I love effects with multiband processor possibilities and the amazing creative tools that MeldaProduction brings.

Spanish MC and the true definition of a multidisciplinary artist: composer, producer, lyricist, singer, musician, showman,… Santaflow put the words and the rhythm to things than other don’t dare to say. He is incendiary, sarcastic, hard, funny,… and overall, he is not afraid of what they others will think about him. After more than 10 years of a musical career and after being in one of the most important majors in Spain, one day he decided that “is better to be alone than in bad company.” And the trick goes well. Nowadays his albums are the most downloaded on the internet in Spanish underground rap category, he has more than 1 million fans in Facebook and his YouTube channel has more than 700K subscribers and more than 148 million views. All this numbers made him one of the more visited Spanish artists on the internet. And because of the internet, he is an idol in Latinoamérica.

After 6 albums produced by himself, many videos and several international tours (México, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay,…) the audience loves him and they are ready to follow him wherever he goes.

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