August 25, 2022 | jt

Introducing V16 of all MeldaPlugins

You can't stop technological progress. As the world of computers evolves, we evolve too. As a result of the hard work, observing and testing in our studios, we are bringing a new version of all our plugins that reflects the current (and future) state of technologies and DAW applications, and it will help you squeeze the most of your computers.

Updates are free

First, we must remember that all Melda Production updates and upgrades are free for all users and for eternity. So you never have to worry that your plugin suite will be outdated or that we will strip you of additional money...

Goodbye 32bit

Every progress has its casualties. In this case, it means V16 no longer provides 32-bit plugins on Windows. (Although you should be able to run V15 32-bit along with V16. Simply do not uninstall V15 and do not perform plugin cleanup.) Backwards compatibility is intact, however, note that there is a new optimized storage system using a new format. If you save projects with the latest version, old versions won't be able to read the settings.

But the efficiency and performance gain you will get with version 16 is definitely worth it. 


A lot of the internal performance improvements had one main goal. To improve the performance of MSoundFactory, which can now process the sound more seamlessly and work more efficiently with large sample libraries. These factors are crucial for new instruments that we will introduce very soon. Stay tuned. 

MTurboAmp (65% off) and MCabinet

But not only was MSoundFactory improved, of course. For example, our newest portfolio addon, MTurboAmp, gained new guitar amps (Phobos, Overstage ST-12, Junko, Mithras) and even two bass amps (Hard Key, Thunder). MCabinet also got new cabs - Shimmer and Thunder (bass).

With that said, we decided to extend the MTurboAmp 65% intro discount period until September 11

From MFreeFXBundle to MCompleteBundle (50% off)

Last but not least, the largest free plugin suite in the market MFreeFXBundle containing 37 effects, is updated too. 

And to celebrate the new version, our mighty MCompleteBundle (containing every plugin we have released and will release in future) is discounted by 50% until the end of September.

So everyone has a reason to proceed to the download page and get the version 16 installer. To get more detailed info please check the change log