MSpectralDelay changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

12.05 changes

  • Parameter tree (for selecting in modulators, multiparameters, MIDI...) is now sorted by name.
  • Added Reset mode to MLoudnessAnalyzer (replacing No reset switch), which provides additional control on "when the meters are automatically reset".
  • Added Reset all feature to multiparameter menu.
  • Fix: Double-clicking a preset loaded the preset, but also might started moving it in the list of presets.
  • Fix: When upsampling was changed while processing, MIDI / automation events could become misaligned.
  • Fix: Restored oscillator shape presets and randomization.
  • Fix: Insidious crash could occur in some very rare conditions, most likely associated with extreme oversampling.
  • Fix: Plugins with active presets were reseting GUI size in Edit screen when closed and reopen in ProTools.

12.04 changes

  • Added Invert option to all oscillator shapes (available via right click menu).
  • Settings button is now name Settings & Activation when not activated to make activation more obvious.
  • Fix: Some enum parameters didn't show correct text representation at some points when modulated / automated.
  • Fix: Side-chain buttons in modulators didn't update when modulated/automated.
  • Fix: Changing EQ band Enable didn't update the band settings window.
  • Fix: ProTools froze when loading ProTools presets.
  • Fix: Clicking band enable from band list of any EQ in Cubase may or may not have worked.
  • Fix: MDrummer and other stereo plugins could crash inside MXXX if the MXXX itself was put into a single-channel channel mode.
  • Fix: Changing MIDI controller value while MIDI learn was enabled could cause a crash.

12.03 changes

  • Added Randomizer loudness compensation which uses the output gain (if available for the plugin) to set the output loudness to some predefined level, avoiding big loudness differences in randomized settings. Can be disabled from Settings.
  • Added MXXX1 edition of MXXX, which isn't naturally multiband (Crossover module can be used however of course), hence saving additonal resources. It will not load MB (active) presets correctly of course.
  • MultiParameters in meters mode now have parameter limits to control the metering range.
  • Added Randomizable option to multiparameters.
  • Clicking modulator button second time now hides the modulator editor.
  • Improved support for automation and Cubase's QC learn.
  • Added "Start Legato" mode to modulators / Envelope mode, which starts a new envelope only there is already a note being held.
  • Fix: MultiParameters in Meters mode may have not worked.
  • Fix: Plugins might have restored bigger size after loading a project, than needed, if some GUI items have been collapsed.
  • Fix: MSpectralDelay might have not stored "M/S processing" state in some hosts.
  • Fix: Time graph settings popup made Logic stuck and unable to quit.
  • Fix: Automating active presets confused some hosts (known is ProTools) making them temporarily overwrite their own automation.
  • Fix: Ctrl + Random should have slightly modified parameters, but instead performed full randomization.
  • Fix: Text edit window in Cubase in OSX could make the plugins control an incorrect parameter on next touch.
  • Fix: Online update check didn't work.

12.02 changes

  • Added smart randomization to MSpectralDelay (including MXXX), plus randomizing now enables the safety limiter to avoid excessive output levels for some unfortunate settings.
  • Randomization for spectral effects now automatically enables the safety limiter to avoid excessive output levels for some unfortunate settings.
  • Added "Interpolate between 1 and 0" option to all signal generators.
  • Fix: Plugins no longer report stepped parameters to ProTools due to various bugs in ProTools.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash in some old OSX versions (10.10 and older most likely) and some specific hosts (Logic, Reason) when displaying popups.

12.01 changes

  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Fix: OSX installator could freeze in the beginning of the installation stage.