiparameters. In that case please just lower the Speed value to 0ms.

    • Added MRecorder free plugin and MAmp vintage amp simulator.
    • Improved signal generator randomizer.
    • Added random preset button to each preset window, which selects and loads random preset from selected folder.
    • Several performance improvements.
    • Added randomize button to oscillator shape editors.
    • Improved plugin resizing in some Windows hosts.
    • Added Enable button to modulator windows.
    • MIDI settings are now available from the main plugin view.
    • Improved styles and visual design.
    • Double click on an item in MIDI settings displays a parameter selection window now.
    • Added multiparameter Speed, which smartly interpolates the associated values to avoid potential audio artifacts and can even be used creatively.
    • Added preset rename feature.
    • Presets can now be dragged in the preset list to change order.
    • Presets can now contain text information.
    • Improved step sequencer editor graphical quality.
    • ADSR editor contains units and provides better visualisation.
    • Folders in all presets are now sorted by name.
    • Only one MIDI conroller/note controller can be learned at once now to avoid confusion when learning multiple at once.
    • Added fundamental (1st harmonic) level to signal generator transformations.
    • Added Action On&Off parameters for modulator envelope mode, which lets you control how should the envelope be triggered.
    • Added Mode parameter to Random tab of all modulators, which controls the random behaviour.
    • Added benchmark feature which lets you measure the CPU consumption, so that you can optimize the settings, compare different hosts and computers etc.
    • Fix: LFO in envelope mode could become dysfunctional when fed with certain MIDI note sequence.
    • Fix: Signal generator advanced settings and harmonics generator randomize didn't work.
    • Fix: Band bypass in multiband plugins with latency caused comb filtering.
    • Fix: Time meter units for -80dB and -40dB axes were displaying incorrect values when zoomed in a lot.
    • Fix: Unmaximizing a popup window on Mac could make its content messed up.
    • Fix: Mac Command key now acts like Ctrl to avoid conflict with the "standard" Ctrl+Click being right-mouse click.
    • Fix: Edit areas in equalizers could crash on Mac.
    • Fix: Numpad didn't work on Mac.
    • Fix: Enabling & disabling a modulator via automation/modulation didn't restore the original parameter values.
    • Fix: Preset < > buttons didn't follow the sorted order of folders.

    8.05 changes

    Attention: 8.05 is a technically big update, which contains partial restructuralization of factory data. Problems are not expected, however if you manually tampered with your previous installation, manually modified configuration files etc., you need to take higher caution.

    NOTE: Backwards compatibility for MRotary and MVintageRotary has not been perfectly maintained for higher sampling rates. Difference with sampling rates 44k and 48k should be none or negligible. For 88k and 96k you may need need to adjust output gain by -6dB to get approximately the same settings as with previous versions.

    • Added select random preset button next to each all buttons.
    • Modulation effects now provide "LFO override" feature, which lets you directly control the modulation signal, map it to modulators, automate it...
    • Colors of all time graphs can now be configured and are stored with the settings. Settings are not stored in MMultiAnalyzer as these are overriden by track colors.
    • All time graphs now support 2 axes, left and right, both can be overriden with different axes if needed.
    • Highly improved ADSRs - added immediate release, tremolo, hold down etc.
    • Most preset buttons are now bigger and contain preset name.
    • Highly improved harmonics detection from sample in signal generators in harmonic mode.
    • Advanced parameters from modulators (step sequencer, shape...) can now be learnt to other modulators / multiparameters.
    • ADSR custom shape editor is now zoomable and contains units.
    • Randomization for banks in multiparameters now allows the standard ctrl (for slight adjustment) & alt (for full randomization) combinations.
    • Improved upsampling performance and memory consumption.
    • Band settings (even advanced) of all equalizers are now displayed permanently until you close them or open another band's settings.
    • Randomizer subpresets are now hidden.
    • Fix: The plugins might have not generated additional channels when set to convert mono/stereo -> surround.
    • Fix: When moving multiparameter banks, the values of target parameters didn't immediately update.
    • Fix: Fixed compatibility with macOS 10.5
    • Fix: ADSR custom shapes didn't update until attack/release was changed.
    • Fix: Modulators could freeze during learning.
    • Fix: Areas editor could crash when no areas have been loaded yet in all equalizers.
    • Fix: All time graphs didn't show loudness units as LU but dB instead and didn't match when extensively zoomed in.
    • Fix: Plugins didn't update high-quality upsampling enable change immediately.
    • Fix: Plugins might not have presets or some other data when installed on a multi-account machine.
    • Fix: Preset name might not have stored correctly if the preset list has changed.

    8.04 changes

    • Improved performance on macOS.
    • Improved visual response of metering systems, mainly sonograms.
    • Improved preset window layout.
    • Added switch to show loudness maximum to all loudness meters (right click on the maximum field to get the menu).
    • Loudness meters now store settings.
    • Improved ADSR editor.
    • Fix: Hacked ProTools bug, which makes the host freeze when the style wizard has been shown during startup.
    • Fix: A crash could occur in some rare circumstances when a progress window has been displayed.
    • Fix: Custom ADSR attack/release editor sometimes behaved incorrectly.
    • Fix: Signal generator transformation harmonics didn't update immediately.
    • Fix: Meters may not get initialized right after opening the projects when nondefault settings have been saved.
    • Fix: Removed several potential bottlenecks, that could cause lags with low-latency processing.

    8.03 changes

    • Added MTransient plugin.
    • Added AAX support.
    • Plugins now display name of current preset.
    • Any tab can be now displayed as a popup via ctrl+click or right-clicking on it.
    • Resolution of all time graphs can now be as low as 0.02ms (single sample resolution in 44kHz).
    • Added 4 channel modes - Left & zero Right, Right & zero Left, Mid & zero Side, Side & zero Mid
    • Improved predefined system folders in all file and directory dialogs.
    • Added support for 64-bit WAV files.
    • Multiband effects now minimize a chance of glitches when saving settings.
    • Bypassed bands in multiband effects are now really "bypassed", no processing is performed to save CPU.
    • Improved glitch free loading for multiband plugins.
    • Panel with modulators and multiparameters is now open by default.
    • Safety limiter threshold moved to -0.05dB to ensure the output doesn't go "red" in some hosts.
    • When a collapsable panel gets uncollapsed and causes a window to expand, that window gets smallered when the panel gets collapsed backs.
    • Fix: Plugins may have not updated Bypass button when host's bypass has changed.
    • Fix: MAutoDynamicEq didn't show nice band buttons after automatic equalization.
    • Fix: A crash could occur in some extreme ciscumstances on some buggy ATI GPUs.
    • Fix: A crash could occur in some extreme ciscumstances, when a host was destroying and recreating the editor.
    • Fix: Plugins could hypotetically freeze after init/store, though it has not been proven.
    • Fix: M and S channels modes didn't work correctly in Logic in some circumstances.
    • Fix: Plugins could freeze when changing multiparameter mode.
    • Fix: File dialog didn't remember selected path and file if in a special subfolder.
    • Fix: Plugins may have worked not on Windows XP.
    • Fix: Modulator enable didn't send automation.
    • Fix: Pitch detector in modulators and MTuner couldn't pick fundamentals above 2kHz even when the range allowed this.
    • Fix: Plugins could freeze in some hosts when processing Program Change MIDI messages to switch between A-H presets.

    8.02 changes

    • Significant performance improvement on Windows.
    • All file selectors now select the file drag & dropped from system explorer.
    • Randomizing subsection of a plugin now always keeps it enabled.
    • Fix: The software could crash if a malfunctioning font was present on the system.
    • Fix: The plugins displayed a system exception in the beginning on some rare machines.
    • Fix: Improved side-chain support for Bidule VST.
    • Fix: Previous installers didn't update active presets.
    • Fix: Plugins and popups could be resized outside of screen.

    8.01 changes

    • Added MRotary plugin.
    • Added tuning to all frequency text input fields.
    • Added a style closely resembling version 7.
    • Added "thick line" switch and a reset button for maximum/infinite analyses to all analyzers.
    • Improved active presets GUI.
    • Fix: Installer occasionally failed to write certain files on some macOS systems.
    • Fix: Double clicking on a slider/button on Mac often opened and immediately closed the text input window.
    • Fix: Meters stopped refreshing when displayed in popup window and collapsed the main container.
    • Fix: Display help in web browser features started generating complete documentation.
    • Fix: There were problems in some specific older GPUs.
    • Fix: Diff feature wasn't working properly when the plugin had latency.
    • Fix: macOS is holding fonts files for unknown reasons and the installer was failing there.
    • Fix: Graph controls were using numpad numbers 0-9 for zooming, this has been removed as it collides with Cubase's transport controls.
    • Fix: Style wizard could crash in Logic when clicking outside the wizard while changing style.

    8.00 changes

      8.00 is a huge major update, which brings a complete GUI restructuralization, better & faster stylable and resizable GUI engine, GPU acceleration, powerful metering engine, and much more. It is highly recommended to install this update. Note that following list of changes is very limited due to number of involved changes.

      • New resizable & style GUI engine with several new styles and style wizard, improved style settings and much more.
      • New user interfaces have been upgraded for easier and quicker workflow.
      • GPU accelerated drawing minimizes CPU requirements for graphical processing leaving it for audio processing.
      • New powerful metering engine is available in most of the plugins and provides both classical metering as well as versatile time graphs.
      • MRhythmizerMB and MLimiterX are now available separately.
      • Added external side-chain to all plugins with modulators.
      • Sliders & knobs now provide text edit window on double-click.
      • Improved VST3 and AU support, including overall compatibility, latency updating, user interfaces etc.
      • Ctrl+arrow now detects words in text input fields.
      • New exhaustive documentations are available from the website.
      • Fix: Multiparameter banks randomization was crashing in the previous version.
      • Fix: Resizing wasn't working after switch of style or sliders/knobs/buttons.
      • Fix: A few envelope modes could lead to a crash.
      • Fix: Signal generator could generate slightly incorrect shapes in some extreme settings.
      • Fix: AU versions now correctly update latency when changed due to settings (upsampling, LP crossover...). You may need to restart playback twice in some hosts.

      Known compatibility issues:

      • MDynamicsMini, MDynamicsSideChain, MAutoEqualizerMini and MAutoEqualizerLinearPhaseMini have been discarded. If you need them, install 7.13 first, then install newest version over it.

      7.13 changes

      • Fix: Safety limiter was responding too early on stereo sources and didn't work correctly single-channel modes.
      • Fix: New pitch detection algorithm could cause problems when fed with white noise and some other problematic signals.
      • Fix: Mouse movement over the plugin window in Cubase did stop any other drawing on some machines.
      • Fix: Fixed cursor support on Mac.

      7.12 changes

      • Highly improved pitch-detection & shifting algorithm, which is no far more adaptive to different audio materials.
      • Added axis horizontal & vertical indicators in equalizers.
      • Text editors of frequency values now have a piano roll useful to set frequency of a particular note.
      • Switches in several panels now change colors for better indication.
      • Several optimizations.
      • Installer now remembers the installation directory when changed in previous versions.
      • Improved compatibility with Wavelab.
      • Fix: Titles of some knobs were sometimes too tiny for the text to fit.
      • Fix: Randomization of a modulator could lead to a crash.
      • Fix: Oscillators in harmonic mode sometimes performed harmonic generator on startup.

      7.11 changes

      • Added safety limiter to most plugins.
      • Added indication of octave harmonics in the "Harmonics" mode of each signal shape editor.
      • Fix: Control+Click emulating right-click didn't work in Cocoa interface.
      • Fix: Upsampling tail was too high, relevant for only a few hosts.
      • Fix: Modulator follower RMS length wasn't updating when changed.
      • Fix: Analyzer area preset system wasn't able to edit presets.

      7.10 changes

      • Increased number of banks for multiparameter bank modes to 32.
      • Fix: Multiparameter windows became extremely large after the previous update.

      7.09 changes

      • Added time-resolution parameter & peak detection feature to analyzers, added global presets, FFT sizes extended to 262k and overlap converted powers of 2 and extended to 4096x, for ultimate precision required with scientific analyses.
      • Plugins with to-host synchronization now contain "Set xxx" button, which sets rate/frequency/size according to current sync value.
      • Multiparameters in bank mode now contain editable list of values for each bank.
      • MPhaser, MPhaserMB: Added squared and logarithmic shape modes closely resembling analog sweeping character.
      • Added ability to override the default units & grid in all envelope graph editors including snap-to-grid.
      • EBU prefiltering is now optional in all LU meters.
      • Modulation/multiparameter range parameters (for first 4 attached parameters) can now be learned the same way other parameters do.
      • Lowered graph zooming ratio for easier control.
      • Fix: Clipboard access on Windows sometimes didn't work correctly.
      • Fix: Improved latency reporting and Cubase 7 compatibility.
      • Fix: Automation of some parameters generated only 0 or 1 values in Logic.
      • Fix: Integral parameters didn't set the value precisely when set by text via multiparameter.

      7.08 changes

      • Plugins with active presets and side-chain now have side-chain peak meter on the easy screen.
      • Added full automation/modulation to signal generators including LFOs.
      • Added "Banks" mode for multiparameters, which lets you interpolate between several banks of parameter values.
      • Improved signal generator smoothing performance.
      • Increased unit grid visibility in all graph editors.
      • Colors slightly adjusted for better visibility.
      • Fix: Randomization sometimes triggered "next/previous preset" load.
      • Fix: Plugins always received MIDI channel 1 under Cubase 7 using VST3.
      • Fix: Step sequencer shapes were not saving correctly.
      • Fix: Plugins could crash when fed with "poly pressure" even via VST3.
      • Fix: Plugins could occasionally temporarily freeze in VST3 when being automated during upsampling change.
      • Fix: Double click on Cocoa GUI on macOS didn't work well with normal clicks.

      7.07 changes

      • Plugins now report latency immediately when its changed (e.g. upsampling change) or after pressing "!" button.
      • Added a global plugin reset button, which restarts playback and updates latency.
      • Highly improved and optimized oscillator shape modulation.
      • Added AGC Set button, which sets output gain to make the output match input loudness for all plugins, where it is possible.
      • Added harmonic generator for oscillators, number of harmonics increased to 256.
      • Added full-sized microsonogram to all analyzers.
      • Added "reset default editor size and style" feature.
      • Plugins were lagging when saving.
      • For 1in2out the plugins now perform mono->stereo conversion.
      • Improved equalizer band points for better visibility.
      • Added "tuplets" synchronization to all modulation effects & modulators.
      • Improved MIDI reset for modulators.
      • Added MIDI reset to modulation plugins.
      • Added MIDI learn to multiparameters.
      • Fix: Improved pitch detection accuracy.
      • Fix: Fixed a few denormalization issues causing high CPU usage in some plugins.
      • Fix: Plugins sometimes couldn't be activated after migration between systems or system malfunction.

      7.06 changes

      • Added a new GUI mode based on buttons, which saves space and is especially designed for those with small resolution displays.
      • Oscillator step sequencer now support multiple step shapes.
      • Added 1/3 oct and 1 oct mode to all analyzers.
      • Improved modulator pitch detector accuracy and response.
      • Added linear harmonics mode to all parameteric (dynamic) equalizers.
      • Added envelope curvatures: saw, triangles and sines.
      • Modulator values can now be automated.
      • Improved switching between editor modes.
      • Added input level peak meters to multiband plugins.
      • Oscillator harmonics graphs' units now follow number of harmonics.
      • Added "Invert" feature to all parametric equalizers.
      • Plugins now provide only those channel modes, which make sense for them.
      • Fix: It was possible to crash the plugins by creating a cycle using multiparameters.
      • Fix: Modulator sync didn't update when automated/modulated.
      • Fix: Modulators did crash in envelope mode when side-chain had been enabled.
      • Fix: Installer on Windows didn't move shared IRs into the new location.
      • Fix: Analyzers didn't store "Enable when hidden" mode.
      • Fix: VST3 MIDI controllers could respond incorrectly when used before a high latency plugin in Cubase.
      • Fix: The plugins could crash in Wavelab 6.

      7.05 changes

      • Documentations highly extended and available from within the plugin.
      • Modulator editors slightly restructuralized for better compactness.
      • All peak/loudness/.. meters are now reset by clicking on them. Hold ctrl to reset individual meters.
      • In surround mode you can now enable individual channels for processing.
      • Analyzers are now surround capable.
      • Added phases sync groups to all modulators, so they can now be synchronized with each other and potentially with other parts of the plugin.
      • Most modulator sliders/knobs now send automation (before it was possible to automate them, but they didn't send it).
      • Modulator synchronization can now be automated/modulated.
      • Multi-band plugins: Bands can now be inserted before or after the selected one.
      • Step sequencer grid now follows the number of steps.
      • Plugin configurations and presets on Windows moved to MeldaProduction subfolder.
      • Fix: Plugins could have failed AU validation when default settings contained upsampling of 2x or higher.
      • Fix: Plugins sometimes caused high CPU usage on some CPUs when input was silent.
      • Fix: Peak/loudness meters on easy screen were always showing real channels not affected by channel mode.
      • Fix: Ranges of additional parameters associated to multiparameter didn't update when modulated.
      • Fix: Keyboard input on macOS with older Carbon interfaces sometimes generated backspaces instead of letters.

      7.04 changes

      • Added virtual keyboard to all edits.
      • Phase of all oscillators can now be adjusted directly by dragging the graph or fine-tune using mouse-wheel.
      • Added speed parameter to modulator's pitch detector.
      • Added multiparameter reorder feature.
      • Improved user interface layout of some plugins.
      • Fix: Modulator randomizer used to select MIDI controller parameters for modulation.
      • Fix: Activation could fail when clicking outside the confirmation window.
      • Fix: File dialogs didn't update list of files when predefined folders or drives have been selected.
      • Fix: A few plugins could crash on 64-bit platforms in projects exceeding 4GB.
      • Fix: Note controllers did work if controllers have been enabled.
      • Fix: Pitch-bend hasn't been detected accurately.
      • Fix: A few parameter didn't respond to modulator/multiparameter learn.

      7.03 changes

      • Sonogram highly optimized in all analyzers and smoothness doesn't have effect on it anymore.
      • Delay lines optimized.
      • General processing kernel special-case optimizations.
      • Number of MIDI controllers increased to 32 and the ranges can be automated/modulated.
      • Added parameters triggering load previous/next preset and a dedicated MIDI controller for changing presets.
      • MIDI controllers are now disabled by default in presets.
      • Installers now remember VST/VST3 plugin paths on Windows and updaters are therefore not used anymore.
      • Fix: Analyzer super-resolution were causing subaliasing.
      • Fix: Restore when disabled modulator feature sometimes didn't work.
      • Fix: Compatibility issues, mainly with Live.
      • Fix: MIDI controller max value is now 100% by default.
      • Fix: Global settings (namely A-H presets) haven't been stored for single-band plugins.
      • Fix: Plugins now should respond to host-specific keys on macOS (e.g. Logic).
      • Fix: Multiband peak meters didn't initially update to correct number of channels.

      7.02 changes

      • Added "Velocity (note-on)" controller.
      • Added Tablet mode to Settings, which improves support for tablets.
      • Fix: Some plugins crashed under some hosts when a different channel mode has been used.
      • Fix: Progress dialogs weren't showing with correct graphics.

      7.01 changes

      • MIDI settings reorganized and increased number of note controllers.
      • Added global MIDI controller switch to prevent problems with hosts sending reset MIDI messages.
      • Added "velocity" MIDI controller.
      • Added transformation "Phase" to all oscillators.
      • Up to 4 parameter ranges of each modulator/multiparameter can be modulated/automated.
      • Several graph editors now support snap-to-grid.
      • When modulator is disabled by automation or modulation, it may optionally restore original parameter values.
      • Added decay parameter to all analyzers.
      • AGC algorithm now prevents initial spikes when presets are changed in some plugins.
      • Fix: Band input gains for bands 4-6 weren't working correctly for analog crossover.

      7.00 changes

      Attention: 7.00 update is not 100% backwards compatible for a few plugins.

      Smart randomization algorithm - new smart randomization engine randomizes everything reasonable parameter in the plugin, including modulators, and chooses settings wisely for much better results. On easy screen only multiparameters are randomized.
      Added AGC (automatic gain control) which ensures the output sounds as loud as the input making preset browsing and randomization much easier.
      Added lots of presets for most creative plugins.

      • Ultra-advanced follower borrowed from MDynamics engine is now used in every modulator (+hold, attack/release shape and much more...)
      • Oscillators can now load custom samples (WAV, MP3, FLAC) and mix them with other sources (oscillator, envelope, step sequencer).
      • Ctrl+click on a "Presets" button loads a random preset.
      • Added global modulator switch, presets and randomizer.
      • Added band presets and band randomizer for multiband plugins.
      • Added signal generator shape menu images, presets and randomizer.
      • Switched to VST3 3.51.
      • Added Hold parameter for the modulator follower mode.
      • All momentary & short-term loudness meters now have maximum value indicator.
      • Fix: A few compatibility issues, upgraded to VST 3.51.
      • Fix: Analyzers didn't work correctly in left + right mode.

      6.01 changes

      • Plugin settings storage optimized for lower size and higher speed.
      • Multiple modulator & multiparameter windows can now be open at once.
      • Added "OnOff" mode into MIDI note controllers and increased their number.
      • Default modulation wheel for dry/wet is now disabled due to problems with some hosts e.g. Sonar X1.
      • Vocoder, Waveshaper, Dynamics, Freeform equalizer, Spectral dynamics, Rhythmizer (first 4 sequences of each type), Granular (first 4 transformations) graphs can be automated (first 5 points). Note that modulation can require lots of CPU.
      • Added predefined directories and drives in all directory trees.
      • Multiband peakmeters now occupy more space for better visibility.
      • Added range to MIDI note controllers.
      • LU meters in integrated mode now provide the gating algorithm according to the EBU standard.
      • Added band expand for all multiband plugins.
      • Loudness meters now highlight the -1..+1 LU target region.
      • Fix: A few plugins were crashing in knob mode.
      • Fix: Band editor collapse button is now visible only in edit mode, not in active presets screen.
      • Fix: MIDI controller presets didn't load and update immediately.
      • Fix: Advanced convolution kernel settings may not have been working properly.
      • Fix: Mouse wheel didn't move much with high-resolution mouses.
      • Fix: Crossover bands moved to the left made them immovable.

      6.00 changes

      • Huge memory and GUI optimizations, new knob based interfaces.
      • Each oscillator can now also be controlled using harmonics instead of shape.
      • Added "double" envelope shape type.
      • Analyzer & sonogram can now optionally be enabled even when the GUI is hidden.
      • A-H presets now send automation when changed.
      • MIDI note controllers now react on pitch-bend immediately.
      • Added feedback phase invert and saturation for phasers.
      • Added second tape mode for flangers.
      • Added knob mode for most plugins, which turns their slider based GUI into knob based one.

      5.06 changes

      • All plugins are now Mac64 compatible.
      • Improved GUI behaviour, especially on Apple.
      • Analyzers & sonograms now work only if the plugin window is open to save CPU.
      • Auto-listen to frequency by clicking in the editor field is now enabled only when holding shift or when main auto-listen is enabled.
      • Double-clicking in a parametric equalizer view creates a new band (by moving and enabling any of the disabled bands).
      • Displaying band parameters from band list instead of clicking it using right mouse button shows the window nonmodally - it won't be closed when you click elsewhere.
      • Parametric equalizers now allow to copy & paste all band parameters to the clipboard.
      • Dynamic equalizer band points modified to easily reflect current dynamic gain.
      • Fix: Plugins were silent in Sonar with mono tracks in L+R mode.
      • Fix: Analyzer peak points were not accurate.

      5.05 changes

      • Added stabilization parameter for modulator pitch detectors to avoid quick changes.
      • Improved highlight of the selected band type in parametric equalizers.
      • Mono/Stereo have been renamed to Mid/Side.
      • Installers of separate plugins now provide enabling or disabling interfaces.

      5.04 changes

      • All plugins can now change default settings - check the big button in Settings/Settings.
      • Low-quality zero-latency upsampling algorithm highly improved.
      • All multiband plugins now have multiple analog crossovers with slope from 12dB/oct to 120dB/oct.
      • You can temporarily activate band link by holding alt key and moving a parameter in multiband plugins.
      • Added detection range for modulator's pitch detector to filter out frequencies outside of range of the particular instrument.
      • Plugins now update all parameters after a preset has been loaded.
      • Optimized multiple parameter automation.
      • Parametric equalizers now have first band low-shelf and last high-shelf by default.
      • Improved flicker free resizing in some hosts.
      • All textual edits of time are now in milliseconds to avoid numbers like 0.001.
      • Multiband plugins now remember 0%/100% dry/wet buttons when browsing presets.
      • Channel modes are now available from the main screen.
      • Fix: Smothness didn't work correctly upon startup in many plugins containing an analyser.
      • Band editors in equalizers now correctly update when the parameters are being automated.
      • Equalizers now send automation only to relevant parameters of each band.
      • Added a "listen to frequency" feature to all parametric equalizers.
      • Analyzers in equalizers can now process input signal instead of the output.
      • Equalizers show band settings on right-click to the enable "circle" button.
      • Added invert gain feature for equalizer bands.
      • Fix: Smothness didn't work correctly upon startup in many plugins containing an analyser.
      • Fix: Automatic equalization were sometimes not working when upsampling has changed.

      5.03 changes

      • It is now possible to override the default editor size in Settings.
      • Added threshold and high-accuracy mode to pitch mode of modulators.
      • Added check for updates feature into each plugin's settings.
      • Added MNotepad plugin.
      • Fix: VST3 was causing crashes under some hosts and specific configurations.
      • Fix: Envelope draw mode didn't work well with snap to grid enabled.
      • Fix: Popup windows with some keyboard shortcuts could lead to a crash on Mac.
      • Fix: Upsampling latency being reported was invalid.

      5.02 changes

      • LU meters can now show momentary, short-term and integrated loudness.
      • Added pitch detection mode for modulators.
      • Added higher-quality filters for upsampling rates above 200kHz.
      • Easy screen active presets now automatically attach mouse wheel and MIDI controllers from 21 to easy screen knobs.
      • Optimized updating of user interface when hidden.
      • Random modulator mode now works even in wave editors, which do not provide tempo and position.
      • Styles are now installed to both admin & user data folders to avoid problems with systems with user accounts.
      • Equalizer band points are now slightly smaller.
      • Fix: Mono->Stereo processing could cause crashes in some hosts such as bidule.
      • Fix: Delete and backspace keys have been swapped on Mac.
      • Fix: Loudness meters text value was showing "silence" with values under 0 LU.
      • Fix: Dragging equalizer Q didn't work very well on Mac.

      5.01 changes

      • Surround is now off by default, because it causes problems with some hosts (known are FL Studio and Studio One). If you use surround processing, please enable "Activate surround" in the plugin settings, it will enable all plugins at once.
      • Plugins can now access additional volumes on macOS.
      • Band editor in equalizers doesn't close when clicking on a band type any more and shows filter steepness.
      • Fix: Plugins could crash in AU when requested mono to stereo configuration.
      • Fix: Styles are now moved to user data folder, because some computers have permission problem with all-users directory.
      • Fix: Analyzer in equalizers didn't show correct spectrum if activated after upsampling change.

      5.00 changes

      Dual user interfaces - most commercial plugins now contain 2 interfaces, a simple default one with several predefined modes, but just a few controls, and an advanced one. This makes the plugins not only extremely versatile, but also quick and easy-to-use.
      • Unique new analysis engine for MAnalyzer and all equalizers - new analysis engine is faster, more accurate and provides a whole new range of unique features, such as micro-sonograms, full sonograms, super-resolution (providing high resolution for low frequencies keeping speed for the high frequencies), prefilters (for loudness curves) or deharmonization (for easier fundamental frequencies analysis).
      • Plugins are now categorized under VST and VST3 - with more than 55 plugins it started to be hard to find the plugin you need, therefore they are now categorized by purpose to Dynamics, EQs etc. With VST3 they also fit the standardized structure in your host (if it supports it).
      • Added next/previous preset buttons.
      • Added A/B switch to swap between previous two A-H presets.
      • Added reset and collapsible band editor for equalizers.
      • Added visual areas for equalizers.
      • Added autolisten feature to parametric equalizers.
      • MAutoEqualizer GUI completely restructuralised for easier workflow.
      • Added 0% & 100% modes for global dry/wet for all multiband plugins.
      • Increased accuracy when dragging Q in equalizers.
      • Added "use first parameter's range" mode for modulators and multiparameters.
      • Added a few shortcuts to control zooming in graph editors.
      • Added global surround switch useful to make the plugins more compatible with some hosts.
      • Added resizing arrow for resizable windows.
      • Added smooth 2 envelope point mode.
      • Upsampling range extended to 16x.
      • Multiband peakmeters can now show different channels in surround.
      • Optimized preset and settings storage.
      • Preset exchange is now enabled by default, can be disabled in Settings.
      • Band enable buttons have been removed for equalizers, instead the icon is clickable.
      • Added single-pole (6dB/oct) lowpass & highpass filters for equalizers.
      • Optimized changing of parameters when "simulate realistic shapes" is enabled in vibratos.
      • Fix: Resizing windows with splitters changed ratio of the splitters.
      • Fix: Resizable windows were sometimes showing arrow cursor over a position, where the window couldn't be resized.
      • Fix: Demoversions with sidechain were crashing occasionally.
      • Fix: Plugins with sidechain were occasionally crashing on Mac AU.
      • Fix: A Windows message was poping when trying to access an unavailable drive.
      • Fix: Upsampling latency wasn't reported correctly.
      • Fix: Improved automation support with Ableton Live.
      • Fix: Plugins didn't store bypass state.
      • Fix: Multiparameters in switch mode were showing inverted state.
      • Fix: Alt+Click in a graph editor caused maximum zoom, which is now disabled.
      • Fix: Units in zoomed mode were sometimes showing invalid grid lines.
      • Fix: Temp gain wasn't updated when automated/modulated.