Shreyas Srinivas

Music producer and sound designer primarily based out of Los Angeles and Mumbai

Shreyas Srinivas

My name is Shreyas Srinivas. I’m an music producer and sound designer primarily based out of Los Angeles and Mumbai, India for the last 8 years. Of late, I’ve been doing a lot of work in the Bollywood film and music industry for the past few years and have been shuttling between LA and india on several projects both on the post production and music side of things. I have also done extensive work in field recording and you will often find me on a movie set recording ambience, dialogs and wild lines.

I picked up the keyboard at a very young age and dabbled with it until I voluntarily decide to start learning the guitar at the age of 9. I’ve been trained in western classical and also Indian classical music. I slowly started performing as a teenager and during that time I was introduced to the studio world as I got called in for session work and recording guitar parts on songs and jingles. It’s around then I started to take a serious interest in producing music and audio engineering. I started setting up a studio in india and after my undergrad degree in electronics and electrical engineering, decided to fly to LA to study audio engineering and music production from Musicians institute, Hollywood and UCLA. Work came along quickly after several internships under music producers and engineers. I was the in-house Engineer at the NYU Clive Davis institute of recorded music where I engineered and recorded several students from the university audio program in New York while personally pursuing a masters degree in music technology at NYU, Steinhardt.

Work again led me back to Los Angeles where I setup my studio and was recording bands and singers, co-producing EPs for artists and doing sound design and on-set field recording for various clients. To date, I have over 40+ credits on movies that have had theatrical releases, festival runs, won awards at Cannes and other festivals and credits on songs I produced and/or co-produced that for example have been placed on the United Nations compilations featuring other artist like joss stone, Karmin, Quincy jones, Garbage, etc. I’ve also worked on big Bollywood hits that slowly brought me back to my homeland and my trip to india have become more often than planned.

The work continues. Composing score and music for web series (Ex: intern diaries under the Times of India banner), producing singles for upcoming artists, producing music for ads/ jingles etc.

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Melda productions plugins are used consistently in all of my projects. Simple yet complex in a good way to find easy solutions or dive deep and explore. The whole product line is great.. Some of the best plugins in the business!
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