DJ Shiftee

DJ Shiftee
I trust everything Melda does. MConvolutionMB is currently my #1 favorite reverb, and I generally love the multiband power of their plugins. MSaturatorMB and MAutopanMB are also current favs.

Shiftee has been a DJ for 20 years, a producer for 10, and an obsessive mix engineer for 3.  He's a 2x DMC World DJ Champion, trailblazer in music tech, owner of Alma Mater Records, and has had a hand in hundreds of songs as a mixer and producer.  He lives and works in Brooklyn because he doesn't know how to drive.


Fetty Wap, Mirei, Kreayshawn, Liana Banks, DJ Sliink, Austin Millz, TT the Artist, Claire Ridgely, Coco & Breezy, Dai Burger, Sayyi, Davy Boi, Zak Leever, Michael Medrano, Brenmar, Andrew Charles, Esentrik, Fly Kaison, Ehlie Luna, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, Running on Everything, Axel Leon, So Drove, Jake Germain, Yung Gordon, Michete, Gangsigns, DJ Envy, Magugu, Drebae…

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I highly recommend MeldaProduction for anyone looking to take their Music Productions to the next level.
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