Astonishing workflow for the essential task

Comparing your audio to a reference commercial track is essential for every mixing and mastering engineer. Of course you can do that in your host, but the workflow is what matters here. And it cannot be any easier. Press one button and the plugin quickly crossfades between your track and whatever track you choose. Press another one to choose a different track. Or compare the sound at several different stage of your mastering chain for example, each click a different comparison.

Don't let your ears fool you!

Louder music makes you think it sounds better. It lets you feel spectral and spatial balance incorrectly. It lets you ignore acoustic errors hidden under the loud wall of sound.
But the plugin can help you avoid that! It can automatically make the reference tracks match the loudness of your own track. With MCompare you don't need to doubt your senses anymore. If your audio sounds better, it really will be better, not just louder.

Does your master actually sound better?

How many times did you spend hours working on your project and just when you felt it's perfect, you took a break and when you listened to it later you were horrified? That's because your ears fooled you somewhere along the road.
MCompare lets you compare your master to multiple stages in your chain, the dry mix for starters. It will compensate for any latency and match the loudness, so you will really be comparing the sonic qualities of your master and your ears won't be able to deceive you! So when you start doing something wrong, you will know quickly enough, in one click to be precise.

The ultimate mastering chain with referencing

MCompare is the only plugin that lets you compare your master to the chosen reference tracks, dry mix, different stages of your mastering chain and even different versions of your mastering chain. All in a single instance, where everything is one click away. It just cannot be any easier.



"I’m a big fan of MCompare, which helps me to get the perfect final master."
Jimmy Deer

Jimmy Deer

"MCompare is an indispensable tool for getting my final mixes where they need to be."
Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire

"It's so easy to get lost in the mix. But a plugin like MCompare lets you quickly do an A-B mix with an older mix or other tracks. Unmissable!"
Miklos Malek

Miklos Malek

"MCompare is my favorite plugin for A/B-ing my work against references. I have it programmed to a USB controller, and it’s incredibly useful not only for auditioning references and previous versions but also for checking the mix in mono, and listening only to the sides, left, or right."

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