The ultimate modular virtual instrument
MSoundFactoryLE provides all the sounds MSoundFactory comes with, but it doesn't let you access the edit screen though.
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MSoundFactoryLE requires content pack or another plugin to work perfectly. See installation notes for details.
Can be upgraded to: MSoundFactory
Powerful instruments

Powerful instruments

MSoundFactory provides hundreds of predefined sounds available via global presets, just as any other instrument. The true marvel however is the categorized system of instruments. An instrument is not just a sound, potentially with a few macro controls. It is an entire "instrument", with lots of settings and its own presets.

Imagine an 808 bass, you'd buy a dedicated plugin for it, right? Well, you don't need to, because that's an instrument inside MSoundFactory. Same as a grand piano, an electric piano, an organ, various synths, basses etc. And we are making more as we speak!

Free-for-life updates including new instruments

Free-for-life updates including new instruments

As a Melda customer you already know that you get all future versions for free, right? But you also get future instruments for free! We are just not going to try to sell you more stuff all the time like everyone else. MSoundFactory is a platform that gets you a free flow of new sounds.

There may be some commercial instruments in the future, but most of the stuff will be available for you with no cost at all. You can expect electronic synthesized stuff as well as various sampled instruments.

Which Version of MSoundFactory is right for me?

MSoundFactory vs. MSoundFactoryLE vs. MSoundFactoryPlayer? That can be confusing, right? Well...


  • all sounds and instruments included
  • third party full support
  • endless customizations

MSoundFactory is already the most powerful instrument out there, so it cannot really be super-cheap, especially since it is most likely our last instrument.

MSoundFactory LE

  • all sounds and instruments included
  • third party full support
  • limited customizations

Not everyone needs all the hardcore sound design features under the hood, so you can also choose MSoundFactoryLE, which is indeed cheap and gets you all the sounds MSoundFactory comes with.

It doesn't let you access the edit screen though, so if you want to change some details, experiment with effects or sound design, that's not a good idea.

MSoundFactory Player

  • few sounds only
  • third party full support
  • no customizations

And finally, there's MSoundFactoryPlayer, which is FREE. It gets you just a few sounds, but you may get some 3rd party sounds for it as well!

Also you get it simply by letting MSoundFactory trial expire.

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