September 30, 2021

We are proudly introducing v15 of all 112 plugins!

Based on our research and user demands, the new update brings almost 90 improvements and fixes since the last released version.

Much has changed since the previous version. To get more complex info, please visit the Version 15  dedicated page. We improved the stability and the compatibility of our plugins as well as their communication with your account. Online activation and checking for updates is now a piece of cake. Although we still have in mind those who love to stay offline.

But obviously, the most remarkable changes are in plugins' design. Over 35 plugins gained intuitive and inspiring graphic design to improve your workflow. Also, 2-display setups and HDPi support have been improved.

Free update for every user

In MeldaProduction, we provide free-for-life updates for all of our products. This means that you will never need to pay to upgrade our software!