June 17, 2024 | jt

Hexadecimal Anniversary

We are celebrating. What are we celebrating? We are celebrating 16 years since our first plugin was published. 16 years is quite some time. Celebrate with us!

Everything 55% of (or more)

In the world of computers (where we clearly belong), 16 is a nice round number. Therefore we are celebrating a round anniversary which calls for significant discounts on EVERYTHING. For just two weeks, most of our plugins and bundles, including our most popular ones, are discounted by 55%. You could hardly buy MAutoAlign for a better price than the anniversary €22 or MAutoDynamicEQ for just €45.

Buy plugins for €9

Those that are not discounted by 55% get even better prices. You can buy MUltraMaximizer, MRotary, MDistortionMB, MFlangerMB, or MDynamicEq for just €9. Another bunch of plugins (MDynamics, MLimiterX, MPhatik, MTurboCompLE, and MTurboEQ) is available for just €19 per plugin. (See all Megadiscounts). 

Upgrade your FreeFXBundle experience

And we have great news for those who want to upgrade their experience with the largest free plugin bundle on the market. You can unlock the pro features in MFreeFXBundle for as low as €16. Or jump to another entry-level bundle - MEssentialsFXBundle is available for just €99 for the duration of the celebrations. 

Browse the discounts and download the 15-day trial version to find which plugins suit your projects the best. But don't hesitate too long. The Hexadecimal Anniversary offer expires on June 30th. 

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