May 13, 2024 | jt

Introducing PowerStrings for MSoundFactory

We've just released PowerStrings, a new premium instrument addon for the MSoundFactory platform (which means the addon can be used in MSoundFactory, MSoundFactoryLE, and also in the FREE MSoundFactoryPlayer). 

Following the successful launches of DreamMachines and Meldway Grand, PowerStrings is the latest addition to enhance our modular virtual instrument platform, MSoundFactory. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly integrate lush string sounds into your projects, enriching tracks with minimal disruption to their creative flow.

PowerStrings is designed mainly for modern pop and cinematic music producers. It enables the rapid creation of symphonic string arrangements that blend classical charm with a modern twist.

PowerStrings offers a variety of articulations, from smooth legato to crisp spiccato, with easy control during live performances. This new instrument also includes creative effects like reverb, delay, and EQ, allowing producers to shape the sound without external plugins.

Intro price or FREE

PowerStrings instrument is available now at a special introductory price of €9 (regular €69) until June 9, 2024. However, only those who use it for the free MSoundFactoryPlayer will have to pay this price. The license for MSoundFactory and MSoundFactoryLE automatically unlocks any new Premium instruments by MeldaProduction.

For 2 weeks, you may also get MSoundFactoryLE with a 60% discount (until May 26). 

Key features:

• Tailored towards quickly crafting symphonic strings suited to the fast-paced production world of modern pop or cinematic music

• Delivers rich and vibrant string sounds designed to instantly elevate tracks

• Streamlined interface and intuitive controls to add lush string arrangements to compositions without slowing down creative flow

• An assortment of ARTICULATIONS

• CREATIVE ‘tab’ takes users into a brave new world of sound

• Creativity-boosting effects

How to get the free MSoundFactoryPlayer?

To get the free version of MSoundFactory, simply download and install the trial version of MSoundFactory. If not activated, the instruments turns into a free version after 15-days trial of the fully equipped version. 

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