Janne Hatula aka Fanu / FatGyver

An electronic music entrepreneur – a mixing/mastering engineer, producer, and an Ableton certified trainer.

Janne Hatula aka Fanu / FatGyver
Today's music production sets standards that are higher than ever. However, Melda has an answer to all modern music tech needs, and I can say Melda is easily one of my favorite plugin companies out there today.

Fanu has been making electronic music since 1992, loving drum and bass / jungle, hip hop, and related broken beat styles ever since. His thing has always been dope beats and organic-sounding electronic music, thanks to 90s D&B and hip hop and their rich sample-based vibes.

Janne has been releasing plenty of music for over a decade on various record labels. 2006 saw the beginning of his own imprint, Lightless Recordings, which focuses on the type of drum and bass and broken beat that made Fanu what he is – with some modern spice thrown in.

D&B has taken Fanu around the world to DJ internationally and spread the breaks and beats vibes for over 10 years. To extend that, he also does a podcast series of his own, Breaks & Beats Podcast.

These days, Fanu is also a busy mixing and mastering engineer for producers all around the world.

He also holds the only Ableton Certified Trainer badge in Finland and loves teaching people how to make music with Live.

Music tech and matters relating to production and productivity are close to Fanu's heart, and you can find posts of that nature on the music production page of www.fanumusic.com.

James Newton Howard
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Melda has changed how I create new sounds. What once took a long chain of effects and hours of programming now can be done with a few simple clicks.
Jason Lader →
I am blown away by your plugins, first by the sound and second by the creative aspect.
Jason Lader