PLEEG, Pierre Garnier, a music producer from Paris, creates Electronic music since 2017.

Transiting from J-pop to the Electronic scene, PLEEG is known for his complex and innovative sounds while conveying happy vibes through his music.
Pierre has been released on several notable labels such as NCS, Bitbird, Never Say Die Records, and Rushdown to name a few and got support from many great artists such as Ujico*/Snail's House, UZ, PV Nova, Chime, Pandrezz, Hyper Potions, Fox Stevenson and many more.'

PLEEG recommends



"MGuitarArchitect is a powerful plugin that empowers you to shape your guitar sound. It's a creative playground with in-depth customization options. I've found it to be my top choice for crafting unique guitar tones, and it has enabled me to create tones that I don't believe I could have achieved with any other tool!! Don't hesitate, and it's definitely worth exploring!"



"A must-have, as soon as I started using it I knew I couldn't do without it. I save a lot of time on my productions and, more precisely on the mixing of vocals. Everything is extremely intuitive with professional quality."

Patrik Schwitter
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Patrik Schwitter is one of the well known and highly experienced recording, mixing and mastering veterans in Switzerland.
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If someone told me we could only use plugins from one company to mix, master and effect with for the rest of our days, we'd chose MeldaProduction. The depth of sound and programmability is astounding.
Rabbit in the Moon