Ralf Christian Mayer

Echo award nominated and multiplatin award winner German producer and mixing engineer.

Ralf Christian Mayer

Ralf Christian Mayer is a well known German producer and mixing engineer.

Ralf is Echo award nominated, and multiplatin award winner. Ralf is mixing for artist such as Xavier Naidoo , Die Fantastischen 4 and so on. He also produce for artists such as Mark Forster, Clueso, Antiheld, Cassandra Steen and so on.

Ralf Christian Mayer began in the mid 80ies with recording and mixing for local bands around Stuttgart.

Later, he began produce for bands that were signed with companies such as Sony Music, Intercord, Universal.The production with Clueso was the beginning of his producer career.

He also did a lot of mixing jobs for well known artists from Germany.

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