June 25, 2020

MonasteryGrand – FREE sampled stage piano available

We are proud to introduce a new instrument for the MSoundFactory platform.

MonasteryGrand is a 3.52GB ‘instrument’ we created using the best-sounding samples selected from 50GB of sound data from the several days of rigorous recording and capturing a beautiful stage piano in a concert hall setting hidden within one of the monasteries in the Czech Republic.

MonasteryGrand users can creatively access the resultant sound of three microphones by blending the onscreen Mikes A, B, and C slider settings. The instrument also includes its own effects section comprising Compressor, Delay, Enhancer, and Reverb, resulting in an almost endless variety of sound… the sound of a classic instrument aimed at every music genre.
Its automatic Harmony feature is especially useful for supporting styles such as EDM (electronic dance music) and latin, as well as more mainstream pop productions.

Moreover, MonasteryGrand comes complete with another ‘instrument’ — namely, MonasteryGrandCreative, a unique piano based on a looped version of the original MonasteryGrand samples. Each key can play for as long as the user wants, while also allowing four Resonators and a Filter to arbitrarily transform the piano into something completely different!

MonasteryGrand is totally free. You may simply download it from its dedicated page. To use it you need any version of MSoundFactory modular virtual instrument platform: the Full version (€299/intro price €199), LE version (€199/€99) or the free MSoundFactoryPlayer, which you get by installing MSoundFactory 15-days fully working trial version end letting it expire.