Antonius Tom Holkenborg

aka Junkie XL. Grammy nominated and multi platinum producer, musician, and composer.

Black Sun Empire

Dutch drum and bass group that formed in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1997 by producers Rene Verdult and brothers Micha and Milan Heyboer.


I was always jealous at pc users for being able to use gross beat and then I found MRhythmizer and now I use it only every single record.

Dada Life

World famous swedish DJ duo from Stockholm

David Farmer

Melda Plugins vastly increase the possibilities on not only old favorites, but add a ton of great new ideas!


Loving all these MeldaProduction plugs for the sound, form, and flexibility...

DJ Fresh

English DJ, record producer and musician, best known for making electronic music!

Fab Dupont

I love how Melda managed to build a full package of always useful and often inspiring plugins


DJ duo popular for their Chicago DJ parties.

Gabriel Dib

Melda plugins have an immense number of creative possibilities, these plugins are genius!

Greg Brimson

Reliable high-end go-to plugins, that’s what I need and that’s what these deliver.

Guy Gerber

Since I got introduced to the Meldaproduction plugins, I have used it on every single one of my track

James Newton Howard

Melda has changed how I create new sounds. What once took a long chain of effects and hours of programming now can be done with a few simple clicks.

Janne Hatula aka Fanu / FatGyver

Melda is easily one of my favorite plugin companies out there today.

Jason Lader

I am blown away by your plugins, first by the sound and second by the creative aspect.

Jeremy Peirson

Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer

Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Venezuela born pianist, producer and composer

King Tut

I love mrythamizer there so much you can do with it. It can transform an average boring track into something exciting and interesting.

Luca Pretolesi

Audio engineer with unique hybrid set-up, mixing old and new technology.

Marc Urselli

5-time nominated 3-time Grammy Award winning engineer, producer, mixer, sound designer.

Martin Nessi

8 times Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated producer and mixer/engineer cooperated with artists such as Ariana Grande, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

Matt Schwartz

The creativity, sonic quality and ease of use that Melda made me rely more and more on their plugins.

Matthew Dear

The plug-ins are vastly capable of tweaking every piece of a recording, yet do not feel over complicated or intimidating.


Since I have first discovered Melda plugins they've become an essential part of my productions. They are the perfect blend of engineering and creativity.

Michalis "MsM" Michael

Michalis "MsM" Michael is a very talented and exciting mix engineer/producer based in London.


Dutch trio blending incredible sound design with unrelenting and uncompromising beats and basslines.

Orlando Rodriguez Di Pietro

Two-time Latin Grammy nominee, music producer, engineer and songwriter.


Producer, Composer, Singer, Songwriter

Rabbit in the Moon

If someone told me we could only use plugins from one company to mix, master and effect with for the rest of our days, we'd chose Melaproduction. The depth of sound and programmability is astounding.

Ralf Christian Mayer

Echo award nominated and multiplatin award winner German producer and mixing engineer.

Reuven Amiel

Grammy Winning Mixer who applies his modern sound to Modern Rock, Electro-Pop and Pop moving thru World Music and all in between.

Rob Blake

MeldaProduction plugins have transformed the way I work with audio.


I love effects with multiband processor possibilities and the amazing creative tools that Melda Production brings.

Scott Banks

Studio DMI Mixing and Mastering Engineer.


Without a doubt one of the most comprehensive & best sounding plug ins on the market.

Stan Greene

MeldaProductions is on the cutting edge of plugin development.  Whenever I am looking for a creative advantage with a mix, they never let me down.

The Glitch Mob

Very few developers dare to venture off in to the territory that you guys are in with your plugins.

Trevor Morris

The effect of the MELDA effects is enormous, one of those secret weapon tools you wondered how you ever lived without before.


Multi Award Winning Platinum Selling producers Jim Sullivan & Ed Craig aka The Wideboys

Yarden "Jordi" Peleg

Melda Production has some of the most unique digital processing in the market today.

Andrea De Paoli

Melda plug-ins are unique in the market. Extreme quality and sound without compromises that helps me a lot in the creative and music production processes.


Melda's plugins are thinking out of the box and delivering innovative approach...

Bora Uslusoy

I have been using MeldaProduction's plug-ins for a while now, but am still amazed at the endless possibilities that they have on offer!

Conor Dalton

MAutoDynamicEQ is one of the most useful tools in my toolbox. It's incredibly powerful and yet clean and surgical.

Darius van Helfteren

Mastering engineer from Amsterdam with wide musical background.

Eddie Grey

I highly recommend MeldaProduction for anyone looking to take their Music Productions to the next level.

Felipe Wrechiski aka Urbandawn

It's rare to find software that can be really technical for engineering and out of the box for creativity and composition at the same time like Melda does.

Jake Morelli

Hat wearing music producer, guitar player and much more.

Jeff Powell

My goal is to help translate the vibe and vision of the artist.

Joe Acheson

Composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, music producer, radio producer/presenter.


In the Republic of Kadebostany, we aim to create something new that doesn't exist . It's obvious that MeldaProduction is part of our arsenal!

Lineu Andrade

Melda plugins not only sounds amazing, but allows the user to change anything on th UI for easier workflow…


In general these plugins are top quality and outstanding.

Mikolai Stroinski

MPowerSynth - is really a... MEGA SYNTH. It can do so many things... the sky is the limit.

Oliver Glissant

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Olivier Glissant is a composer, conductor, producer and founder of Blacksalt Records.


A powerful Hamburg-based production duo with an entirely unique audio aesthetic.

Shreyas Srinivas

Music producer and sound designer primarily based out of Los Angeles and Mumbai

Tony Vincent

American actor, singer, song writer and producer.