The biggest and the most powerful FREE plugins pack available
MFreeFXBundle contains a set of audio effects, which are completely free. Our commercial plugins offer many more features, but these are still extraordinary when compared to most plugins on the market. You can extend the features of these free plugins at any time by purchasing a licence.
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Free / $17
MFreeFXBundle Introduction
MFreeFXBundle Introduction

Advantages of the upgrading

The software is totally free of charge, so please download and enjoy! You should consider upgrading to a professional version though.

If you do so, you'll be able to:

  • Change the size and style of the plugins.
  • Access the sonogram feature in the analyzers and equalizers.
  • Manipulate (save, load, organise) your own presets.
  • Access the modulators.
  • Use upsampling to minimize aliasing and to improve sound quality (most plugins).
  • Get rid of the big red reminder box with our clickable logo at the bottom of every GUI.
  • Make us happy and help us develop more free software ;-).

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

"Melda FreeFXBundle solves about 100 problems a day for me!"


"The Melda MFeeFXBundle has some of their most useful plugins and has become a STAPLE in my productions ever since. I don’t think there’s a single recent project file on my computer that doesn’t make heavy use of this suite of devices. If you don’t download it right away you might as well just give  up because you’re gonna get left in the dust!"

37 effects
included in MFreeFXBundle

A serious tool for extreme distortion lovers

Saturation & distortion

From mild stereo expansion to complete destruction

Saturation & distortion

Classic two oscillators ring-modulation effect

Saturation & distortion

A smooth tube-like saturation

Saturation & distortion

From mild harmonic enhancement to a complete sound destruction

Saturation & distortion

Construct your own shape

Saturation & distortion

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