MMetronome changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

16.01 changes

  • Added color frequencies for spectrum analyzers (red to violet like rainbow spectrum).
  • Various small fixes and improvements.
  • Fix Linear-phase equalizers could crash when changing oversampling settings.
  • Fix Hopefully hacked a macos bug crashing when installer is closing.
  • Fix DIsabling note MIDI controller made it not saved with the settings.

16.00 changes

Backwards compatibility is intact, however note that there is a new optimized storage system using a new format. If you save projects with the new version, old versions won't be able to read the settings. If you'd need to downgrade for any reason, first go to "Settings / Compatibility settings" and enable "Storage compatibility mode for V15", then save the settings.

Also note that V16 no longer provides 32-bit plugins on Windows. You should be able to run V15 32-bit along with V16 though. Simply do not uninstall V15 and do not perform plugin cleanup.

  • Added "Parallel loading threads" global setting useful for older systems with HDDs, where parallel loading may be contraproductive.
  • Added Surround & Ambisonics presets.
  • Preset name of Main controllers is stored now.
  • Added solo button to Mixer module inputs.
  • Holding Ctrl/Cmd while right clicking any oscillator editor now resets the phase.
  • Categorizers now show a heart icon instead of “Favourites” to make the purpose more obvious.
  • Custom buttons generating MIDI notes flash when their MIDI note is received.
  • Product generator now allows manually enabling/disabling each file to include.
  • Added “Detach device” to plugins without categorizer, which removes association with any device, so one can create devices as presets.
  • Added Multi parameter value mode: “By bank number and name”, which displays MP number and name at the same time.
  • Fix Band selection feature in equalizers was colliding with auto-listen.
  • Fix WAV import could lead to a crash in case of corrupt metadata.
  • Fix Improved SFZ import compatibility.
  • Fix Uninstaller could crash on macOS.
  • Fix Serial crossover was displaying unused parameters in MB plugins.
  • Fix Cancelling graph editing may have not taken effect when it comes to audio.
  • Fix Comb module crashing in MTurboFilter.
  • Fix Showing and hiding an invisible tab popup could cause visual glitches.
  • Fix Online licence update displayed weird message with account containing no licences.
  • Fix Multiparameters in switch/trigger mode didn’t have a edit screen context menu for MIDI learn etc.
  • Fix Finetuning graphs/eqs in zoomed mode didn’t work well.
  • Fix Editing oscillator shape phase by dragging the main view didn’t tak effect in some cases.
  • Fix Global modulators in Random mode with “Change on MIDI note” option may have not worked in some cases.
  • Fix Creating easy screens in plugins without categorizer automatically attached the first device.
  • Fix removed help caption button in help window.

15.02 changes

  • Major memory and loading speed optimizations.
  • Added sonogram to various audio file view (samplers, convolution..).
  • Improved default sonogram colors.
  • Improved searching for missing files.
  • Added "Sort banks by name" to multiparameter Bank mode features.
  • Added zooming in individual axes in graph editors using mouse wheel with cursor over that axis.
  • Tablet mode returned for sake of problematic tablets.
  • Custom GUI buttons can now generate MIDI notes to create drum triggers for example.
  • Added MIDI channel & note range to Envelope mode in modulators.
  • Added Infinite mode to Integrator module.
  • Added selection using rectangle dragging to all equalizers.
  • Added "Each target different" option to Random mode of all global modulators.
  • Position and size of controls can now be set from Custom GUI designer's item window.
  • Added Shift to all parametric equalizers (including plugins featuring a parametric equalizer) allowing you to pitch shift the EQ curve.
  • Scrollable panes will now only accept mouse wheel when holding Alt (or potentially other keys) to provide a safer and cleaner workflow.
  • Added "Disable when bypassed" option to modular systems. Note that this option is somewhat dangerous, so please check the information about it.
  • IR export (in plugins with this feature) now produces 24-bit wav files if the maximum is in range -40dB to 0dB to improve compatibility with HW processors.
  • Added "Controls MPs" option to multiparameters. Useful in more complex device design.
  • Added "Single shot" option to most MIDI reset processors.
  • Added prev/next device arrows to device selectors.
  • Improved MPE support by sending sustain to all channels.
  • "Enable MIDI program change" to solve problems with DAWs/controllers sending program changes for no reason.
  • Changed multiparameter list on edit screen for easier workflow.
  • Improved downloader.
  • Various improvements and fixes.
  • Fix Notes with velocity 1 were ignored by VST3 plugins.
  • Fix Multiparameters with "By bank name interpolated" value mode couldn't parse text values when the values were not ascending.
  • Fix Online activation could fail with odd characters in the email address.
  • Fix VST3 native parameter menu didn't contain all items.
  • Fix ARP MIDI output could be inaccurate in timing for big audio buffer sizes in some cases.
  • Fix Using some advanced graph editing features on oscillator custom shapes may have not updated the audio processing.
  • Fix Using frequency modulation in MSynthesizer4NN could cause problems.
  • Fix Integrated loudness meters provided incorrect results after measuring more than 1 hour of audio.

15.01 changes

  • Fix Oversampling editor didn't allow the maximum value.
  • Fix Right-click default didn't work well with bar graphs.
  • Fix Improved VST3 compatibility with Studio One for plugins with multiple outputs.

15.00 changes

  • Added easy screens to most plugins with easy screen devices.
  • Added Transient feature to dynamic equalizers, which lets the bands react not only to the level, but also transients, or both.
  • Right click now provides more common menu with ability to get default value, MIDI learn etc. and smoothly integrates with VST3 DAWs. For default value without menu please hold ctrl when right-clicking.
  • Added "Single shot" option to MTurboFilter.
  • LP/HP filter frequencies are now available in the EQ editor title as parameters, so that the frequencies can be set accurately.
  • Plugins now support multimonitor setups with different DPIs between monitors.
  • Added Serial crossover to all multiband plugins.
  • Added "Neon JP" style, which supports Japanese characters.
  • Added "Silence when busy" advanced option into the Settings.
  • Added "Enable bank & program change for the categorizer" option (default on) to plugins with categorized devices, which let you switch between the devices and their presets using bank select and program change MIDI messages.
  • XY pads with "XY-pad between banks" flag can now use 3 banks or more. For 4 banks a classic XY pad is created, for other number of banks a new circular pad is used.
  • Global bypass is now available as a parameter accessible via multiparameter for example.
  • Modular plugins now use horizontal scrollbars to make sure everything fits inside them even when nesting modulars inside modulars etc.
  • Crossover Disabled renamed to Parallel to avoid confusion.
  • Added "Advanced" switch to multiparameters allowing to create 2 easy screen GUIs - Basic and Advanced.
  • Upsampling renamed to more appropriate Oversampling and is now available as a target for multiparameters.
  • It is now possible to drop files into ConvolutionBank's list.
  • Many improvements in custom GUI editor for devices.
  • Various GUI, performance and stability improvements.
  • Installer has been optimized.
  • Added "Store" and "Store in presets" option to multiparameters, useful when designing devices.
  • MIDI thru option has been added to Settings.
  • Plugins now regularly check for updates and potential quick tutorials (to be made).
  • Holding ctrl/cmd while double clicking a popup title will smaller it to the minimum possible size.
  • Invert parameter of all oscillators is now available as target for modulators/multiparameters.
  • MMetronome Added TempoTap feature to MMetronome.
  • Plugins now preset parameter names to the DAW starting with the name followed by the group, to ensure it will be displayed better in limited size automation lanes for example.
  • Map feature now detects duplicites (a parameter being modified by multiple subsystems, such as multiparameters and modulators), which are typical sources for incorrect device behaviour.
  • Improved touch-screen support.
  • LU meters now let you select Target via right click menu. Especially useful for limiters.
  • Added ability to display both Easy and Edit screens at the same time by ctrl + clicking the Edit button.
  • Band list in parametric equalizers is now layouted vertically for better workflow.
  • Improved activation & subscription workflow.
  • FreqShifter improved to allow extremely quick shift modulation and avoid clicks when crossing 0Hz.
  • Added support for VST3 AI knob (only main plugin window, AI knob cannot support popup windows).
  • Right-clicking a parameter attached to a subsystem (multiparameter/mod/MIDI) lets you display the subsystem's editor.
  • Added virtual folders to the root of all directory trees allowing easier access to user, desktop etc. and solving macOS's problem with inaccessible /Users.
  • Added icons for folders and files in all file and folder browsers.
  • Fix Modulating saturation in equalizers could produce zipper noise.
  • Fix Double clicking a "Load source" file in automatic equalizers would setup the EQ even if target wasn't analyzed yet.
  • Fix Displaying tabs as popups could lead to various problems with windows positioning and crashes.
  • Fix "Automatic sleep on silence" could cause trouble in some specific percussive cases.
  • Fix Learning multiple module Enable states in a modular systems might have not worked, learning would stop after the first one.
  • Fix ConvolutionBank module selection via an MP didn't work.
  • Fix Installer installed hidden alpha plugins after using "Select all" and didn't mark version in Windows system.
  • Fix "Meter In dB" modular parameter for metering didn't work.
  • Fix Plugins could crash in plugin benchmark and some other circumstances if VST2 interface was used with surround enabled.
  • Fix Multiparameters ignored transformation shapes per parameter in banks mode.
  • Fix Some equalizers produces zipper noise when a was being moved while having soft saturation enabled.
  • Fix Windows installer may have not installed user data when executed on nonadmin account.
  • Fix Per-band mute didn't work for multiband plugins if they had just a single band.
  • Fix MMetronome MMetronome didn't work correctly for other signatures than x/4.
  • Fix MIDI thru wasn't saved with default settings in some plugins.
  • Fix Prefiltering option in Integrated loudness meters didn't have any effect.
  • Fix Settings the crossover mode to Serial would cause a crash in some plugins.

14.16 changes

  • Added enhanced aliasing improving the audio quality for most saturation algorithms available throughout the plugins. The downside is slightly higher CPU usage. It can be disabled from settings if needed.
  • Added native Apple Silicon CPU (currently M1) support.
  • Easy screen locks for title buttons have been moved to the left for consistency reasons.
  • Preset search fields are now highlighted in red to highlight them and avoid confusion when user forgets that something is written in there.
  • MultiParameters in banks mode can now create custom categorization for switcher menu by setting banks names to "category#text".
  • Added Channel parameter to MIDI settings / Program change in presets.
  • Holding Alt when clicking various copy buttons will allow exporting as XML button for editing as text. You can then edit the text and ctrl + pasting it back.
  • Fix Automating multiparameters when the plugin was sleeping made no effect.
  • Fix Closing text edit popup with escape key didn't work.
  • Fix Keys A, C and V were forwarded to the DAW even if the plugin edit was actually using them.
  • Fix Downloader could crash when installing certain 3rd party products.
  • Fix Installer didn't show proper products when clicking on the home icon in the product selection page.

14.15 changes

  • Improved the default Neon style.
  • Fix Keyboard forwarding disabled on Bitwig due to some problems in it.

14.14 changes

  • Improved plugin selection page in the installer.
  • Improved VST3 support.
  • "Intelligent disable on silence" renamed to "Intelligent sleep on silence" to avoid confusion.
  • Improved keyboard to forwarding to DAW on Windows and added "Forward unused keyboard input to DAW" option in case you want to disable it.
  • Fix Any info/error message containing "_" made this character replaced by a whitespace.
  • Fix Several plugins (such as compressors) didn't update the visual state when bypassed or in disabled mode.

14.13 changes

  • Windows plugins now forward unused keyboard commands to the DAW to make sure the DAW doesn't loose spacebar as play/stop for example, even if a plugin popup is displayed.
  • Parametric equalizers now have band presets.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements.
  • Fix Some windows didn't save position and size.

14.12 changes

  • Most plugins now provide "Intelligent disable on silence" feature allowing them to disable themselves to save CPU whenever there is no signal and the plugin doesn't produce anything anymore. It can be disabled from settings. It works with all plugin interfaces and DAWs.
  • Added "XY-pad 4 banks" to banks mode of all multiparameters, allowing you to create XY pads, which would interpolate between 4 banks. Note that such multiparameter also occupies the next one, which is needed for the Y value.
  • Added band Solo & Mute to all parametric equalizers. Available from band settings popup.
  • Minor GUI, stability and performance improvements.
  • Installer now logs installation of the MSVC redistributables and installes it only once.
  • Fix "Do not load from presets" option in MIDI controllers didn't work properly.
  • Fix Ambisonics wasn't available in ProTools.
  • Fix Changing an Enable title button with a multiparameter didn't enable/disable other title buttons.
  • Fix Multiparameter bank reordering didn't work with more than 100 banks.

14.11 changes

  • Minor GUI and performance improvements.
  • Fix Impulse response export wasn't working properly for plugins with latency.
  • Fix Having a "<" or ">" symbols in multiparameter name would make multiparameter manager impossible to display.
  • Fix Some MB versions of certain plugins could share the default settings with the non-MB versions.
  • Fix Changing presets in VST2 didn't update all the parameters in the DAW.

14.10 changes

  • Improved font engine for nicer and more readable GUIs.
  • Minor GUI and performance enhancements.
  • Random preset feature makes sure the next preset is different from the previous (if possible).
  • Fix Displaying a tab as popup didn't properly store it's position and size.
  • Fix Multiparameter units could sometimes go wrong with "By bank name interpolated" mode.
  • Fix Global "Set" button may have produced incorrect results.

14.09 changes

  • Added support for Ambisonics multichannel for all orders up to 7 (64 channels). Available in all effects, which are not stereo-specific.
  • Input meters in multiband plugins now follow the global Input gain.
  • Added Toggle and Trigger options to MIDI controllers.
  • MIDI controllers now follow high precision 14-bit MIDI specification.
  • Various optimizations and GUI improvements.
  • Fix Some graphics aliasing was occuring on some computers.

14.08 changes

MSoundFactory: Note: MSoundFactoryEssentials has been updated, so please use the new downloader to get it and install it.

  • Added back all upsampling ratios to 8x (then powers of 2 up to 1024x).
  • Graph presets now convert ranges, so it doesn't matter from which plugin/subsystem it is stored to or loaded from.
  • Minor GUI and performance improvements.
  • Fix Panorama MIDI controller lead to slightly inaccurate values.
  • Fix Some algorithms could hypotetically crash when processing data bigger than 2GB.
  • Fix Arpeggiator could sometimes play multiple notes if the DAW sends notes in incorrect times. ARP now shifts everything in a time back a few samples to avoid that.
  • Fix Hacked a bug in new Bitwig closing some windows before they even get displayed.
  • Fix Plugins crashed using some styles on some rare computers.
  • Fix Vertical sliders had invisible units in some styles.
  • Fix "Help / Show in web browser" feature was crashing on OSX.
  • Fix Randomizer could cause problems with plugins featuring modulators.

14.07 changes

    14.06 changes

    • Preset buttons now have limited size, so that they don't obstruct the entire title for large windows.
    • Multiparameter's in "By bank name interpolated" units mode now recognizes units after the number even without a delimiting space.
    • Added "Current values > Defaults" and "Defaults > Current values" features to multiparameter manager.
    • Fix Enabling bypass with upsampling enabled could lead to an incorrect latency compensation.
    • Fix Resizing a file selector in a folder with no files could lead to the directory tree to be inaccessible.
    • Fix Some scrolled views were not responding to mousewheel unless the mouse cursor was directly on the scrollbar.
    • Fix Plugins could crash when showing popups on macOS when GPU acceleration was disabled.
    • Fix Slightly changed MIDI CC mapping so that the middle value becomes 50%.

    14.05 changes

    • Upsampling can now only be a power of 2 and the range has been extended to 1024x in most plugins.
    • MMetronome Added Speed parameter to MMetronome.
    • Added "Functional outside note range" switch to MIDI note controllers.
    • Small improvements to the installer.
    • Fix Plugins could potentially freeze on startup in some DAWs searching for updates.
    • Fix Titles of collapsed panels could end up overlayed with title buttons.
    • Fix Changing preset colors via randomization could cause crashes.

    14.04 changes

    MSoundFactory: Backwards compatibility breach: Timbre and Pitchbend transformations have been redesigned. These now go from 0% to 100% and if the controller is bipolar (default), the same curve is applied to both positive side and negative side (inverted). We are sorry for the inconvenience if you used these features.

    • Added preset & copy/paste features to arpeggiator preset matrix useful to copy banks for example.
    • Added "Fine control" switch to multiparameters.
    • XY pad editor mode for multiparameters now provides 4 different size and follows parameter origins automatically.
    • Stereo scopes now provide a normalization switch.
    • File lists now provide multiple columns if the size allows it.
    • Minor GUI and performance improvements.
    • Fix Multiparameters in cyclic banks mode could not display the name of the first bank at the end.
    • Fix Uninstaller could delete itself even if it has been cancelled.

    14.03 changes

    Backwards compatibility breach: So far MSpectralDynamics used a constant buffer size no matter what sampling rate you used. To maximize audio quality and compatibility, the plugin now adjusts the buffer size depending on the audio settings. This means that for sampling rates over 48kHz the sound may have changed slightly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Added "Octave down" and "Octave up" buttons to all frequency text edit popups.
    • Learn can no be accessed both from menu and multiparameter/lfo/paramlock editors.
    • Various optimizations and stability improvements.
    • Fix MMetronome MMetronome could miss the first beat (initial or after a loop).
    • Fix Frequency text edit displayed a piano, but didn't scroll to current frequency note.
    • Fix Setting group color could also affect MPs without name, even if these didn't belong to the group.
    • Fix Scrollbar locators could become extremely small when zoomed in too much.
    • Fix Changing a device of various VST3 plugins might have cause problems when automating MPs for which the number of possible values has changed (e.g. on/off -> dB).
    • Fix Multiparameters in discrete editor modes (e.g. Selector) and Bank mode could display incorrect bank value as current value.
    • Fix Stepped / Continuous switch didn't update the number of automation values.

    14.02 changes

    • MMetronome Added "Tone first" and "Which is first" parameter to MMetronome, which lets you highlight different beats by higher pitch.
    • DynamicEq Low-pass type and High-pass type can now be modulated.
    • Fix When moving graph points across each other, additional automated subsystems such as oscillator custom shape may not have been actually moved.
    • Fix Lock for a device Enable title button was not available when the enable button was disabled.
    • Fix Expression evaluator didn't update the graph in some cases.
    • Fix Prevented setup crashing after the installation on some macOS computers.

    14.01 changes

    • Added "Latency reporting" sdwitch global settings, which lets youdisbale
    • Added "Locate" button to all file dialogs, which shows the selected path in system Explorer/Finder.
    • Improved multi-monitor support for macOS.
    • Fix Looper module could crash in some cases.
    • Fix Plugins could be invisible or cause red blinking on macOS.

    Legacy changelogs: Effects V5—11 · MDrummer V5—7 · MPowerSynth V8—11 · MDrummer 4 an dolder