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Ankur Chauhan aka SKRT hails from Himachal Pradesh, India and is well known by the name of Skrt. He is a Vocal Producer & Mixing Engineer, He started his career at a young age and started his fella work with MaxB's management MassarTV. The first single track was released with MaxB and then in 2012 he worked with French Montana and The Weeknd on Max B's song. The name "Alie" from the Jungle Rules album.
In 2014, The Weeknd collaborated with Skrt on the Ariana Grande song "Love Me Harder". On 2017 he started to work with Latin artists Daddy Yankee, Maluma & Ozuna. Ozuna and Skrt worked on "Taki Taki" with Dj Snake, Cardi B which was recorded at Twin Studios Paris, France.  Skrt has collaborated with many big artists such as Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, BTS, Blackpink, Daddy Yankee, Camila Cabello & many more and he's currently works under Warner Music, Sony Music.

Vocal Producer & Engineer for : Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Twice, Daddy Yankee & many more.

SKRT recommends


"I use mainly that reverb on my adlibs and BG's vox Bus to recreating realistic quality of the vocal sound and provides me the depths in a vocals, spread all around and hitting wall to back in my ears, the most amazing features on that reverb in the industry, Melda provides the cool ui feature "Width and Saturation" on the plugin and increase the depth on the vocals, guitars, orchestra."


"This plugin is mainly used on my EFX Chain rack, it's sound I compared with the Dynamic Digital Delay processors. This plugin have a same sound quality like a TC2290 hardware delay system features, Chorus-Delay, Band ping pong, and the filters to make your sound in different lanes in the industry."


"I mainly use this plugin in my main mix bus or sometimes in music main bus, It's always allows me, depth and wideness in my mixes and stereorized my mix session, sometimes i used this plugin in my bass sample to widening and stereorized the sample of bass. The most beautiful thing is in this plugin, have Multi frequencies cross over mode and it's allows me perfect the sound of my mix that I want or the artist want to hear in their songs, or other cool feature on this plugin have metering system that's amazing and great feature."

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