Felipe Wrechiski aka Urbandawn

Urbandawn is the Drum&Bass project from Felipe Wrechiski, exclusively signed to Hospital Records.

Felipe Wrechiski aka Urbandawn
It's rare to find software that can be really technical for engineering and out of the box for creativity and composition at the same time like Melda does.

Felipe Wrechiski otherwise known as Urbandawn, born and raised in Săo Paulo, Brazil and having already dedicated over 15 years to his musical career. Originally training in classical and Brazilian popular music playing guitar, bass and basic drums as well as graduating in Audio Engineering from IAV – one of the most respected audio institutes in South America.

Not only has Urbandawn spent his time producing drum and bass but has also worked in legendary studios such as ‘A Voz Do Brasil’ creating epic soundtracks for cinema and broadcast, with his work featured on platforms like ESPN, HBO and Redbull to name a few.

First catching the attention of Hospital A+R duty managers in 2012 with his debut release ‘Astrolabe’ featuring on the ‘Hospitality 2012’ compilation. Adaptable across the genre, it wasn’t long before Med School masters caught on, selecting Brazil inspired ‘Trindade’ as part of the eclectic ‘New Blood 014’ compilation album. Most recently we saw his skills shine through on the huge ‘Hospitality 2015’ compilation with ‘Warpdrive’.

Most prominently known for his exquisitely crafted debut LP ‘Gothenburg Cluster', 2016 saw Urbandawn's debut album climb to #2 at the Itunes Electronic Chart in the UK and being pointed as one of the best albuns of that year by UKF no less. Urbandawn was featured in several BBC shows from artists like Mistajam and Friction as both guest mixer and interviewee.

Having worked with artists such as Keeno, Inja and Thomas Oliver he has recently joined forces with fellow Hospital producer ‘Krakota’ in 2017, to deliver a volatile and destructive EP: ‘Focus Shift’. An explosive release for certain the EP truly fires on all cylinders, showcasing the varied skill and depth of this Brazilian wizard, a skill and depth that is evident throughout his work.

Erman Aydöner
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MeldaProduction plugins shine in my toolbox with their capabilities and sound quality. MEqualizerLP, MDynamicEq, MLimiterX or another one... I always end up picking some MeldaProduction plugin to use on my projects. And thanks to MTurboEQ, I have got all equalizers I need!
Gigi Barocco →
MDynamicEq is my favorite EQ ever! The dynamic equalization is so natural and it gives a lot of possibilities including sidechain key and a beautiful saturation, this is a MUST have!
Gigi Barocco