Greg Brimson

Greg Brimson
Melda plugins.... Firstly, they work. They do what they say and to an extremely high level. Reliable high-end go-to plugins, that’s what I need and that’s what these deliver. You can tell they were built by top end pros that love and respect sound. Inventive, intuitive and joyous to use. 100% happy with them.

Greg Brimson is a multi-award winning UK-based Producer, re-mixer and Composer, achieving many Gold and Silver awards both domestically and internationally. His musical interests are very wide and reflected in the diverse genres of artists he has worked with, from Eminem to Bush, Gary Numan to The Levellers, Paradise Lost to Mummiy Troll. Greg's sync work can be heard in European feature films, adverts documentaries.

Gabriel Dib
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Melda plugins have an immense number of creative possibilities, these plugins are genius!
Guy Gerber →
Since I got introduced to the Meldaproduction plugins, I have used it on every single one of my track
Guy Gerber