Trevor Morris

Trevor Morris
The effect of the MELDA effects is enormous, one of those secret weapon tools you wondered how you ever lived without before.

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I am all about custom, custom sounds, customization of sounds, finding ways to take the myriad and seemingly endless supply of sounds and libraries and take them into my head, into my musical point of view.

I’ve never worked with effect plug-in’s before MELDA that so quickly, easily and most importantly musically transforms just about anything you put through them. It satisfies my inner music and tech geek nature, with near endless possibilities, while at the same time allows an ease of use and musicality that make them fast and efficient to work with. The effect of the MELDA effects is enormous, one of those secret weapon tools you wondered how you ever lived without before. I Can’t recommend them highly enough.


Trevor Morris is a two-time EMMY award winning composer, dual citizen of Canada and Great Britain, living and working in Los Angeles. He is a Composer for Feature Film, Television and Video Games.

Recent Feature Film work includes London Has Fallen for dir. Babak Najafi / Nu-Image Millennium Films, his first foreign langue Film Michiel De Ruyter (The Admiral) which is the all time top grossing film in The Netherlands. Also Olympus Has Fallen for dir. Antoine Fuqua, Brick Mansions for Luc Besson’s Europa Corp., and Immortals for dir. Tarsem Singh.

Largely known for his period Television work on such Titles as The Tudors, The Borgias and currently on air Vikings, Trevor’s prolific style extends to his Electronic / Hybrid work on such shows as Body of Proof, The Firm, and Dracula for NBC. He is currently working on Of Kings and Prophets for ABC as well as Emerald City for NBC.

He recently completed the epic third installment of the Dragon Age video game franchise for Electronic Arts, recorded with full orchestra and choir. Dragon Age was awarded video game of the year in 2015.

Trevor has also entered the World Stage as a Concert Conductor, conducting suites of his music adapted for the Live Concert Venue. Trevor recently conducted Full Orchestra and Choir for an audience of 12,000 fans in Krakow Poland at their FMF. He also conducted at the Fimucite festival in Tenerfie Spain this past summer marked the first ever concert there dedicated to Television music. This was preceded by the first live concert in Los Angeles of his music at SCORE!, an amazing night of Television music past and present, performed at Royce Hall in concert with LA’s best musicians. He has also performed in Cordoba Spain for the first inaugural concert of Festival de Musica.

With over 15 solo Feature Film Credits, 25 Prime Time Television series and 5 Interactive Titles, Trevor is one of the most prolific and versatile composers in Hollywood.

Trevor works from his state of the art Studio complex in Santa Monica, CA.

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