MAutoStereoFix changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

13.06 changes

Backwards compatibility change: MIDI note controllers and MCharacter were mapping notes to frequencies one octave above the MIDI standard. As a part of the standardization we fixed this. To fix your projects, please move all notes down one octave if using this feature. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Added 16 "Main controllers" to MIDI settings, which users can map to any MIDI controller to simplify access and switching between MIDI controllers.
  • Added Banks to all modules in modular environments such as MSoundFactory or MXXX. This lets you store multiple settings for that module and switch between them using a multiparameter for example.
  • Added MIDI controller reordering and reset features to MIDI settings.
  • MIDI octave numbers have been standardized across the plugins for the MIDI standard defining A4 = 440Hz.
  • Added Panel no title, Control no title, Display no title and Edit no title multiparameter panel types.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • VST2 plugins now exclude preset path when sending preset name to the host to mitigate VST2 limitations.
  • Default editor size setting has been removed, please use default settings instead.
  • Added Normalize switch to MMultiAnalyzer's Oscilloscope tab.
  • Frequency axes in equalizers and various graphs changed to more standard logarithmic scale. It can be reverted to the previous view at any time if customer base would like to.
  • Analyzers can now export current analysis to CSV by Ctrl + clicking the Copy button.
  • Plugins no longer show error message that a folder is inaccessible when opening a file dialog and previous folder no longer exists.
  • Multiparameters in the parameter list also display group now both in the DAW for automation and internally.
  • Fix: Delimiter multiparameters with name displayed the name even if the Show name was disabled.
  • Fix: MultiParameter Clear & Learn didn't store undo point.
  • Fix: Double clicking a button and leaving with mouse before releasing the button could leave the button in pressed state.
  • Fix: AU cache (mainly Logic) should be now updated after installation to avoid need to restart on OSX High sierra and newer.
  • Fix: Win/Cmd + right click (or ctrl click on OSX) was defaulting parameters, which was a collision with ProTools automation management.
  • Fix: LimiterMB in MXXX didn't correctly provide band saturation parameter.
  • Fix: MIDI (note) controller related parameters were not sorted properly in the parameter tree.
  • Fix: Switching logarithmic averaging option in analysis could cause incorrect results for infinite maximum analysis.
  • Fix: Expired subscription didn't explicitly warn the user about that.

13.05 changes

Backwards compatibility change for MXXX: Number of multiparameters per row is no longer limited to 4 in MXXX. Therefore if you exploited this in your devices, they may stop displaying properly (and have too many items on single row). Please fix these devices by properly disabling "Same row" option. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Performance improvements for modular stuff.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Improved modulator editors for banks mode.
  • Added support for VST2 getProgramName used for example by Akai VIP to browse through plugin's presets.
  • Selector and other multiparameter editor modes also support secondary bank names on the easy sceen now.
  • Added Insert and Delete features to multiparameter manager.
  • MPs in Delimiter editor mode can display a name now.
  • Fix: Easy screens containing Button (label aligned) MPs could not set minimum size correctly if multiple have been used on the same row.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash with AU interface when being destroyed.
  • Fix: File dialogs could crash when deleting folders.
  • Fix: Double click to open multiparameter editor in MP manager didn't work with the first item.
  • Fix: MultiBand modules in MXXX might have the band editor inaccessible.

13.04 changes

  • Added "By bank names with percents" multiparameter value mode.
  • Improved knob visual quality.
  • Added confirmation for Reset all multiparameters action.
  • Reordering multiparameters now properly reassociates MIDI controllers.
  • Removed optimization from flangers, which caused a click when changing Depth from 0% to something else.
  • Improved MFreeformEqualizer automatic EQ curve, which now minimizes level difference.
  • Order MP editor can have colors specified.
  • Analyzers now provide also Input & Side-chain and Output & Side-chain options (if applicable).
  • MDrumLeveler MIDI output latency compensation is now optional, since some DAWs do compensate the latency themselves.
  • Parameter selection (for mods, mps etc.) improved, so that the root items always have the global subsystems such as modulators and MIDI at the end.
  • Number of MXXX feedback channels increased to 16.
  • Added Detected note and Detected cents automation parameters to MTuner, which can be used to use the detected tuning somehow. It is enabled only if MIDI out is enabled as well for sake of optimization.
  • Fix: Batch processing via WAV button in the plugin toolbar didn't allow selecting multiple files.
  • Fix: Insert empty multiparameter might have failed if the last multiparameter was used.
  • Fix: Maps didn't update properly after changes or switching presets.
  • Fix: Opening a plugin by pressing Enter in Reaper could display Upsampling settings in some plugins.
  • Fix: ConvolutionBank in MXXX didn't like IRs with levels exceeding 0dBFS.
  • Fix: AU plugins could crash in some rare circumstances.
  • Fix: Order editor on the easy screen was creating an unnecessary space above.
  • Fix: Knobs were rendering slightly incorrectly.

13.03 changes

  • Added MultiParameter editor type Delimiter.
  • Improved the default Neon style.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Added Close all button to all preset windows.
  • Oscillator Custom sample depth can now be modulated in all plugins with this feature.
  • Pasting multiparameters / modulators with nonexisting parameters will now show a log with the list of changes.
  • Fix: MultiParameter editors could partly crop titles in the name if the name was too long.
  • Fix: It is now forbidden to create folders inside Online exchange preset folder as it would collide with the engine and potentially cause crashes.
  • Fix: Drag & drop file from Finder to file selectors in the plugins may have not worked on OSX.
  • Fix: A corrupt licence could make other licences dysfunctional.
  • Fix: Improved drag & drop support on Windows.

13.02 changes

  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Added "Button (label aligned)" and "Slider (label aligned)" MP editor modes, which have labels aligned to each other.
  • MStereoProcessor (including MXXX) band limits and gains can now be modulated/automated.
  • Fix: Minor GUI bugs.
  • Fix: Global modulators in envelope mode triggered by MIDI could malfunction when complex MIDI performances would be played.

13.01 changes

  • Added Key mode to Note controllers in MIDI settings.
  • Titanium style modified to be more similar to the V12 version.
  • All multiband plugins are now horizontally resizable for sake of resizing the crossover editor.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Easy screen bar graphs now support origins.
  • Added "Clear window settings cache" button to Settings, useful as an extreme case fix.
  • Added Save template and Process template features to multiparameter manager.
  • Fix: Multiband module meters attached to a MP and displayed on the easy screen wouldn't work until the MB module GUI was displayed in MXXX.

13.00 changes

See also release notes for V13

Please note that following list of changes is very limited and many more changes are not mentioned. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Added MDoubleTrackerMB for free to MDoubleTracker package.
  • Added Analog feature to MAutoDynamicEq, MDynamicEq and MTurboEq.
  • Arp can now be unsynced, driven by its own tempo.
  • Added Transform level parameter controlling the depth of level transformation.
  • Map of modulators/MPs/etc has been improved.
  • Added Origin to all multiparameters.
  • Added Make first and reordering feature to multiparameters.
  • Selected parameter in banks mode in MP editors is now highlighted.
  • Added Checkbox multiparameter editor mode.
  • MPs with Selector/Switcher modes can now work with other value modes than Banks, number of steps is needed to be set in that case.
  • Fix: ABCD morphing didn't work with parameters not available to the DAW.
  • Fix: Changing sampling rate/oversampling changed the speed of meters.
  • Fix: Triggering randomization of SubSampleSynth in MXXX via a MP trigger with 0 switch time didn't do anything.
  • Fix: Equalizers didn't close the band settings when preset was loaded.
  • Fix: Multiparameter manager didn't store undo.
  • Fix: Improved VST3 batch support.

12.12 changes

  • Added DoubleTracker (including MXXX).
  • Multiparameter and Modulator editors are now storing the position & size in a single settings, before these were stored for separate MPs and Mods, which has proven not ideal.
  • Modulator editors now take size based on selected mode, making it smaller and readjusting when the mode changes.
  • Controller selection in MIDI settings is now accessible via multiparameters.
  • Additional optimizations for algorithms based on variable delay lines such as flanger, chorus, comb...
  • Double-clicking a multiparameter in manager now displays its settings and changing the settings updates the info in the manager.
  • Improved MIDI settings.
  • Fix: Modulators with enabled MIDI reset and Single shot would initially go one round without any MIDI notes.
  • Fix: Selecting multiple graph points and dragging a different one didn't clear the selection and it didn't update the points being moved.
  • Fix: MultiParameter manager was displaying incorrect names after reordering.
  • Fix: Plugins didn't save disabled MIDI controllers, despite they could be enabled via MPs later.

12.11 changes

  • Added MRatioMB plugin, our first free multiband plugin.
  • High-quality upsampling switch has been moved directly to the upsampling settings window.
  • Added many "bread & butter" presets to MTurboDelay.
  • Added Liquid time device to MTurboDelay, featuring reverse delays and other creative effects.
  • Added Copy & Paste levels feature to MCharacter allowing to impose a harmonic structure of one instrument to another.
  • Multiparameter reorder transformed to a manager with some advanced capabilities.
  • Improved behaviour of multiselection listboxes.
  • Fix: Crash could occur in Convolution if pitch shifting / time stretching was used.
  • Fix: Device parameter didn't report current device name to the DAW in plugins with easy screens.
  • Fix: Bars on the easy screen would not update if the last one only would be modulated.

12.10 changes

  • File lists are now sorted smartly and keep the order of ascending numbers.
  • All expression evaluators optimized.
  • Improved unit display for XY pads.
  • Fix: Recording an IR using MConvolutionMB would store the file, but wouldn't show it in the file list.

12.09 changes

  • Clicking on a band in equalizers while having EQ band settings displayed now switches the band settings to that band.
  • Disabled mutliparameters now stop working completely, not only GUI-wise.
  • Fix: Dynamics processors in logarithmic mode could produce high spikes in some specific circumstance.
  • Fix: Ctrl+Alt+Dragging didn't work in graph editors, which are not zoomable in both directions (time graphs for example).
  • Fix: MultiParameters in "Check-boxes horizontal below" didn't disable the checkbox labels when the MP was disabled.
  • Fix: Tabs displayed as popups might not have a title.
  • Fix: Super-resolution analysis mode might have theoretically cause crashes (no cases have been reported though).
  • Fix: Randomizer multiparameters might have not worked.

12.08 changes

  • Big optimizations focusing on newest AVX2/AVX512 CPUs (i7/i9/xeon).
  • Active presets are now called Devices (or Instruments for instrument plugins).
  • Added marks for multiparameters for plugins with many of them, for easier orientation.
  • Added Separate collapsing option for multiparameters.
  • VST3 versions now avoid reseting when playback is reset by DAW due to change of playback state (known is Reaper), so that it would clear the view of analyzers for example.
  • Implemented new multiparameter reordering system.
  • Settings / Random style no longer closes the Settings window.
  • Zooming in various graph editors using mouse wheel can now exploit ctrl / shift to zoom in one direction only.
  • Ctrl + Mouse wheel now controls speed in all time graphs.
  • Added multiparameter editor mode "Switcher (no arrows)".
  • Added global option "Store resampled files" to Settings, which allows you to disable creating resampled files used to optimize startup and loading of various plugins.
  • Fix: Switching presets while editing multiparameters could sometimes end up with multiparameter editor not showing the correct info.
  • Fix: There were potential problems in some DAWs (known is FL), when using ancient CPU's without support of any new instruction sets.
  • Fix: Easy screen XY pad didn't have a help even if there was a help info.
  • Fix: Stereo plugins didn't allow mono->stereo expansion in ProTools.
  • Fix: Hacked some problems in DrivenByMoss4Reaper, note that you need to disable GPU acceleration before you use this.
  • Fix: Surround wasn't available for VST3.
  • Fix: ABCD morphing could crash for some plugins (known is MTurboDelay).

12.07 changes

  • Fix: MConvolutionEZ, MConvolutionMB and MDrumEnhancer file selector worked sporadically with custom files in some DAWs.
  • Fix: Plugins were not working in ProTools 10 on OSX.
  • Fix: VST3 was behaving weird in Samplitude.

12.06 changes

  • Released a free plugin MConvolutionEZ, added to MXXX and MXXXCore (free).
  • Big optimizations focusing on newest AVX2/AVX512 CPUs (i7/i9/xeon).
  • Added Randomizer switch to all multiparameters (available in Trigger mode), which allows you to implement a randomizer for a set of parameters.
  • Parameter selection tree now performs human-like sorting, which puts say "Mod 11" after "Mod 2", despite it's the other way around from computer's point of view.
  • Added expression evaluator and CSV import to all graph editors.
  • Visible parameter of all multiparameters can now be modulated.
  • MCompare now stores resampled files to speed up project loading.
  • Map now displays MIDI channel for MIDI controllers.
  • Added dotted sync modes to all time text edit popups.
  • Added info about current latency to all effect plugins to Settings window.
  • Analyzers no longer resize vertically (except for MAnalyzer and MMultiAnalyzer) to allow other graphs resize independently.
  • Most plugins now store zoom state of the main graph editor (if applicable) in the plugin settings.
  • Fix: Multiparameter reorder stopped being available if some of the multiparameter names contained XML specific characters.
  • Fix: Root folder in preset windows sometimes displayed slightly higher number of presets than the actual number.
  • Fix: It was possible to create naming of banks, which would cause a crash when used as a menu on easy screen.
  • Fix: Latency may not have updated in some problematic hosts (Studio One).
  • Fix: Analyzers didn't work properly for sampling rates under 40kHz.
  • Fix: Switching to undefined A-H presets in plugins with easy screens was swiching to edit screen.
  • Fix: Crossover FX in MXXX band gain didn't do anything for spectral and tonal/transient crossovers.
  • Fix: Assigning a multiparameter to itself and trying to enter its value based on the first parameter (hence itself), would crash.

12.05 changes

  • Parameter tree (for selecting in modulators, multiparameters, MIDI...) is now sorted by name.
  • Added Reset mode to MLoudnessAnalyzer (replacing No reset switch), which provides additional control on "when the meters are automatically reset".
  • Added Reset all feature to multiparameter menu.
  • Fix: Double-clicking a preset loaded the preset, but also might started moving it in the list of presets.
  • Fix: When upsampling was changed while processing, MIDI / automation events could become misaligned.
  • Fix: Restored oscillator shape presets and randomization.
  • Fix: Insidious crash could occur in some very rare conditions, most likely associated with extreme oversampling.
  • Fix: Plugins with active presets were reseting GUI size in Edit screen when closed and reopen in ProTools.

12.04 changes

  • Added Invert option to all oscillator shapes (available via right click menu).
  • Settings button is now name Settings & Activation when not activated to make activation more obvious.
  • Fix: Some enum parameters didn't show correct text representation at some points when modulated / automated.
  • Fix: Side-chain buttons in modulators didn't update when modulated/automated.
  • Fix: Changing EQ band Enable didn't update the band settings window.
  • Fix: ProTools froze when loading ProTools presets.
  • Fix: Clicking band enable from band list of any EQ in Cubase may or may not have worked.
  • Fix: MDrummer and other stereo plugins could crash inside MXXX if the MXXX itself was put into a single-channel channel mode.
  • Fix: Changing MIDI controller value while MIDI learn was enabled could cause a crash.

12.03 changes

  • Added Randomizer loudness compensation which uses the output gain (if available for the plugin) to set the output loudness to some predefined level, avoiding big loudness differences in randomized settings. Can be disabled from Settings.
  • Added MXXX1 edition of MXXX, which isn't naturally multiband (Crossover module can be used however of course), hence saving additonal resources. It will not load MB (active) presets correctly of course.
  • MultiParameters in meters mode now have parameter limits to control the metering range.
  • Added Randomizable option to multiparameters.
  • Clicking modulator button second time now hides the modulator editor.
  • Improved support for automation and Cubase's QC learn.
  • Added "Start Legato" mode to modulators / Envelope mode, which starts a new envelope only there is already a note being held.
  • Fix: MultiParameters in Meters mode may have not worked.
  • Fix: Plugins might have restored bigger size after loading a project, than needed, if some GUI items have been collapsed.
  • Fix: Time graph settings popup made Logic stuck and unable to quit.
  • Fix: Automating active presets confused some hosts (known is ProTools) making them temporarily overwrite their own automation.
  • Fix: Ctrl + Random should have slightly modified parameters, but instead performed full randomization.
  • Fix: Text edit window in Cubase in OSX could make the plugins control an incorrect parameter on next touch.
  • Fix: Online update check didn't work.

12.02 changes

  • Randomization for spectral effects now automatically enables the safety limiter to avoid excessive output levels for some unfortunate settings.
  • Added "Interpolate between 1 and 0" option to all signal generators.
  • Fix: Plugins no longer report stepped parameters to ProTools due to various bugs in ProTools.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash in some old OSX versions (10.10 and older most likely) and some specific hosts (Logic, Reason) when displaying popups.

12.01 changes

  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Fix: OSX installator could freeze in the beginning of the installation stage.

12.00 changes

See also release notes for V12

Please note that following list of changes is very limited and many more changes are not mentioned. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Hacked bug in Ableton Live with automation disabled during rendering.
  • Scrollers disable zooming buttons when locked.
  • Multiparameter reorder menu now has a better number of columns.
  • Added "MIDI reset parameter" to all modulators, which lets you perform MIDI reset without actual MIDI but using a parameter instead, hence you can reset one modulator by another for example.
  • Added Insert and Delete multiparameter features, that should simplify editing complex multiparameter structures. Note that these actually do note delete, but reorder multiparameters.
  • Improved support of obscure WAV formats.
  • Resampled files for convolution are now hidden.
  • Added silent install possibility via command line {setup} [/silent {list_of_plugins}].
  • Graph editors now show units of the point under the cursor even if nothing is being edited.
  • Reodering multiparameters now keeps associations for modulators and parameter lock.
  • VST3 and AAX plugins now report number of potential values for each parameter to simplify automation.
  • Pressing and holding Alt while dragging graph points will snap to grid.
  • Velocity modes added to MIDI note controllers.
  • Oscillator custom shape X units are now 4/4 (musical units) for LFOs.
  • Installer optimized, uninstallation of previous versions is now silent
  • Fix: Some WAV file formats couldn't be loaded.
  • Fix: Deactivation might not have worked.
  • Fix: Modulator's restore when disabled feature wasn't often working properly.
  • Fix: Plugins didn't store tablet mode.
  • Fix: Harmonics in equalizers were wrong if Linear scale was enabled and number of semitones was diffent than the default 12.
  • Fix: Color sections in some meters (crest) were incorrect.
  • Fix: Multiparameter quick learn might not have worked for some parameters inside panels.
  • Fix: Collapsing a preset subtree didn't update the list of presets even if the selected tree has been changed.
  • Fix: Graph Mirror X feature didn't mirror the left/right points if these are locked.
  • Fix: Sometimes "?" button has been displayed even if there was no help.
  • Fix: Some information/confirmation windows were unnecessarily big on some displays.
  • Fix: Changing crossover type via a mutliparameter in MB plugins could cause a crash/freeze.
  • Fix: Progress windows didn't display on OSX.
  • Fix: AGC didn't work when upsampling was enabled.

11.09 changes

  • The online preset exchange is now completely free without the need to submit your own presets. Please note that it is a community tool, hence it would be good to submit some for the other users.
  • Piano editor octaves are now marked C-1, C0, C1... to show the exact position of key C.
  • Added symbols to virtual keyboard: [];"
  • Added Logarithmic averaging switch to all analyzer scientific settings (by default enabled).
  • Loading a preset without any easy screen editors switched to edit screen even if the preset was supposed to show easy screen, which wouldn't make sense however.
  • Fix: Improved support for Akai VIP when presets in VIP are being changed.
  • Fix: Randomizing multiparameter banks could lead to a crash.
  • Fix: Disabling freeze on a tap of MDelayMB (including MXXX) would disable the freeze of the other tap as well.
  • Fix: Editing a graph using finetuning could end up freezing in some cases.

11.08 changes

  • Released MSpectralPan, completely free.
  • Analyzer settings now let you specify colors for both the left/right or input/output combinations. The defaults have also been updated for better workflow with various styles.
  • Fix: Online preset exchange didn't work.

11.07 changes

  • Band editors in multiband plugins are now taller to make sure the units will fit even on non-HDPI displays.
  • Fix: MReverb, MStereoSpread and potentially other plugins (others are not known) could cause a mono output.

11.06 changes

  • Added Detector input parameter to MSpectralDynamics (including MXXX), which provides various ways to process the input signal based on both the input and side-chain at the same time.
  • Various optimizations and performance enhancements.
  • Horizontal bar graph units are now aligned to the right for better clarity.
  • Changing one graph point's smoothing / curvature now applies that to all points in the selection.
  • Added Enable MIDI program change switch to MIDI settings useful to disable program change processing completely.
  • Buttons are now slightly colorized too.
  • Added Offline subscription update feature, which lets you update the subscription status in the plugins even for computers disconnected from the internet.
  • Fix: Cancelling Custom shape edit in any oscillator would revert to the initial state when opening the plugin instead of the previous state.
  • Fix: Updating subscription licence while not connected disabled the subscription even if there was still time.
  • Fix: Scrollbars could do page up/down on both mouse press and release.