ill.Gates is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future.


ill.Gates is a name known by nearly all producers in the English speaking world. His songs have been in the iTunes Top Ten Electronic Charts several times. DJs play his music every weekend and fans wear their ill.Gates tattoos with pride. His ringtones can be heard on the Windows Phone and rumor has it he is working on a secret project with Disney. At this point I think it’s safe to say ill.Gates is a household name.

When he isn’t composing his own music ill.Gates is teaching the next generation of musicians and providing employment opportunities through Producer Dojo, an organization he founded in 2016 with the goal of ‘launching 1000 music careers’. Producer Dojo uses a martial arts belt system to cultivate discipline in young music producers, provides them an outlet for release on the Dojo record label, and helps them create an online business selling samples, sounds and services.

ill.Gates is known for traveling the globe but has recently moved to Los Angeles in order to build a studio for the Producer Dojo, which opened in 2018.

You can catch up with the ill one at and learn all about the Dojo at

ill.Gates recommends


"I absolutely love MDrummer for making my own spicy drum breaks and ALSO for injecting some flow into my percussion sequencing. Most of these multisampled drum plugins focus exclusively on the former but the additional tools in MDrummer make it stand head and shoulders above the rest. 11/10 for MDrummer!"



"MBassador is the plug-in you didn’t know you needed, perfectly synthesizing multiple octaves of rich sub bass beneath anything you like. While the obvious use is adding sub to bass sounds I have also used MBassador to repair vocals stems which were inappropriately high passed by clients. MBassador is THAT transparent. Try it. You will be shocked!"


37 plugins included

"The Melda MFeeFXBundle has some of their most useful plugins and has become a STAPLE in my productions ever since. I don’t think there’s a single recent project file on my computer that doesn’t make heavy use of this suite of devices. If you don’t download it right away you might as well just give  up because you’re gonna get left in the dust!"



"It is incredible what you can learn from using an oscilloscope. I had no idea how badly high pass filters were ruining my transients until I ran a saw wave through MOscilloscope and high passed it. This little oscilloscope you can get for FREE changed my music forever. Don’t sleep on it!"



"MUnison beat all other unison effects in my collection because it has all the right options and makes it easy to get things sounding just how I want."


"My life as a producer is divided into the dark ages before MWaveShaper and the glorious reign that ensued after MWaveShaper. It is mystifying to me that there are not more options for drawing your own transfer curves that are as easy to use and as high fidelity as MWaveShaper. It truly is a godsend and it’s an absolute miracle that it is free! We don’t deserve you Melda!"

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