Rabbit in the Moon

Rabbit in the Moon
If someone told me we could only use plugins from one company to mix, master and effect with for the rest of our days, we'd chose MeldaProduction. The depth of sound and programmability is astounding.

At the apex of the night, with 10,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs, Bunny was unleashed...a mirror clad screaming human disco ball slithered down a rope from the rafters 2 stories above the dance floor. Every light in the club was focused on him. The colors refracted off his mirrored hanging body. A mass of hands below reached towards the light. When Bunny touched the hands of the crowd he hung upside down as they swung him like a pendulum over their heads. As he was lowered to the crowd they did not let him touch the ground. They carried him to the stage, as if he was their sacrifice. The crowd was clearly in a frenzied state of mind”. – A Fan

Rabbit in the Moon is an intense act that combines cinematic, electronic, techno & bass music with an unforgettable live stage performance. Ritm creates live immersive environments by designing all encompassing experiences for their fans.

In 2008 their song Star Shine featuring the worlds first full body video suit. It was constructed using over 1500 full color spectrum LED lights that display video. LED lights also have a bright deep saturated quality that has to be seen live to truly be experienced. Ritm is the first electronic group to throw events that combined live electronic music, synced video, performance art and pyrotechnics that have now become a staple of EDM festivals worldwide. They have been called "The Grateful Dead" or "Pink Floyd" of electronic music, while their fans are referred to as "rabbitheads".

All of this experience and dedication to create something new has made Ritm pioneers. Most people's first exposure to rabbit was to their song called out-of- body experience “O.B.E.”. O.B.E. was released in 93, and to this day, is still played in clubs around the world. In 2003, Muzik magazine listed O.B.E. as the number one most sought after record in the last decade. After the release of "phases of an out of body experience" (the remixes of O.B.E.), on Hardkiss Recordings in '94, the demand for Ritm became enormous. They began touring the world, collaborating and doing remix work for everyone including: Goldie, Sarah McLachlan, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, Sven Vath, Stone Roses, Eric Clapton, Tori Amos and David Bowie. Their style of electronic music is favored by so many for being original and timeless. A.Machine and Bunny have been collectively writing and releasing new music and continue to develop their vision while performing at some of the largest festivals in the world including Ultra and EDC. Twenty Five years ago A. Machine had an awakening one night at an underground party in Orlando. He saw an opportunity to fuse performance art, video and film technology into the beginning rave scene to not just make you dance but to tell a story. So he began working on a sound that would change their musical destiny and influence the next generation of dance music forever.

PLEEG, Pierre Garnier, a music producer from Paris, creates Electronic music since 2017.
A powerful Hamburg-based production duo with an entirely unique audio aesthetic.