MD5 (win): AE02C46E0E5617A7009090682B1EFC9F
MD5 (mac): E5D653B4E1C009BC9925D18C9A92CAAE
new Beta 14 available

MAudioPlugins BETA

MD5 (win): 56E04F3BD5B34E7DA83F094A9269B34A
MD5 (mac): 45BA9310E3D18976D363337743CA0993

All MeldaProduction tools are installed via one universal installer.

  • Includes 32-bit and 64-bit plugins.
  • Includes all effects & instruments (12.00 and newer), lets you choose which to install.
  • Free plugins work indefinetely.
  • Commercial plugins have 15 day trials, then start emitting noise. You can purchase a licence for those you like later and activate them. You will get a licence to all your computers, Windows & Mac, with free-for-life updates.