June 21, 2022 | jt

Introducing MTurboAmp with an 65% discount

We are proudly introducing a mighty collection of guitar amps and distortion pedals. MTurboAmp is an amp simulation like no other. 

Sure, there are many amp-simulating plugins in the market but none of them will give you as much freedom as our new MTurboAmp.

Over 30 devices

MTurboAmp contains 30 devices (guitar amplifier simulations and distortion pedals). This variety is multiplied by a huge number of presets available for each model. You can be sure MTurboAmp can cover any style from clean jazz tunes to the hardest metal tones. 

Create your own amps

But MTurboAmp goes further than that. Access any model's insides and change the settings of any parameter. Your mouse is a virtual soldering iron. Change the EQs' base frequencies, ranges, and gains. And you can also create your own amps and distortion pedals from a scratch.

Try for FREE

MTurboAmp is compatible with all current 64bit systems (Windows and macOS) in VST2/3, AAX and AU formats. You can get the 15-days fully working trial version to see how it would match your guitar. Please note you have to download the recent V16 beta version of Melda plugins to get the correct MTurboAmp version. 

Don't miss the 65% intro discount

The MTurboAmp price is set to €99 but you can get it for the intro price of €35 (81% discount) until the end of August

Maybe you already have it

MTurboAmp can be purchased separately or in one of the following bundles: MCompleteBundle, MTotalFXBundle and MCreativeFXBundle. If you already own any of these you can activate MTurboAmp as a FREE bundle upgrade. 

Get the complete thing

An amp head or distortion pedal may not be enough for your guitar tone. No stack is complete without a proper cabinet. MTurboAmp is designed to be used with the most advanced cab simulation - MCabinet. We are dropping the price of MCabinet to €49 (50% off) for the duration of MTurboAmp intro period.