Hueco is an artist, music producer & mixing engineer from Sevilla, Spain.

In 2001, he started making beats and spent more time on it as a producer and rapper, he began to create his own name, selling beats online and spending all day dedicated to music. He specialized in Hip Hop beats, mixing and mastering, although he can work within other musical styles.

To date, he has accumulated millions of streams in national and international productions and was awarded a gold record for one of his works for Spanish rapper and actor Ayax, with more than 35 million streams. Hueco has worked with several hip-hop artists like Madchild, Sen Dog Cypress Hill, Mobb Deep, Onyx, Sick Jacken, Merkules, Keny Arkana, Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, Snak The Ripper, JD Era, Snowgoons, Necro, Mr Hyde, Foyone, Ayax, Prok, Fernando Costa, Maka, Capaz, and many more...

He also has worked with brands like Movistar +, Vodafone Yu, Universal Music, Sony Music, Red Bull Media House, Because Music, 100 MAD, God Level, CNN International, OMG Records and more...

Hueco recommends



"A complete plugin with a large number of effects to polish guitar sounds, as well as an infinite number of pedals available. It is also very well categorized to have everything at your fingertips quickly. Without a doubt, the most important thing for me in MGA is the customization power you will have for your guitars!"



"MCenter helps to take care of the details related to the stereo field with easy handling, it looks simple but really manages to separate what sounds stereo and what sounds mono, it goes beyond the traditional mid/side processing. Very handy both for mastering and for every particular detail during mixing. Very good work!"

Gigi Barocco
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MDynamicEq is my favorite EQ ever! The dynamic equalization is so natural and it gives a lot of possibilities including sidechain key and a beautiful saturation, this is a MUST have!
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ill.Gates is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future.