MConvolutionEZ changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

12.09 changes

  • Clicking on a band in equalizers while having EQ band settings displayed now switches the band settings to that band.
  • Disabled mutliparameters now stop working completely, not only GUI-wise.
  • Fix: Dynamics processors in logarithmic mode could produce high spikes in some specific circumstance.
  • Fix: Ctrl+Alt+Dragging didn't work in graph editors, which are not zoomable in both directions (time graphs for example).
  • Fix: MultiParameters in "Check-boxes horizontal below" didn't disable the checkbox labels when the MP was disabled.
  • Fix: Tabs displayed as popups might not have a title.
  • Fix: Super-resolution analysis mode might have theoretically cause crashes (no cases have been reported though).
  • Fix: Randomizer multiparameters might have not worked.

12.08 changes

  • Big optimizations focusing on newest AVX2/AVX512 CPUs (i7/i9/xeon).
  • Active presets are now called Devices (or Instruments for instrument plugins).
  • Added marks for multiparameters for plugins with many of them, for easier orientation.
  • Added Separate collapsing option for multiparameters.
  • VST3 versions now avoid reseting when playback is reset by DAW due to change of playback state (known is Reaper), so that it would clear the view of analyzers for example.
  • Implemented new multiparameter reordering system.
  • Settings / Random style no longer closes the Settings window.
  • Zooming in various graph editors using mouse wheel can now exploit ctrl / shift to zoom in one direction only.
  • Ctrl + Mouse wheel now controls speed in all time graphs.
  • Added multiparameter editor mode "Switcher (no arrows)".
  • Added global option "Store resampled files" to Settings, which allows you to disable creating resampled files used to optimize startup and loading of various plugins.
  • Fix: Switching presets while editing multiparameters could sometimes end up with multiparameter editor not showing the correct info.
  • Fix: There were potential problems in some DAWs (known is FL), when using ancient CPU's without support of any new instruction sets.
  • Fix: Easy screen XY pad didn't have a help even if there was a help info.
  • Fix: Stereo plugins didn't allow mono->stereo expansion in ProTools.
  • Fix: Hacked some problems in DrivenByMoss4Reaper, note that you need to disable GPU acceleration before you use this.
  • Fix: Surround wasn't available for VST3.
  • Fix: ABCD morphing could crash for some plugins (known is MTurboDelay).

12.07 changes

  • Fix: MConvolutionEZ, MConvolutionMB and MDrumEnhancer file selector worked sporadically with custom files in some DAWs.
  • Fix: Plugins were not working in ProTools 10 on OSX.
  • Fix: VST3 was behaving weird in Samplitude.