September 12, 2022 | jt

Introducing DreamMachines

The first MSoundFactory Premium instrument, a retro drum sampler like no other, has been published

It's a huge step for the MKind. A new era for MSoundFactory comes with DreamMachines. Up until now, the only addon to MSoundFactory was Monastery Grand - the free piano instrument. But from now on, you can even purchase Premium instruments. But what are these?

Premium instruments - FREE for some

A Premium instrument is a commercial instrument addon for MSoundFactory. The good news for all MSoundFactory and MSoundFactoryLE users is that they can download all Premium instruments published and produced by MeldaProduction free of charge (now and in future too). But those who don't want the whole collection and are interested in a particular instrument only (such as DreamMachines) can purchase them separately and run them in MSoundFactory Player - the free edition of MSF. DreamMachines is the first of its kind. 

Drums come true

DreamMachines is a drum sampler with 6 voices. Each of the drum channels can combine 2 samples and mix between them to get a perfect kick, snare, hat, clap, tom and percussion.

Each channel then has a dedicated FX section that can be combined with global reverb and delay effects and a master section. 

How to get it?

A 15-day fully working trial version of DreamMachines is available. To get it, simply run MSoundFactory (any version), download and install it within the instrument as described in the following video. (Get MSoundFactory trial version if you don't already use it here.)

Intro discounts?

The price of DreamMachines is set to €69, but you may get it for €19 until the 15th of October.  Until then, you may also take the advantage of the 50% discount on both MSoundFactory versions that will give you DreamMachines and future Premium instruments for free.