September 25, 2023 | jt

Introducing MGuitarArchitect

We are proudly presenting MGuitarArchitect, the ultimate guitar solution that combines virtual amps from MTurboAmp and virtual cabs from MCabinet. But it offers way more functions and flexibility. 

MGuitarArchitect is an all-in-one plugin which offers a comprehensive solution for crafting professional guitar sounds, complemented by stomp-box effects, studio-type effects, flexible routing options, advanced features like POLYTUNER and Doubler, and auto-input level analysis. Also, neural amp loading and IR loading and mixing are available.

For every guitar

A great number presets suggests that MGuitarArchitect caters to guitarists of all styles, providing genre-specific effects to sculpt the perfect sound. (And that includes bass guitars, too.)

MTurboAmp and MCabinet

As mentioned above, MGuitarArchitect's core function is to combine MTurboAmp with MCabinet boxes, but on top of that, MGuitarArchitect comes with dozens of original stomp-box effects simulations. 

Even more FX

What sets MGuitarArchitect apart is its ability to integrate some of the pre-owned MeldaProduction effects (such as MTurboDelay, MTurboReverb, MTurboComp or MTurboEQ) seamlessly into any position of the guitar tone chain.

Try it out

The price of MGuitarArchitect is set to €299, but you can get it for just €99 until the end of October 2023 (owners of MTurboAmp and MCabinet can see even better prices when logging into their accounts). And when you are in doubt if MGuitarArchitect sounds as good as we promise, download the 15-day fully working trial version and try it yourself. 

Get it FREE

MGuitarArchitect can also be obtained for free within MCreativeFXBundle, MTotalFXBundle and MCompleteBundle (you also get it for free if you already own any of these bundles - Melda upgrades them for free.

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