A powerful Hamburg-based production duo with an entirely unique audio aesthetic.


RAWTEKK are a powerful Hamburg-based production duo with an entirely unique audio aesthetic that crosses genre boundaries liberally whilst delivering an emotive and impactful experience to listeners at home and in the live environment. Combining the fragile yet sublimely strong vocals of Christine with their joint production prowess, they stand as one of the great current live acts that can deliver the dancefloor experience of a full electronica act, with the searing live element of Christine’s voice bringing their set viscerally into the present.

Following a significant number of drum & bass and techno releases on labels such as SUBTITLES, CITRUS and DISTURBED RECORDINGS, Rawtekk were spotted by Hospital Records and recruited to release a pair of LPs on their more experimental MEDSCHOOL off-shoot. Their debut LP ‘Sprouted and Formed’ dropped in mid-2013, with the 17 track album representing a manifesto of diversity; with beautifully heavy Dubstep in the form of ‘A Magnaminous Kind’s Will’, intricately heavy DnB in ‘Amber’s Love Was Like a Marble’, pounding wonky Techno in ‘Skrotum Left its Dwelling’ and the lush ambient vocal-led Halo. This was followed up with the SPROUTED & REFORMED remix EP, which saw drum & bass pioneers Billain, Mefjus and Phace remixing their visionary sound. It was around this time that Rawtekk joined the METHLAB collective, becoming a core member of the team.

2016 saw the pair remix Mefjus with the track CHANGE OF MIND for CRITICAL MUSIC and drop their 2nd LP on MEDSCHOOL in the form of ‘HERE’S TO THEM’, which again cemented their diverse identity, from the heavy Massive Attack vibed title track ‘Here’s to Them’ with it’s utterly unique video by conceptual visual artist DENIAL OF SERVICE, to the post-rock influenced AEONS, the verdant liquid drum & bass sounds of RESTLESS and the brutal annihilation of HARBOUR. Around the same time Rawtekk released the TELEFUNKEN LIZARD FILTER RAWTEKK Remix for LONDON ELECTRICITY and an archive of 21 reimagined, revised and remastered tracks in the form of RELOADED pt.1&2 and deepened their position in MethLab with the release of 2 powerful original tracks – SUBWAY on the REVENANT LP and SOLAR GRACE in collaboration with AUDEKA on the cutting-edge MONOLETH EP. Solar Grace was the third collaboration with Audeka, following the release of EXTINCTION on Here’s To Them and NECROMANCY on Audeka’s LOST SOULS LP. The year ahead in 2018 looks set to bring with it a new horizon for Rawtekk, with new material in progress aimed for a number of labels and staying true to their constant and evolving approach to sound design and powerful emotive music.

LABELS // MethLab, Hospital, Medschool, Citrus, Disturbed


Apart from composing electronic music, they also produce music for commercial spots, image films and sound logos under the alias NOISE DESIGN. Furthermore, they develop sample libraries, presets and demo songs for Steinberg's DAW Cubase, GrooveAgent, Halion, Halion Sonic and Sequel. In 2011, they received the award for the best commercial music in Germany (Deutscher Werbefilmpreis).Since 2013, Christine is a member of the German Advertising Film Academy.

They are working for brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Wella Professional and more and recently developed the sound logo for Mercedes Benz Vans.


Rabbit in the Moon
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If someone told me we could only use plugins from one company to mix, master and effect with for the rest of our days, we'd chose MeldaProduction. The depth of sound and programmability is astounding.
Scott Yahney →
Melda productions plugins are used consistently in all of my projects. Simple yet complex in a good way to find easy solutions or dive deep and explore. The whole product line is great.. Some of the best plugins in the business!
Scott Yahney