MGuitarArchitect changes

Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number.

16.11 changes

  • MGuitarArchitect Added multichannel and multithreading support to NAM for the models based on the standard WaveNet architecture and stability fixes.
  • Added “Machine learning” feature to most plugins (in the Utilities panel). Note: Not for beginners.
  • Multiparameter banks in “Bank name” editor mode and “Switch” and “Checkboxes” no longer show default numbers instead of names if not specified and instead these values simply disappear.
  • Highly optimized searching for missing files (samples usually).
  • Improved module banks in modular plugins: Maximal number increased to 128 matching MP banks, created a proper editing interface, added ability to name banks, change their order, exchange names between MPs and the module…
  • Various small fixes and improvements.
  • Fix Modulators / Envelope / MIDI settings / Note max didn’t work.
  • Fix Modulators, first modulator did not lead its sync group.
  • Fix When using the menu in Feedback module / Channel, the values set were wrong by 1.
  • Fix license check, when plugin runs under MS Windows service, i.e Equalizer APO.
  • Fix MGuitarArchitect MXXX Sync in the basic Looper module in MGuitarArchitect and MXXX didn’t work.
  • Fix Gain reduction (R Meter) in multi band plugins, when some band was bypassed.
  • Fix VST3 plugin size issues on external screen under Presonus Studio One 6.
  • Fix Snap to grid in graphs was sometimes changing units even if there was no need to.
  • Fix Input gain was performed for each band in Serial crossover in multiband plugins.
  • Fix Multiparameter “edit information about the MP” dialog, if edit window was canceled.
  • Fix MGuitarArchitect The NeuralAmpLoader thread count option was disabled upon startup and not working properly when the model was loaded from saved settings.
  • Fix MGuitarArchitect The NeuralAmpLoader NAM model was not updated when changed by MP.
  • Fix No GUI for VST3 plugins under Native Instruments products, i.e. Izotope RX10.

16.10 changes

  • MXXX MGuitarArchitect Added NeuralAmpLoader module from MGuitarArchitect.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Fix MGuitarArchitect Using global doubler on a mono track caused a crash.
  • Fix MGuitarArchitect NeuralAmpLoader did not process the initially loaded model.
  • Fix Multiparameter selection didn’t choose actual MultiParameter.
  • Fix Multiparameters in randomizer mode didn’t store proper undo points.
  • Fix XYPad sluggish behaviour under macOS.
  • Fix AU GUI plugin size issue with GPU OFF under macOS Sonoma (Logic Pro, GarageBand).

16.09 changes

  • MTurboAmp MGuitarArchitect Added Mouse pedal to MTurboAmp and MGuitarArchitect.
  • MGuitarArchitect Added input HP/LP filters and output EQ to NeuralAmpLoader.
  • MGuitarArchitect Added output gain normalization to NeuralAmpLoader plugin.
  • Added “Custom” ambisonics order, where you can set any number of channels from 1 to 64. Useful for Dolby Atmos for example.
  • Target & Source have been renamed to This & Ideal in all automatic equalizers.
  • Various improvements and fixes.
  • Fix MGuitarArchitect NeuralAmpLoader plugin crashing with more instances.
  • Fix Help window could not be closed/not responding in some plugins.
  • Fix Using MIDI to control parameters didn’t store undo points and send automation.
  • Fix Buzzing on higher channels in Adobe Audition / Premiere Pro under certain circumstances.
  • Fix Graphs may have not been stored correctly if there were only 2 default points and the only difference was smoothing of the second point.

16.08 changes

  • MGuitarArchitect Added NeuralAmpLoader plugin to support Neural Amp Models (*.nam files).
  • Added Tap feature to all time as text editors.
  • Added text convertors to multiparameter’s expression value modes allowing to easily produce text such as “12.3 kHz” or “46.91 Hz - F#1 (+24 cents)”.
  • Fix Mouse cursor behavior under macOS, when changing parameters (i.e dragging knobs).
  • Fix Multiband plugins didn’t update Solo button state when Mute was automated/modulated.
  • Fix Serial crossover in multiband plugins didn’t work properly when bands where bypassed.

16.07 changes

  • MGuitarArchitect Added a global tuner, polytuner and global doubler to MGuitarArchitect.
  • Added “Nonlinear gain” feature to parametric & dynamic equalizers.
  • Added “Key (in octave)” mode to MIDI / Note controllers.
  • Various small changes and improvements.
  • Fix AU GUI plugin size issues under macOS with multiple displays (Logic Pro, GarageBand).
  • Fix Plugins could incorrectly store certain paths and text featuring some characters.
  • Fix Mouse cursor behavior under macOS, when changing parameters (i.e dragging knobs).
  • Fix Setup may have caused errors (able to skip) when merging presets.
  • Fix Setting the default parameter value through the context menu did not update host automation.
  • Fix Hacked a bug in Ableton Live causing text input in the main plugin to ignore backspace and enter keys.

16.06 changes

  • Added “Rainbow opacity” setting to analyzers.
  • Added “Normalize above 0dB” option to analyzers, on by default.
  • Added “Process side-chain” option to all multiband plugins, which allows you to avoid processing the side-chain using the selected crossover.
  • Fix VST2 and VST3 GUI plugin size issues under macOS with multiple displays.

16.05 changes

Note: DC filters have been auto-enabled for MTurboComp to avoid saturators creating DC offset. DC filters have also been switched to a more transparent version. None of the changes seems to have any audible effect, but should fix potential problems for longer effect chains.

  • Added filter band graphs for better visualization to all equalizers.
  • Added “Fix all targets” feature to GUI designer.
  • Plugins now store undo points when adding/removing parameters from multi parameters and modulators.
  • Added option “Origin is Off” to all multiparameters.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.
  • Fix Unnamed group of MPs after another named group created an unnamed panel in the device GUI.
  • Fix Preset backup restore was failing.
  • Fix VST2.x and VST3 GUI plugin size issues under macOS with multiple displays used.
  • Fix GUI has sometimes been resized in some rare conditions.
  • Fix Analyzers didn’t store the “Global normalization” option.

16.04 changes

  • Improved multi-core processing for Apple silicon processors.
  • Most analyzers now let you customize the axis & grid colors.
  • Added Parameter expressions to Muliparameters in normal and meter modes.
  • Added “Min is Off” and “Max is Off” options to multiparameters.
  • Added Gain parameter to Mixer module.
  • Multiparameters used for Order controls can now have additional info about color and enable MP index in the multiparameter info.
  • Various small improvements and fixes to plugins and MDownloader.
  • Fix MGuitarArchitect EQ-Bass device didn’t work.
  • Fix Title enable buttons didn’t work in non-custom GUI if the multiparameter mode wasn’t Switch.
  • Fix Randomizer could change the global oversampling.

16.03 changes

  • MGuitarArchitect Added stompboxes : EQ-Bass, WahVolume
  • MGuitarArchitect Added DelayTap module.
  • Added native ARM AAX support on macOS.
  • “MPs to update in root” option for banks in modules in modular plugins exchanged to “MPs to update level” providing more flexibility.
  • Advanced right click menu on easy screens now works even in submodules.
  • Various minor improvements and fixes.
  • Fix Destroying a plugin with tabset, in which some tabs are disabled as popups, could lead to a crash.
  • Fix Sample rate reducer caused infinite feedback when the reduced sample rate was above the project’s sample rate.
  • Fix Reordering multiparameters with partly enabled “Assignable parameter ranges” could mess up the targets.
  • Fix Preset backup may have not imported presets created by versions prior to V16.

16.02 changes

  • Arpeggiator allows selecting multiple octave shifts per step.
  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • Added “Expression” value mode to multiparameters, which lets you produce custom units using mathematical expressions.
  • Most plugins now contain the global Menu button for easier access to the Downloader and the “Detach device” feature.
  • Randomizer multiparameters (and triggers in general) can be now triggered from other MPs, modulators etc.
  • Downloader now displays version number for each installed product. The updates are still installed automatically upon startup.
  • Added “High-resolution automation for Logic” option for AU plugins on Mac, which could solve the horrific automation resolution problem in Logic. It is dangerous, so use it at your own risk.
  • Fix Equalizers could crash in ambisonics channel mode.
  • Fix Uninstaller could produce “Cannot delete registry key” error message.
  • Fix Using global modulators driven by feedback could lead to problems if the buffer sizes were changing or if MIDI (or other) events have been intercepted.
  • Fix Plugins could freeze when changing multiparameter mode in some extreme circumstances.
  • Fix Multiline edits did not properly understand Mac newlines.
  • Fix Preset backup didn’t work properly with the new format.
  • Fix Group based phase sync between modules & modulators didn’t work.

16.01 changes

  • Added color frequencies for spectrum analyzers (red to violet like rainbow spectrum).
  • MGuitarArchitect Added Comp, CompStudio and PreampBass stomp boxes.
  • MGuitarArchitect MGuitarArchitect doesn’t store Input in presets anymore to make sure you don’t need to reanalyze the guitar level when changing presets.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.
  • Fix Linear-phase equalizers could crash when changing oversampling settings.
  • Fix Hopefully hacked a macos bug crashing when installer is closing.
  • Fix DIsabling note MIDI controller made it not saved with the settings.

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